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Raising Funds through the Australian Sports Foundation


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Australian Sports Foundation Presentation

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Raising Funds through the Australian Sports Foundation

  1. 1. ACT Sport & Rec Generating a new revenue stream for sport March 2015
  2. 2. Partnering with the ASF AGENDA About the Australian Sports Foundation Introduction to philanthropy Size of market Philanthropy and sport Fundraising with the ASF/what others are doing Fundraising for sport – overview & key principles Building your story Designing your campaign Case Study – Surf for Life
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO THE ASF Formed in 1986 Development of sport in Australia Tax deductibility Grassroots – Elite >$250m >640 active projects Historically a largely administrative offering Reactive, low profile Rigid rules, could be hard to deal with Fundraising for Sport Captain Allan Border is chaired off by his teammates after Australia had won the World Series Cup at the MCG in 1986
  5. 5. Fundraising for Sport INTRODUCTION TO THE ASF We have transformed New skills and capabilities (fundraising, marketing) Enhanced technology (online donation, CRM for effective donor analysis) Simplified processes and reduced administration for all Sport Incentive Projects Support all projects that further the “development of sport” Focus on project outcomes, not expenditure or inputs Fundraising for our own grants programs (eg Giving4GrassrootsTM/G4GTM ) Promoting sport as a deserving vehicle for philanthropy …to help substantially increase the amount of funds raised for sport
  6. 6. Fundraising for Sport PHILANTHROPY OVERVIEW What is philanthropy? The word “philanthropy” comes from the Greek, meaning “love of humanity”. Modern interpretations of this have developed to generally mean, “the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes” Good cause, 31.5 Respect the work, 22.9 Sympathy, 14.3 Curing illness, 13.1 Trust, 5 Religious obligation, 4.8 Better world, 3.8 Obligation, 3.8 Source: Giving Statistics,
  7. 7. Fundraising for Sport PHILANTHROPY MARKET In 2012 4.5m taxpayers (35%) made tax deductible donations $2.24bn was given by individuals $300m distributed by PAF’s Average tax deductible donation c$494 (trebled in a decade) Americans gave1.9% of income…..Australians 0.33% Online giving increasing exponentially
  8. 8. Fundraising for Sport PHILANTHROPY AND SPORT Of $2.24bn of private philanthropic donations less than 1% went to sport ASF c$20m pa PAF distributions of $300m included c$88k to “sport and recreation” It is estimated that more than 8% went to the arts Private donations estimated at $150m PAF distributions $32m Arts donations growing at >10%pa
  9. 9. Fundraising for Sport PHILANTHROPY AND SPORT Why give to sport? Sport is part of the fabric of our life: 82% aged 15+ participated in sport in 2011 Nearly 50% aged 15+ attended a sports event Sport is a great teacher of “life skills” Sport has been shown to positively impact health, education, gender, disability, mental health, social welfare, tolerance and reconciliation, etc We want to make it as natural for philanthropy to give to sport, as to any other cause
  10. 10. Fundraising for Sport FUNDRAISING WITH THE ASF Over $250m has been donated to sport through us since 1986 In the last 5 years 73% of donations by # were <$1k, 20% $1-$10k, 6% $10-$50k, 1% >$1m The largest donor has donated over $11m to his chosen sport (golf) YTD 31 January 2015: Registered Projects up 7% on PY, Donations up 29% on PY 7% of Projects <$10k, 41% $50-$250k, 46% $250k-$1m, 6% >$1m 120 donations >$10k, 10 donations over $100k, largest individual donation $300k Overseas, many major sports clubs have established Foundations to raise money for youth development, participation and elite performance (eg Liverpool , Arsenal, Tottenham EPL clubs) Yet sport still does not naturally see philanthropy as a core ongoing revenue stream
  11. 11. Fundraising for Sport FUNDRAISING WITH THE ASF
  12. 12. Our project partners A selection of ASF Projects
  14. 14. DIFFERENT WAYS TO FUNDRAISE Fundraising for Sport: An overview
  15. 15. Goal Target audience(s) Story/message Available resources Mechanisms Donor engagement plan Timeline and execution plan Measurement of success A successful fundraising strategy will address KEY PRINCIPLES OF FUNDRAISING Fundraising for Sport: An overview
  16. 16. Fundraising for Sport BUILDING YOUR STORY Need Cause Ask Impact Story
  17. 17. Fundraising for Sport BUILDING YOUR STORY Engage your audience, generate “share-ability” Evoke emotion, draw on personal experience Make the reader/listener CARE Demonstrate change and impact Creates imagery in the mind of the reader Use pictures and infographics Features of a good story
  18. 18. Fundraising for Sport DESIGNING YOUR CAMPAIGN STORY Audiences Assets Credibility + Experience The Pitch or Hard Sell Donor Return Project Plan Impact + Outcomes Culture, Resources, Governance
