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More Than Human - Personal Update Magazine - August 2011

  2. 2. >>>AUGUST 2011 IN THISISSUE PERSONALCover Story UPDATE MORE THAN HUMAN 10 In his 1922 science fiction novel, The Chess Men of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs describes a Mars whose inhabitants are EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DR. CHUCK MISSLER so advanced that they prize contemplation above all and exist simply as heads. They have no need for oxygen or food and EXECUTIVE EDITOR DR. GORDON MCDONALD move using the bodies of headless creatures. by Dr. Martin Erdmann MANAGING EDITOR TRACY MCDONALD05 DIRECTOR OF PRINTING IN MEMORIAM/COMING JOY DAVID HANSON DESIGN DIRECTOR At sundown on August 8th, our Jewish friends will observe GORDON MCDONALD Tish’ah b’Av (“The Ninth Day of Av”). This is a special day of mourning, since on this day four major tragedies EXECUTIVE RESEARCH ANALYST MARY MILLER occurred...   by Chuck Missler Personal UPDATE is a reg- 17 istered trademark of Koinonia RUSSIA’S NUCLEAR GAMBLE House, Inc.. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S. environmental groups are calling for a cessation of licens- the U.S.A. Volume 21, Number ing agreements for nuclear power plants, but Russia, however, 8. Personal UPDATE is pub- is moving the opposite direction... lished monthly for the supporters by Steve Elwart of the ministries of Koinonia Institute, Inc.. Subscription Rate: $20.00 yearly, Outside the22 THE PIECE PROCESS U.S.A.: $40.00 yearly. Physical address: 4055 East 3rd Avenue, Post Falls, Idaho 83854. Mail- As I see the proverbial “handwriting on the wall,” I am not ing address: P.O. Box D, Coeur sure how much longer we will be the blessed nation. Why? d’Alene, Idaho 83816-0347. We are forcing the hand of Israel to divide the Land... Phone Orders: 1-800-KHOUSE1 by Dan Stolebarger (1-800-546-8731). Office Phone: 1-208-773-6310. Fax: 1-208-773- 6312. Koinonia House Website: THE SECRET/SPIRITUAL GROWTH 27 Online Store: To Over the many decades that I have enjoyed my love affair Subscribe call: 1-800-546-8731. with the Bible, I have had the marvelous benefit of many The Koinonia House mission great teachers. But I would like to let you in on a precious secret. is to create, develop and distribute materials to stimulate, encourage by Chuck Missler and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Koinonia House, Inc. is a33 THE TEN VIRGINS, PT. 3 non-profit 501(c)3 company. The Koinonia Institute mission is This is our third article on The Parable of the Ten Virgins. dedicated to training and equipping the serious Christian to sojourn in It is very controversial and many see it very differently than today’s world. President/Founder we do, so be sure to use Acts 17:11 as you read. Dr. Chuck Missler Executive by Nancy Missler Director of Education Dr. Dan Stolebarger Executive Director of Research and Analysis Dr. IN THE NEWS 03 KI CLASSES 40 Gordon McDonald Executive Analyst/Director of Curriculum SPEAKING SCHEDULE 41 ORDER FORM 42 Mary Miller Provost Pat Poole Registrar Stan Honn.
  3. 3. >>>THIS MONTH IN THE IN THENEWS Each month we select news that we feel will help keep you informed. Many of our news NEWS are not given adequate attention by the mainline media. selections MIDEAST<<IRAN HAS UNDERGROUND MISSILE SILOSIran unveiled underground ballistic missile silos for the first time on Monday in a warning to theworld of its ability to protect its missiles and secretly store them in hidden locations throughoutthe country. State TV broadcast footage of several military officers touring an underground silothat was holding a Shahab 3 ballistic missile. The missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers, puttingIsrael within its reach. For more info: AMERICA<<SAME-SEX MARRIAGE LEGALIZED IN NEW YORKNew York, the nation’s third most populous state, will join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts,New Hampshire, Vermont and the Washington capital district in allowing same-sex couples towed. The passage of New York’s legislation was made possible by two Republican senators whohad been undecided. The sticking point over the past few days: Republican demands for strongerlegal protections for religious groups that fear they will be hit with discrimination lawsuits. Formore info: ISRAEL<<NETANYAHU WANTS A SEPARATE PALESTINIAN STATEPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised many of the participants in the weekly cabinetmeeting Sunday when he embarked on a monologue praising the idea of parting from the Pales-tinians and in relinquishing portions of the West Bank. He said that Israel is in danger of beingoutpopulated by Palestinians within a few decades, simply due to the higher birth rate of Arabsto Jews. For more info: WEAPONS<<TINY BUG DRONES TO WAR!Two miles from the cow pasture where the Wright Brothers learned to fly the first airplanes,military researchers are at work on another revolution in the air: shrinking unmanned drones, thekind that fire missiles into Pakistan and spy on insurgents in Afghanistan, to the size of insectsand birds. For more info: ISRAEL<<ARCHAEOLOGIST IDENTIFIES SECOND TEMPLE REMAINSOne of the most prominent Israeli archaeologists declared today that remains from the First andSecond Jewish Temple period—including the Second Temple itself—lie underneath the TempleMount surface, just waiting to be excavated. Dr. Eilat Mazar of Hebrew University accused thesite’s Islamic custodians of destroying Jewish artifacts while attempting to turn the Temple Mountinto a “giant mosque.” For more info: / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  4. 