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Thailand Travel Destinations


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Thailand Travel Destinations

  1. 1. Thailand Travel DestinationsThailand located in the heart of South East Asia is the biggest tourist attraction of this region. Thecountry is a kingdom with most recorded reigns in the world. Thailand is a country with abundantnatural resources, flora and fauna. It has over 100 national parks, including 20 marine parks eachwith its unique attractions. Thailand has number of small and big islands spread all over and if youare looking for peace and tranquility then look no further than Thailands stunningly beautiful islandswith the finest beaches which are a preferred destination for hundreds of backpackers and beachlovers. Thailand overview:The Ayutthaya World Heritage and Red Cross Fair takes place in Mid December at the Phra NakhonSi Ayutthaya Histirical Park. There are exhibits, booths, a showcase of Buddhist art open to tourists,and a food fair. This is for sure a great family event that the whole gang will enjoy.Whats to do in City? There are so many things you can do in this beautiful city! If you are bringingyour kids with you, take them to Mae Sa and let them enjoy a ride aboard elephants or watch afootball game played by elephants at the Elephant Camp, while you go look at the orchid nurseries.For you night owls there are plenty of pubs and bars to have a good late night time in. There aresome scary areas, but pick the safe touristy bars and you should be okay. Bangkok has inexpensivehotels for those on a budget, again some very nice ones and some in the wrong parts of town.Wat Pho is located next to the Grand Palace and is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok.The temple houses the famous Reclining Buddha, 46 m long and 15 m high, making it the largestReclining Buddha in Thailand.Yachts and sailboats are not things that one easily reached by the western world. Often hides inyacht clubs, whose members are the elite and the rich. The rental and maintenance of a boat canoften be expensive and time consuming. Perhaps this would not be the case if the charter flights wereavailable for the average customer as if they were in here.One of the quirky things you should be aware of is the Thai treatment of the head and feet. The headis sacrosanct in Thai culture so you should avoid patting anyone on the head, including children. Asopposed to this never use your feet to point at anything and never allow the palms of your feet topoint towards an image of the Buddha.Thailand Destination Guide