Paramore – brick by boring brick


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Paramore – brick by boring brick

  1. 1. Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick<br />Ashleigh Robinson, Caroline Huntley and Christopher Hodgson<br />Background of the song.<br />The music video for " Brick by Boring Brick" was filmed in Los Angeles on October 8, 2009. It was co-directed by Meiert Avis and Chris LeDoux (New Found Glory, U2). The video depicts a young girl with butterfly wings exploring a surreal landscape, while Hayley sings the song near a large ditch which guitarist Josh Farro is digging. Eventually the little girl's fantasy world becomes dark and frightening, with the character she was friends with before now turning into dark and sinister creatures, and she runs to escape, picking up her doll, emerging into the sunlight and falling into the ditch by where Hayley is singing. Hayley stands up and throws the girl's doll in after her, and Josh (out of the shot) throws the first shovel-full of earth into the ditch.<br />Our Rendition.<br />In our rendition of ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ we are going to use the lyrics to create a video that doesn’t follow them word-by-word but use them to create a video showing a hidden meaning behind them. This is known as Illustration. A lot of Paramore’s music videos have a story line and follow an illustrator way of showing the video. Our version of the video then sticks to the conventions for this particular genre of music, Pop/Rock. <br />Our video will begin with a poor ragged girl in a derelict place struggling to live and cope with her conditions. She starts finding things she has never seen, things such as dolls and jewellery, and then starts finding bricks, some occasionally saying boring which brings the song into it. Through this part of the story we see clips of her ideal side of life. She eventually comes to a brick wall and meets with the life she wishes she has and tries to escape to the other side.<br />The style of the video is both desolate and fairy tale. Because there are two sides to the video and the band scenes we have to consider costume and scenery a lot more carefully. Desolate is because the first character we see is living in squalor and poverty. We need Fairy tale for her ideal perception of life. We are thinking of using gowns and dresses at a masquerade ball. The band needs to dress with a punk/pop style to stick to the genre of the song. 5943600685800We want to keep the band modern along with the rest of the video.<br />29718002389505-45720023895052971800103505-457200103505<br />29210034290Some of our illustrative shots include:<br /><ul><li>“…brick by boring brick.” For this we are going to show bricks with the word boring written on them.
  2. 2. “You can see it with your eyes.” She finally see’s the fairy tale world she’s dreamt about.
  3. 3. “And the clock struck twelve.” She starts to see the bricks.</li></ul>The one shot we have thought of in the greatest of detail is our last shot of the story. It is the girl stood at a wall, watching her fairy tale through the wall and trying to get to it. It is going to be one shot with two frames in it, a brick wall separating them.<br />For filming we are hoping to film at Steetly to get a desolate and derelict feel, Steetly for the band to play at and possibly the grand hotel for maybe a masquerade ball.<br />