4. >>>SUBSCRIBE NOW SUBSCRIBE TO and enjoy access not only to the print edition, but also to the NEW digital edition each month! Already an print subscriber? To Login: CLICK HERE now to access your digital subscription. We offer a 1-year FREE subscription to all new subscribers. The New Multimedia Edition of Personal Update News Journal is designed toeducate as well as inform you on the Biblical and cultural changes that are affecting everyfacet of our lives today. It has never been more important to your family to stay informedand connected. Please share this News Journal with friends and family. However, we ask that you do notpost the electronic version, link to it, or make it available on any public website, forum, etc..This publication and ministry is supported by subscriptions, product sales and your donations.If this publication has blessed you, please consider joining us on this adventure. We havemany ways for you to study, learn and get involved. See our website for more information. THE WORLD THROUGH THE LENS OF GOD’S WORD To Subscribe: CLICK HERE4 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  5. 5. >>>BIBLE IN MEMORIAMCOMING JOYAt sundown on August 8th, our Jewish friends will observe Tish’ah b’Av (“TheNinth Day of Av”). This is a special day of mourning, since on this day fourmajor tragedies occurred...Tish’ah b’Av temples on the same date on the 1) On this day the First Jewish calendar. And, as the rab-Temple, built by Solomon, was bis remind us, “Coincidence is by C h uck Mi s s le rdestroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, not a kosher word.” There are no President/Founder ofand the Babylonian captivity “coincidences” in God’s kingdom. Koinonia Institute After a distinguished mili-began; tary career and more than 2) On this day the Second Joy in Mourning? 30 very successful years in the corporate business envi-Temple, the one expanded by Tish’ah b’Av is, thus, a day ronment, Chuck was led toHerod and the one which was of intensive mourning for the pursue a life-long endeavor of teaching the Bible on astanding during Messiah’s minis- destruction of the Temple and for full-time basis. He foundedtry, was destroyed by the Romans Jerusalem. But coexisting with Koinonia House, an organi- zation devoted to encourag-in 70 A.D., precisely as Jesus pre- this sense of grief is a subtle sense ing people to study the Bible.dicted (Luke 19:43, 44); of joy. The day is also to include He also founded Koinonia Institute to enable people to 3) On this day Betar, the joy for the future restoration of have a Kingdom effect on thelast fortress to hold out against the Temple and the coming of the world today.the Romans during the Bar Ko- Messiah.chba revolt, fell in 135 A.D.;and, 4) Jewish tradition alsoregards this date as the date theChildren of Israel were prohib-ited from entering the PromisedLand (Numbers 14:34). It is a strange coincidence ofhistory that both Nebuchadnez-zar in his day, and the Romansin theirs, destroyed the respective5 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  6. 6. Paul uses as his foundation for his “trilogy” epistles on “the just shall live by faith”: Romans 1:17; Ga- latians 3:11; and Hebrews 1:38.) The ultimate focus of this special observance is, of course, the anticipation of the restoration of the Temple. Recitals include: Tonight marks ____ years since the destruction of the Second Temple and as yet redemption has not come. Know ye that whoever has not been privileged to witness The the building of the Temple, is Sab- regarded as having witnessed bath before the destruction within his own Tish’ah b’Av is lifetime.1 called Shabbat Hazon, the Sabbath of Vision, because of the Following this, a solitary This is Scripture portion for that day: candle is lit and the recitation a day of of the Book of Lamentations is intensive For the vision is yet for an begun. mourning appointed time, but at the Yet, despite the solemnity for the end it shall speak, and not of the fast, a subtle sense of joydestruction lie: though it tarry, wait for is in the proceedings due to the of the it; because it will surely come, anticipation of the rebuilding ofTemple and it will not tarry. the Temple. for Habakkuk 2:3Jerusalem. The Prophetic Scenario (In fact, this very verse is One of the most exciting then followed by the one that events on our prophetic horizon6 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  7. 