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A2 Media Music Video Callsheet


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A2 Media Music Video Callsheet

  1. 1. A2 Media StudiesMusic Video Callsheet<br />Track:Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick<br />Length:4 minutes 21 seconds<br />Shoot Date:October Half Term (Ongoing)<br />Locations: Steetley Estate, Headland, Hartlepool<br /> <br />St Hilds CE VA Secondary School<br />Hartlepool<br />TS24 9PB<br />038227001429 273041<br />Call TimesEveryone09:00 to 16:15<br />Crew/Cast:Caroline 07917454019<br />Crew/Cast:Ashleigh Robinson HYPERLINK "" 07799542411<br />Crew/Cast:Chris Hodgson HYPERLINK "" 07949743813<br />Crew:Steven Harrington 07548398767<br />Camera<br />Equipment:HD Camera 9 (Sony 1000-E)<br /><ul><li>Sony Camera
  2. 2. Two batteries
  3. 3. Battery charger
  4. 4. Tripod stand
  5. 5. Camera bag and protective lenses
  6. 6. Collapsible dolly</li></ul>Lighting<br />Equipment:Studio lighting<br /><ul><li>Light stands
  7. 7. Spare bulbs</li></ul>Props:- Band equipment<br /><ul><li>Bricks
  8. 8. Fairytale objects
  9. 9. Make-Up
  10. 10. Masquerade masks</li></ul>Wardrobe:Costume (Caroline) Scruffy clothes/Rags, Dark Make-Up, Colour <br /> Scheme- Brown, Grey, Black <br />Costume (Ashleigh) Skinny Jeans, Band T-shirt, Converse, Enhanced<br /> Eye Make-Up<br />Costume (Chris) Chequered Shirt, Jeans, Plimsolls, Guy-liner<br /> <br />Costume (Guitarists) T-shirt, Jeans, Plims/Converse<br />Costume (Masquerade) Dresses (Prom Style), High shoes, Suits<br />