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The Loony OWBC-Chapter 1


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The Loony OWBC-Chapter 1

  1. 1. Three flamingos and a Gnome, that can only mean one thing. Its time for another Officially WackyBoolprop Challenge!The challenges I’m going to attempt are University, Nightlife and Bon voyage. Technically I don’tneed a gnome but it just felt wrong without one so…
  2. 2. This here is our esteemed founder, Jake Loony. He’s a Pleasure sim with a LTW of completing theSlacker career.And nothing says wacky like a clown hat and sport fan spray paint top combination pack. Time willtell if I made an inspired decision or not.
  3. 3. First things first: get those all important 2 cooking points for the beyond cheesy challenge which statesthat the family may only ever eat grilled cheese sandwiches.
  4. 4. “Ah, my supplies have arrived. Now I can really start looking after these birds.”Whats that Mr. Gnome.“It’s Dr. Greybeard to you. I’m the vet that was hired to make sure no harm comes tothese beautiful creatures.
  5. 5. Another of the Challenges that I’m taking is Workaholics Anonymous which means that by the end of thechallenge i have to have all 26 career rewards on the lot. There was a job in the Criminal career open.Maybe Jake can get away with the hat by being the heavy with a few screws lose.
  6. 6. Soon the welcome wagon arrived.“Look at this losers house!”
  7. 7. “Hey there sonny Jim welcome to the neighbourhood”“Well thanks”“Put it there!”
  8. 8. “ ha ha like I would shake hands with a loser in a clown hat.”
  9. 9. He then precedes to do this.“Now I’ll teach that upstart!”
  10. 10. “Put me down I have flamingos that need my attention!”Don’t worry Dr. Greybeard. Jake will try to rescue you from the claws of thisGNOME STEALER!“Try!”
  11. 11. “Mathster, the clown ith dithstracted!”“Keep a look out Igor, this will be the Gnome-napping of the century!”
  12. 12. Later that evening the matchmaker turned up on the lot. Jake was low in aspiration so Ilet him try his luck.“For the right price, dearie, I can give you true love”“Uh, how about 10 Simoleons
  13. 13. Yeah, it didn’t go too well.“Why do I always get the creeps with the weird hats”
  14. 14. Haters gonna hate
  15. 15. Obviously the mafia kingpin, thought the hat was the way to go as Jake was promoted the first day atwork.
  16. 16. For a reward I send Jake downtown to go on spouse hunting.
  17. 17. This was the outing invitation phone call that you get at the start of the game. I’m happyto see some the original townies as they seem to have been drowned out by theapartment life townies.“Hey guys watch my skillz!”
  18. 18. It seems Jake used his fail to his advantage.“Tee Hee legs”
  19. 19. “Whos the Good-looking sim in the clown hat…Me!”The photo booth picture will satisfy the need for a picture of every sim in the household as perFamily Scrapbook.
  20. 20. And who should turn up at the club but our favourite Gnome stealer“The Man has arrived so let’s get this party started.”
  21. 21. The Gnome Stealer (from now on known as G.S) makes a beeline for the dance floor.“Just don’t through your hip out grandpa”
  22. 22. Konami shows G.S that he’s behind the times with some of his moves.“This move called “Cower from Fire”.”
  23. 23. It seems that Jake is not that impressed with the décor of the club.“Why wasn’t it green, Whats wrong with lime green.”
  24. 24. If you don’t recognise this waitress let me jog your memory
  25. 25. Yes the “maid” that Jake went on a blind date with, at least according to Jakerelationship bar, was actually a waitress from Crypt O Night Club. This puts awhole new spin on the blind dates sold by the matchmaker.
  26. 26. “So wheres this young man with a liking for hats then.”Sorry as much as I’d like a witch in the family your just a bit to old.
  27. 27. The Nightlife challenge requires the creation of a vampire. So as soon as i saw the Countessenter the club I sent Jake off to woo her.“I like your fangs”“verily, i like your…. Hat”
  28. 28. Either she wasn’t impressed with Jakes tactics or he made the Countess blush badly as after just oneinteraction she upped and left.
  29. 29. Returning home Jake starts the skilling needed for the next promotion. However soon it was obvious that heneeded a pick me up.
  30. 30. So Jake invites the red haired woman from the welcome wagon around for a dateand immediately begins speculating on the waitress/maid situation.“Either she’s holding down two jobs or theres something very fishy going on with thematchmaking service.”
  31. 31. Apparently gossiping out on the pavement really turns her on as soon hearts began to fly.
  32. 32. “Hey hottie, when you find your hat call me.”“You come near him and I’ll gnaw your shoulder off”
  33. 33. “Yes, Jake shall be a pawn in my plan to become playable Muu Haa ha”So this it for this chapter, i hope you enjoyed my weak attempts at humour and non-existent plot.The rules for this challenge are here on Boolprop if you want to try your own which youdefinitely should.
  34. 34. “Kiss my ass”