7. these days is, of course, the fact search has suggested that boththat the preparations for this Temples actually stood 100 Butnext Temple have begun. meters to the north. His publica- coexisting The Temple Institute in tions initially caused quite a stir with thisJerusalem has fabricated most of among the Christian commu- sense ofthe implements to serve in the nity since that would place the grief is aTemple. Muslim structure in the “outer subtle sense One can visit and view the court,” the court of the Gentiles, of joy.headdress and breastplate (with as suggested from Revelationthe 12 precious stones) of the 11:1-2.high priest. Special looms are However, Tuvia Sagiv’s in-weaving the linen for the priestly cisive research has indicated thatvestments. Scientists are scanning the Temple more likelythe world for the correct marine stood 100snails to yield the Levitical blueand royal purple dyes forthe garments. Severalhundred youngmen are train-ing in the Yeshivas(special schools) toserve as priests. (Allof them, of course,must have Levi genes!)Where is the PreciseLocation? Despite the traditional viewthat the Muslim Dome of theRock sits on the ancient Temple meterssite, recent scholarship has cast to the south—doubts on this view. between the Dome of the Rock Dr. Asher Kaufman’s re-7 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  8. 8. and Al Aksa Mosque. Recent in- Temple Mount?6 Or was it taken NOTES FOR STUDY frared photographic studies seem by Menilik, the offspring of Solo- to imply that Tuvia is correct.2 mon and the Queen of Sheba,1. Otzar Yisrael, Vol X This would still place the existing to Ethiopia during Solomon’s page 319. 2. See our briefing pack- Muslim structures in “the outer apostasy? (That is the official age, The Coming Tem- court.” legend that has been included in ple: Update. Available as an MP3 download These developments con- Ethiopia’s Constitution.) from our online store: tinue to be of intense interest to Most scholars dismiss the http://store.khouse. org prophecy students. Jesus, John, Ethiopian legend because the Ark3. Matthew 24:15; Rev- and Paul all make reference to a reappears during the days of King elation 11:1-2; 2 Thes- salonians 2:4, et al. rebuilt Temple standing prior to Josiah.7 However, many overlook4. 2 Chronicles 12:9. the Second Coming of Christ.3 the possibility that the Ark may5. 2 Maccabees 2:4-56. That’s the official rab- It is going to remain a major have arrived in Ethiopia by an binical version. subject of interest in the coming alternative series of events that7. 2 Chronicles 35:3.8. 2 Kings 21; 2 Chroni- years as all this comes to a head. are implied in the Old Testament cles 35:20ff. narratives.89. Isaiah 18; Zephaniah But Where’s the Ark? 3:10, et al. See our In order to protect the Ark briefing pack, The A related prophetic mystery from the atrocities of Manas- Seat of Mercy, page is the current location of the Ark 42. sah, who was trying to eradicate of the Covenant. [It should be Judaism, the Levites apparentlySources: borne in mind that the Ark is not took the Ark into the protection essential: there was no Ark in the of Pharaoh Necho, which thenChill, Abraham, The Min- hagim, Sepher-Her- “Second” (Herod’s) Temple. It subsequently initiated a series mon Press, New York, had already disappeared prior to of travels ultimately ending in 1979. The customs and ceremonies of the days of Nehemiah.] Axum where it may still reside Judaism, their origins and rationale. There are many prevalent under guard today.Missler, Chuck, Strate- theories regarding its history: The Ethiopians believe it is gic Trends, Koinonia House. See page 42. Was it taken by the Babylo- their destiny to deliver their pre- nians? Was it taken by Shishak, cious relic to the Messiah when King of Egypt during his raid He rules on Mt. Zion. of Jerusalem?4 Was it hidden This may further unravel by Jeremiah on Mt. Nebo?5 Is some puzzling aspects of the it presently hidden under the episode between Philip and the8 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  9. 