  19. 19. Fundraising for Sport KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN The story is the bedrock of any campaign and central to all activity Focus on the assets you have access to for execution YOU HAVE TO ASK!! It is just as important to communicate with donors after the donation as it is to secure it at the start Communicate your impact Establish and continually review your project plan to stay on track of goal Build fundraising into day-to-day operation and set a culture. Must be led by CEO/Board. Team must be bought into need and strategy
  20. 20. Case Study Surf for Life Surfing Australia
  21. 21. Surf for Life Program Purpose To support the continuation and expansion of the Surf for Life project, creating lasting change for underprivileged Aussie Kids. Strategically important for Surfing to build participation among low socio- economic demographic. Targets for the program include: Helping underprivileged Aussie Kids Targeting 2000 Kids Raising $200,000pa
  22. 22. Surf for Life Program Fundraising Strategy Overview TARGET FUNDS $200k pa NEED Need to raise $200k per year in order to put 2,000 disadvantaged Aussie kids through the Surf for Life program. BENEFIT Providing this opportunity to underprivileged Aussie kids will assist with 3 key outcomes: • Social Inclusion by having access to a mainstream activity program • Life changing opportunity and lasting change by linking social outcomes with program participation • Health, Safety & Leadership by providing exposure to healthy lifestyle choices and skills through the sport of surfing. TIMING Fundraising campaign to have a major splash in February 2015 and through SurfGroms registration, then again towards the end of Summer. STORY CONSIDERATIONS Have already produced some great results with some great content to be used within campaign. $130,000 + raised with 1,250 disadvantaged Aussie Kids through the program.
  23. 23. Surf for Life Program Suggested Background Story The Surf For Life Project has been developed by Surfing Australia with initial support from the Quiksilver Foundation to enable underprivileged kids from all around Australia to experience the joy of surfing for the very first time. In November 2012, the Quiksilver Foundation held their annual Awaken the Spirit Art Auction & World Champions Ball, and raised over $80,000 to put more than 500 underprivileged Aussie kids through the Surf for Life program. Working with a number of charities around Australia, Surfing Australia visited remote communities right across the country and offered local kids the opportunity to try surfing for the first time in their lives. From Arnhem land in the Northern Territory to Wilcannia in the remote far-west of NSW, underprivileged kids joined the Surf for Life program and enjoyed the ride of their lives! Surfing Australia now wants to continue this fantastic initiative into 2015 through the Surf For Life Project, but to do so we need your help! By donating today and helping to raise enough funds to put a further 2000 underprivileged Aussie kids through the Surf for Life program this Summer, you will be helping to change their lives for the better.
  24. 24. HOW CAN YOU HELP? We would love you to make a tax deductible donation by clicking here WHERE WILL YOUR DONATION GO? We commit to ensuring 100% of funds raised as part of this campaign will go direct to running the Surf for Life project. By making a donation to the Surf for Life project you will: • Help fund the participation of underprivileged children within the Surf for Life program = Social Inclusion • Create great social outcomes by encouraging kids to attend school more so they get selected on to the program = Creating Opportunity and Lasting Change • Exposure to healthy lifestyle choices and skills through surfing = Health, Safety and Leadership Surf for Life Program Suggested Background Story $20 Registers one underprivileged Aussie kids into the Surf For Life program $50 Funds the travel and registration costs for one Aussie kid $160 Pays for accommodation, travel and registration costs for one underprivileged Aussie kid $750 Pays for the transport and registration of a group of 16 kids $1450 Funds 16 Aussie kids for the Surf for Life program and pays for their accommodation and transport
  25. 25. Surf for Life Project Campaign Execution Network marketing Direct marketing Social Web Media An integrated campaign using the following channels will create the best platform for success for the Surf for Life project: Campaign extension opportunities can also be explored in relation to the following : Sponsor channels Major gifts
  26. 26. Fundraising for Sport NEXT STEPS Consider priority projects currently unfunded/with insufficient funds Discuss with Exec team and/or Board Do you have the time to truly commit to a fundraising project? If “yes” register a project online ( Contact us for advice, assistance and support Develop a strategy Execute!