Measuring Broadcast Sponsorship Effectiveness


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A case study on evaluation the effectiveness of broadcast sponsorship.

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Measuring Broadcast Sponsorship Effectiveness

  1. 1. Measuring Broadcast Sponsorship Effectiveness A Case StudySunday, February 6, 2011
  2. 2. Sponsor Evaluation Case Study - Broadcast Media Property SponsorMap was applied for a broadcast media property. The property, was a leading youth TV show that was rating well with the 16-29 year old age group. Whilst advertising revenue built around commercials was well established, sponsorship was providing a significant growth opportunity for the network. The network wished to provide some evidence to existing and potential sponsors that investing as a broadcast sponsor was an effective marketing investment that provided strong ROI and helped develop strong emotional bonds with this hard to reach market segment. The key sponsorship deliverables for the project were as follows: - To demonstrate the value of sponsorship to show sponsors - To estimate the total fan base - To demonstrate how the sponsorship investment assists sponsors own marketing efforts for two key sponsors Stage 1 - Sponsorship Engagement Stage 2 - Sponsorship Deliverables - Results for individual sponsor Market Analysis Reach & Engagement Market Analysis % Total Sponsor Brand Metrics All Passionates Delighted Statistically Total Market (16-29 age group) 6,322,000 Significant Passion for Property 26% 1,617,720 6855600 1,617,720 486,560 (“Passionates”) PassionIndex For people like me 17% 24% +21% Prompted Recall of Sponsor 23% 1,431,060 Likely to purchase 11% 16% +25% Recall Sponsor Would recommend 27% 56% +21% Delighted with Sponsor 34% 486,560 A modern brand 31% 41% +55% (Gratitude Index) Based on weighting the survey results to project the total The SponsorMap methodology allowed for individual sponsors to see how their investment is market. delivering returns in terms of marketing results both in terms of reaching an audience as well as key brand performance metrics. Key conclusions: - 1.6 million young adults very passionate for the TV show - 1.4 recall the major sponsor of the TV show - Nearly half a million delighted to see that the sponsor is involved with the TV showSunday, February 6, 2011
  3. 3. Survey Methodology - Questionnaire PPL/brand presence was from 2 brands, the first a mobile phone brand and the Broadcast Property Viewers Control Group Non-viewers second a fast food company. n=500 n=500 The survey was designed to provide measurement to both brand sponsors on for their investment in the broadcast Mobile phone ownership property. Mobile phone ownership Fast Food Consumption Fast Food Consumption Brand Shift - For people like me - Likely to buy - Would recommend An on-line survey of viewers and non- - A modern brand viewers was conducted. Non-viewers were used as a control group. Sponsor/Brand Presence SponsorMap Broadcast module was Recall applied. Passion Index Gratitude Index Sponsor Fit . Brand Shift - For people like me - Likely to buy - Would recommend - A modern brandSunday, February 6, 2011
  4. 4. Stage 1 - Reach and Engagement Total Viewing Audience The total national viewing audience for this broadcast property is 7,360,000 7,360.000 adults aged 16-29. Mobile Phone Owners Of these viewers we know that 6,322,000 are owners of a brand of mobile phone. (We included a question on our survey on 6,322,000 mobile phone ownership) Market Analysis Reach & Engagement Of the mobile phone owners that are viewers, we know the following: % Total Total Market (16-29 age group) 6,322,000 Approximately 26% are Great Fans/Fanatics of the broadcast property (PassionIndex). A total of 1,617,720 people. Passion for Property 26% 1,617,720 (“Passionates”) PassionIndex 23% could recall the PPL/brand presence prompted in the survey which 23% 1,431,060 equates to 1,431,060 viewers after watching the video. Prompted Recall of Sponsor Recall Sponsor Of those that could recall the presence of the sponsor, 34% were 34% 486,560 delighted with their involvement (Very thankful & Would never forget - Delighted with Sponsor Gratitude Index) which equates to 486,560 potential mobile phone (Gratitude Index) buyers.Sunday, February 6, 2011
  5. 5. Stage 2 - Sponsorship Deliverables Mobile Phone Owners Viewers 6,322,000 The survey results demonstrate the effectiveness of the brand Likely to Purchase % presence/PPL. The purchase intention for the sponsor’s brand of mobile phone is higher with viewers compared to the control group (non- viewers). Passionate Viewers 16 +9% This demonstrates that the PPL activity has added value for the sponsor. Delighted Viewers 25 +18% - 16% of passionate viewers vs 7% non-viewers - 25% Delighted viewers vs 7% non-viewers - 11% viewers vs 7% non-viewers Viewers 11 +4% Market Analysis Non-Viewers 7 Sponsor Brand Metrics Non- Viewers All Viewers Passionates Delighted Statistically Significant 6855600 1,617,720 486,560 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Likely to purchase 7% 11% 16% 25% Sponsor/Brand Fit % Difference (from control) +4% +274224 +9% +145595 18% +87580 Like it very much 29 The brand metrics, in this case likely to purchase Like it a little 45 demonstrate a positive shift in purchase intent equating to: The survey indicated that Neither 24 there was a strong level of + 270,000 viewers +145,000 passionate fans brand fit between the mobile phone company +87,600 delighted viewersDon’t like it very much 3 and the broadcast These are all more likely to purchase the sponsors property. mobile phone due to the investment. Don’t like it at all 2 0 12.5 25 37.5 50Sunday, February 6, 2011
  6. 6. SponsorMap Clients, Market Coverage & Testimonials Global Sponsors "SponsorMap™ is an excellent tool for measuring the effectiveness and value of sponsorship. I believe it is a great improvement over traditional sponsorship awareness measures, giving us deeper insights into how we SponsorMap is also licensed to the enhance the experience for our customers." worldʼs largest market research agency. Heba Habashy Market Research Manager, Vodafone SponsorMap has been used in more than 26 countries and is available in more than 80 today. Australia United Kingdom New Zealand Switzerland China Russia Taiwan France Malaysia Greece Germany Romania Philippines Turkey India Singapore Indonesia United Arab Emirates Hong Kong Canada Thailand Vietnam United StatesSunday, February 6, 2011
  7. 7. Further Details Contact Us SponsorMap is available in more than 80 countries across the globe. To speak to us directly call and leave a voicemail on our on North America +1 (917) 675-3403 Europe +44 (0) 203286 6174 Otherwise email Resources Visit for !!Free webinars on measuring sponsorship !!Free e-books on measurement for sponsors and properties !!Sign-up for our mailing list on some of the latest insights in this areaSunday, February 6, 2011