9. Ethiopian Treasurer recorded in Acts Chapter Mt. Zion.9 (This possibility will have to be8. This high official was sent to Jerusalem treated in a subsequent article.)by Queen Candace on a special mission and It is, indeed, time for all of us to re-was returning home confused. Was he sent examine carefully what the Bible has to sayto confirm a rumor of the Messiah’s arrival? about these things.Philip is dispatched by the Lord to join him I believe we are being plunged into a pe-and explain the Isaiah passage he was reading riod of time about which the Bible has morewhich details the Messiah’s execution and His to say than any other period of history—in-ultimate return. cluding the time that Jesus walked the shores (All these issues, and their background, of Galilee or climbed the mountains of Judea.will be dealt with in our new update of the Stay tuned. It’s all coming, just like GodBook of Acts, which started recently on K- said it would. He means what He says andRations. See the ad below for details.) says what He means. Let’s all do our home- What makes this entire situation even work.more significant is the ostensible role of the Are you really ready for all this? ThereMercy Seat, which may be destined to serve are no priorities more serious—for each of us!as the Throne when the Messiah rules on Pray about it. ♦ The Book of MORE INFO ACTS Has Just Started! It has never been more important to maintain an informed worldview. From Israel to Europe, to the Mideast and back to our own communities, the signs of upheaval are everywhere. You can’t understand what the Bible says about these days without a firm foundation of both world perspective and Biblical teaching. Don’t hesitate; sign up today. Deluxe Subscription (includes weekly CD, CD album and CD-ROM with PDF notes) PRICE: 13 WEEKS - $75 26 WEEKS - $145 52 WEEKS - $2759 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  10. 10. >>>TRANSHUMANISM COVERSTORY TRANSHUMANISM AND THE ENHANCEMENT OF MAN by Dr. Martin Erdmann Director Verax Institute In his 1922 science fiction novel, natural substrate of the brain into an artificialThe Chess Men of Mars, Edgar Rice Bur- one,” and speculates that “...[if mind upload-roughs describes a Mars whose inhabitants ing were developed], body manufacturing,are so advanced that they prize contempla- sales, and rental would be a large industry.”1tion above all and exist simply as heads. They Human-machine integration is nothave no need for oxygen or food and move simply a dream of the scientific and academicusing the bodies of headless creatures. elite. In recent years, the concepts of intelli- Burroughs’s popularity demonstrates that gent machines and computers manipulating apeople enjoy imagining such fantastic charac- person’s mind have become popular throughters and societies. movies such as Short Circuit, The Matrix, Many scientists, doctors, and philoso- and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.phers today, however, say such ideas have The 2002 Star Trek film Star Trek Nemesisceased to be fantasy and are now realistic proclaims that to be human is to seek self-prospects for the next several decades. enhancement. The Mind Uploading Home Page, for In a world where hugely popular fantasyexample, “is dedicated to the putative fu- movies hold audiences captivated with theirture process of copying one’s mind from the entertaining capacities, a realm of posthu-10 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  11. 11. man thought is thriving and fast tors, some powerful like artificialexpanding in both followers and hearts. However, cardiologistsresearch. currently use implants exclusively Widely noticed publica- for repair of failing organs.tions, such as the NSF/DOC- But medicine is no longersponsored report “Converging restricted to healing. Biotech-Technologies for Improving Hu- nology’s popular uses constituteman Performance”2 and the final a long list, among them weight by Dr. Martin Erd- mann, Directorreport of the President’s Council loss, hair growth, birth control, o f Ve r a x In s t i t u t eon Bioethics, “Beyond Therapy: teeth straightening, and sex selec- D r. Ma r t i n Erd m a n nBiotechnology and the Pursuit tion of children.4 studied theolog y in Columbia, SC (Masterof Happiness,”3 have given close Transhumanism takes hu- of Divinity), Basel,attention to human enhance- man enhancement even further, Switzerland and Aberdeen, Scotland (Master ofment through technology. by morphing the vision of a per- Theology). In 1999, he was awarded a doctoral degree fect man into a human-machine in modern Church HistoryFrom Repair to complex properly called “posthu- a t Br u n e l Un i ve r s i t y,Enhancement Uxbridge, England. In his man.” This is an effort to break Cardiology is a strong position as Senior Scientist every human limitation and rede- at the University Hospitaladopter of implants, some in Basel, he is currently fine personhood.“dumb” like stents, some “intelli- involved in researching Nick Bostrom, Oxford phi- the ethical implications ofgent” like implantable defibrilla- Nanotechnology. He is also losophy professor and co-founder an Assistant Professor of of the World Biblical Studies (distance education) at Patrick Transhumanism Henry College, Virginia, Association, writes and Director of the Verax Institute (Christian that posthumans apologetics). will realize eternal youth and health, gain complete control over their minds and emo- tions, and “experi- ence novel states of consciousness”11 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  12. 