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DMS Mentoring Brochure


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DMS Mentoring Brochure

"I believe in the importance of tapping into our true purpose and recognising the value of our experiences. I feel it's important for musicians to discover their own route to financial freedom, work/life balance and community connection. In doing so we empower ourselves, inspire others, and increase our chances of long-term sustainability."
- Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

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DMS Mentoring Brochure

  1. 1. 1 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic Thinking Beyond A Chart Position: 5 THINGS FOR EMERGING TALENT TO CONSIDER
  2. 2. 2 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic 5 THINGS FOR EMERGING TALENT TO CONSIDER Techniques for long-term sustainability in the music industry from Elroy “Spoonface” Powell (Spoon) Learn how to think beyond a chart position: • IDENTIFY your worth • INCREASE your brand recognition • MAXIMISE your revenue potential To create your own economy Do you feel your success depends on having a manager? Do you work hard, but not see the results you deserve? Have you had success, but still struggle to make ends meet? Are you confused by the business side of music? Are you thrown by changing technology? Do you feel lost in the noise? Don’t know where to start? “I believe in the importance of tapping into our true purpose and recognising the value of our experiences. I feel it’s important for musicians to discover their own route to financial freedom, work/life balance and community connection. In doing so we empower ourselves, inspire others, and increase our chances of long-term sustainability.” - Elroy “Spoonface” Powell (Spoon) thinking beyond a chart position
  3. 3. 3 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic Where are we now? A huge number of musicians believe that in order to be successful, they need a presence in a chart. Can you remember who was number 1 last month? There are so many charts these days, which one should you enter? Beyond a ‘tap on the back’, why do charts really matter? Technology has made it easier to reach audiences, so competition is incredibly high. This has resulted in audiences being bombarded with requests from artists trying to sell their music products. Why should they listen? Have you taken the time to really consider their needs? The old way for musicians to create success has been truly disrupted for some time. Physical sales can not compete with downloading and streaming platforms have become the preferred choice over paid downloads. Strangely, this has led to music makers earning even less from record sales. The Internet has helped us with innovative routes to success but there is no concrete answer as trends continue to change. With all of this in mind you might ask yourself: • How do I cut through? • How do I avoid isolation and frustration? • How do I make it sustainable?
  4. 4. 4 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic Where are we now? • We’re bombarded with ‘buy my single’, ‘come to my gig’, ‘me, me, me’ • Your audience wants access (not ownership) • The old model of success has been disrupted • Not everyone will be a chart topping artist • Innovative ways to create success come and go I will talk you through the 5 Key Areas and during the consultation walk you through routes to accelerating your growth.
  5. 5. 5 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic • Big idea - purpose • Belief - identify your value • Build - gain respect amongst your peers and the wider industry • Burnout - how to survive and conquer • Balance - take care of yourself and others Working longer hours and social media spamming won’t work. Successful industry professionals lead healthy, balanced lives. For you to achieve the same, you need to consider a foundation based on these 5 key areas: ‘Here are 5 Key Areas to address in order to Stay afloat long-term’ The 5 B's
  6. 6. 6 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic I will help you • Recognise your strengths and areas to develop • Create your own long and short-term targets, and an action plan to achieve them • Detoxify your circle and build a like-minded, supportive network • Create a long-term mindset of sustainability over quick, unattainable goals • Develop a stronger sense of purpose • Identify and overcome ideas that limit your progress • Stay on track with accountability techniques • Be the change you want to see
  7. 7. 7 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic “I just want to say a big thanks to DMS for all their support so far and for placing my song ‘My Mistake’ on the new Mercedes-Benz advert. Thanks guys!” - NINA Artist (Aztec Records) “Working with DMS has brought some great opportunities to Aztec which helped us grow as a publisher worldwide” - Laura Fares and Ariel Amejeiras Directors, Aztec Records/Publishing “DMS has opened up new opportunities for us. Living in a small country (Malta) with a relatively small market. We realised that we can get our music out there through DMS and the results were terrific!“ - Jean Paul Borg (The Busker) Writer / Artist / Singer “DMS has helped deliver opportunities to songwriters like myself, that otherwise wouldn’t be available. With a knack for networking, and developing a strong social entrepreneurship, DMS assists in offering outstanding opportunities and prospects to songwriters of all genres.” - Luke Targett Singer / Songwriter / Producer Testimonials
  8. 8. 8 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic “DMS showed us that there can be alternative ways to pursue music as a career. That being an artist doesn’t mean you must confine yourself to your own musical efforts and output.” - Simon Jackman Songwriter / Artist “Producing music with DMS has encouraged me to make the most of every opportunity, and to diversify my abilities to create a sustainable career for myself as a producer and songwriter in today’s industry.” - Julien Cordier Songwriter / Producer “We were working with an advertising agency on a Mercedes advert, we needed a track from an emerging artist with a cutting edge sound and the guys from DMS helped us with the search. We found an amazing track and the agency loved it.” - Roscoe Williamson Executive Producer (Massive Music) “DMS have been wonderful to connect with. It’s great to work with people who are efficient, pro active reliable and trustworthy.” - MIRI Proactive Testimonials
  9. 9. 9 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic My Story After speaking at the first ‘Off The Record’ conference (Manchester, 2016), I was inundated with requests to share more insights. This made it clear to me how important it is for us to recognise the value of our experiences and how they can be useful to others. In 2000 I had a number 1 record, sold over a million units and received major mainstream exposure. When my creative choices were not what was expected my career declined. I reignited my career by doing what I love and now I’m a Music Publisher, Actor, Voice Over Artist, and Social Entrepreneur.
  10. 10. 10 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic Social Impact Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C. (DMS) • A social enterprise I founded with help from Investec and the Beyond Business Programme. We help emerging talent with music publishing opportunities and run community focused projects • We’ve also donated to child nutrition charity Magic Breakfast, providing meals to school children for a year • - (watch the video) “We felt today was a huge success” - Quintin Kynaston School
  11. 11. 11 @spoonface1 / @fdmscic My Vision • Build a community of like-minded music makers and lovers • Establish deeper connections and add value to music through giving • Create and recognise new ways to use music in and out of the industry • Contribute to a sustainable economy for disenfranchised communities
  12. 12. Twitter: @spoonface1 / @fdmscic © Forver Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C 2016 Forver Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C is a registered Community Interest Company No.8137116 - Spoon Stop trying to be heard & let them feel you