Use punctuation to sell more effectively.


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Big brands use punctuation to manipulate how you read, think and feel about their products and services. Learn how you can do it too.

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Use punctuation to sell more effectively.

  1. 1. Use punctuation to sell more effectively. By Splash Copywriters
  2. 2. What’s the big deal? The reality is: Big businesses are using punctuation to manipulate how you read, think and feel about their brands.
  3. 3. Understanding punctuation. So let’s get something out the way. This concept of manipulating punctuation for business isn’t about going back to school. It’s not even about following rules.
  4. 4. It’s about understanding how punctuation began and why.
  5. 5. The origins. Punctuation goes way back. In fact, all the way back to Ancient Greece. A time when orators influenced the masses. And their speeches reigned supreme.
  6. 6. The speechwriters. The real power lay in the hands of the speechwriters. For it was they who marked speeches with various lines, dots and squiggles.
  7. 7. They knew that the impact of the speeches often mattered more than the actual content.
  8. 8. By marking the speeches in different ways, they could flag up which words to emphasise. They could also dictate the pace and tone of the delivery.
  9. 9. Therefore… … understand that punctuation was born out of a legitimate need. Speeches needed to accomplish results. And you can use punctuation to accomplish effective brand messaging.
  10. 10. Get it right. Look up the different types of punctuation. Understand them. You’re allowed to bend the ‘rules’, but you always need to know what you’re doing. That’s because…
  11. 11. … punctuation is the difference between feeling you’re nuts and feeling your nuts.
  12. 12. So… … just 1small punctuation error can change the entire meaning of your message. However, clever use of punctuation can improve the effectiveness of your words.
  13. 13. Not only that, but… … through an active voice and an inspiring, smooth read, you can conjure up feelings of emotion, enjoyment and satisfaction.
  14. 14. Splash Copywriters are experienced, creative copywriters who have written for some of the UK’s biggest companies.
  15. 15. We know how to write words that work, so if you think we can help you in any way, get in touch.
  16. 16. Call Matt on 07812 581 297 or take a look at our website: