Splunk live! Customer Presentation – Wellsfargo


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From Splunklive! San Francisco

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Splunk live! Customer Presentation – Wellsfargo

  1. 1. Copyright © 2014 Splunk Inc. Wells Fargo Digital Channels Splunk Journey
  2. 2. Nick Gordon Monitoring Strategies & Engineering Online & Mobile Banking
  3. 3. My Background and Role Moved from Sydney, Australia in 2001 12 years at Wells Fargo Leading Monitoring Strategies and Engineering team Backcountry skier My favorite Splunk T-Shirt:
  4. 4. Agenda Background & Role Company Overview How we got started Where are we going Wins with Splunk Best Practices for Splunk
  5. 5. Wells Fargo Overview 1852
  6. 6. Wells Fargo Overview 22 Million desktop & 13 Million mobile customers #1 Most valuable banking brand in the world $21 Billion revenue per quarter First US bank to offer online account access 1995 #2 Largest philanthropic giver in the US #1 Largest bank in the world by market cap Learn more about Wells Fargo: https://www08.wellsfargomedia.com/downloads/pdf/about/wellsfargotoday.pdf
  7. 7. Software Development at Wells Fargo
  8. 8. Software Development at Wells Fargo
  9. 9. One Use Case – Many Systems
  10. 10. How We Got Started Homegrown tools (nothing)
  11. 11. Application Performance Management at Wells Fargo Availability Response time Capacity MTTR APM
  12. 12. Business Case for Splunk • Complex Operational support process • Customer interaction across many systems • Difficulty to grant appropriate access across all systems • Unable to centralize and correlate data • Centralized all our data in one place • Navigated application data efficiently to trace customer flow through our applications • Improved transition between between development and production A single system which could unite the data from multiple systems for correlation Before Splunk After SplunkNeeds 14x faster analysis and reporting of logs vs. gunzip+grep
  13. 13. The Internal Sell After SplunkBefore Splunk “When can I get it?”“Why do I have to?”
  14. 14. Splunk Enterprise Scalability Enterprise-class Scale, Resilience and Interoperability Send data from thousands of servers using any combination of Splunk forwarders Auto load-balanced forwarding to Splunk Indexers Offload search load to Splunk Search Heads • 2 job servers • 2 search heads • 15 indexers • 475TB of SAN/NAS • 150 forwarders • 365 days data retention • 1TB per day
  15. 15. Splunk Geolocation
  16. 16. Splunk Application Performance Tuning
  17. 17. Splunk Application Performance Tuning
  18. 18. Splunk Decision Analytics
  19. 19. Best Practices for Splunk Need a Splunk COE or as we call it community practice. Balance between logging too much and not enough. Personally Identifiable Information is confidential and must be dealt with appropriately. Log standards before you begin. Logs Cost
  20. 20. A few points to remember Concept Prove the concept, get data in front of people, buy-in Data Get as much data into Splunk as possible Dashboard Build dashboards to summarize your data Share Information, lessons learned, wins and best practices Creativity Provide flexibility to engineers to come up with unique solutions
  21. 21. Splunk for Wells Fargo “Splunk helps us answer questions that we didn’t even know we had.”
  22. 22. Thank You