12. that present human minds cannot It is often right to tamper with Posthumans imagine.5 nature.”8 According to Bostrom, may even Posthumans may even the attempt to retain “human- choose to discard their bodies in ness” would be bad. Instead, all a choose to favor of life as “information pat- posthuman would need to do isdiscard their terns on vast super-fast computer to act humanely.9 bodies in networks.”6 Transhumanists distinguish favor of life Though this sounds bizarre, the value of human life from as “infor- many scientists, doctors, and phi- biology and creation, and instead mation pat- losophers call it attainable within place its value in human ideals decades. As the President’s and experiences. This is becauseterns on vast Council on Bioethics wrote values “come from minds.”10 super-fast in their final report, computer “Beyond networks... Since a man’s val- ues are but the ones he choos- es, Therapy: Biotechnology and the opting for a Pursuit of Happiness,” bioethics new ethical paradigm would al- demands a current and public low him to redefine all aspects of discussion of “what it means to be life.11 a human being and to be active as In its “Transhumanist a human being.”7 Declaration,” the World Trans- Asked whether transhuman- humanism Association affirms ism tampers with nature, Nick “the feasibility of redesigning Bostrom replied: “Absolutely, and the human condition” in areas it is nothing to be ashamed of. including “aging, limitations on12 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  13. 13. human and artificial intellects, more effective minds. Prog-unchosen psychology, suffer- ress in these areas of technol-ing, and our confinement to the ogy could also play a keyplanet earth.”12 role in preventing a societalConverging “catastrophe.” The answerTechnologies to human brutality and new These scenarios and many forms of lethal weapons, itmore could all be-come reality inthis cen-turywiththe prop-e r invest-ments in technology, suggests, isaccording to a report a kind of technol-issued by the Nation- ogy-triggered unity:al Science Foundation “Technological conver-and the Department of gence could become theCommerce of the United States framework for human con- ...Thoughgovernment. vergence.” this sounds Titled “Converging Tech- The report, edited by bizarre,nologies for Improving Human Mihail Roco, senior adviser manyPerformance: Nanotechnology, for nanotechnology at the scientists,Biotechnology, Information National Science Founda-Technology, and Cognitive Sci- tion, and William Sims doctors, andence,” the 405-page report could Bainbridge, acting director of philosophersone day be remembered as a the Foundation’s Division of call it attain-seminal road map to the future. Information and Intelligent able within It calls for more research Systems, includes papers decades.into the intersection of these submitted by various partici-fields. The payoff, the authors pants as well as an overviewclaim, isn’t just better bodies and by Roco and Bainbridge.13 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  14. 14. ous. Merging human con- sciousness with machines is tied to another nearly incred- ible concept: brain-to-brain connections. The report dis- cusses the pos- In the overview, the editors NOTES argue that a host of advances can sibility of “local groups of linked FOR STUDY enhanced individuals” as well as be achieved in the next 20 years1. Joe Strout, “Business “a global collective intelligence.” alone. Among these are wearable and Travel”, The Mind Uploading Home sensors that send health alerts, Transhumanism and Chris- Page. http://www. much more useful robots, invul- tianity uploading. nerable data networks, and direct A large contingent of con-2. Mihail C. Roco & broadband interfaces between temporary evangelicals has em- William Sims Bain- bridge, eds., Converg- our minds and machines. braced some aspects of the tech- ing Technologies for nocratic ideals of Transhumanism The report thinks big when Improving Human Performance Nano- it comes to peering beyond the and is drawn by its motivations. technology, Biotech- They embrace the belief that next two decades to the rest of nology, Information Technology and Cog- the 21st century. Taking visionar- Christians are Christ’s “on-going nitive Science, Kluwer incarnation in the world.” ies such as Ray Kurzweil—“The Academic Publishers, 2003, 423 pp. Transcendent Man”13—seriously, Their new focus is on3. President’s Council an earthly inheritance for the on Bioethics, “Beyond it imagines robots so advanced Therapy: Biotechnol- they may deserve political rights, church. In concrete terms this ogy and the Pursuit means that Christians are called of Happiness”, Wash- building surfaces that automati- ington, D.C., October cally change shape and color to upon to usher humanity into 2003, http://www. adjust to the weather, and the a new stage of its existence. prospect of personality uploads Through individual Christians’ that make death itself ambigu- labor, all the evils in society will14 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  15. 15. slowly be conquered until they world: but be ye transformed NOTESare no more. Only after the by the renewing of your mind, FOR STUDYKingdom of God has been estab- that ye may prove what is thatlished on earth by human effort, good, and acceptable, and 4. President’s Council on Bioethics, Beyondthey believe, will the Second perfect, will of God. Therapy: Biotechnol- ogy and the PursuitComing of Christ occur. Romans 12:2 of Happiness, chapter The evangelicals who pursue one, footnote three (October 2003);these and similar goals are called This is the ultimate trans- http://www.bioeth-Dominionists. They belong formation and the only kind that 5. Nick Bostrom, “Theto a diverse conglomerate of can be truly attained with God’s Transhumanism FAQ,”movements, covering the entire help in this world. The goal is #1.2, World Transhu- manism Association,theological spectrum of evan- the post-judgment attainment of http://www.transhu-gelicalism from the charismatic perfect humanity in heaven, not 6. Ibid.Manifested Sons of God to the the attainment of full techno- 7. President’s Councilneo-Puritan Reconstructionists. logical perfection on earth, as a on Bioethics, Beyond Therapy, chapter one, What is missing in their quasi-divine being (Philippians section two.thinking is the critical realiza- 3:20-21). 8. Nick Bostrom, “The Transhumanism FAQ,”tion that while transhumanism Christians need to be aware #4.2.aims at posthuman perfection of Transhumanism and its various 9. Ibid., #4.3. 10. Nick Bostrom, “Trans-through technology, it misses the forms, but they need not concern humanism and thetrue nature of moral “perfection” themselves with seeking some- True Nature of Mind: Creation and Discov-(progressive sanctification). thing they cannot and should not ery!” World Transhu- The transformation Chris- attain—autonomous perfection manism Association, http://www.transhu-tians should be seeking is not in a utopian world society. physical or psychological en- Man’s salvation is found 11. Nick Bostrom, “The Transhumanism FAQ,”hancement found in science, rea- only in the perfect and complete #1.1.son, or technology, but rather the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ 12. World Transhuman- ism Association, “Thetransforming work found only in and his promise of eternal life, as Transhumanist Decla-God’s supernatural work through a free gift, to those who believe ration,” http://trans- Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18). in him (Romans 3:23-26; Ephe- 13. http://transcendent-Romans 12:2 says: sians 2:8-9). ♦ And be not conformed to this15 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  16. 16. >>>NEW THIS MONTH MORE THANHUMANTranshumanism is a word that is beginning to bubble to thetop of our prophetic studies and horizon. Simply described,transhumanism is an international intellectual and culturalmovement supporting the use of science and technology toimprove human mental and physical characteristics and ca-pacities — in essence, to create a “posthuman” society. This isnot a passing fad. Transhumanist programs are sponsored ininstitutions such as Oxford, Stanford, Caltech and DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a technicaldepartment within the U.S. Department of Defense. DVD $19.95 USD ea. MP3 download $9.95 USD ea. RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS MORE INFO16 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  17. 17. >>>TECH RUSSIA’SNUCLEAR GAMBLE U.S. environmental groups are calling for a cessation of licensing agreementsfor nuclear power plants, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered a halt tonew reactor construction and the closing of some existing ones in the wake of theapparent meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima power plant. Russia, however, is moving plant failed, apparently becausethe opposite direction, working of the massive earthquake andto commission a series of ocean- tsunami that hit the region. by Steve Elwartgoing nuclear plants that have Senior Analyst With the world’s attention Koinonia Institutecritics expressing alarm over the on the dangers of nuclear powerpossible dangers and calling the plants running out of control, the Steve Elwart is a Senior Analyst for the Koinoniaidea a recipe for disaster. decision by the Russian govern- Institute and has been a The first such floating power ment to continue the construc- member of the Institute since 2006. He has spentplant already is under construc- tion of a fleet of floating nuclear 40 years in the Oil Industry.tion in St. Petersburg and will reactors has elicited concern In those 40 years, Steve has had the opportunity tobe completed in 2012. It is worldwide. work not only in privatescheduled to become operational industry, but also as a The first project has been consultant with numerousin the earthquake and tsunami- dubbed the Academician Lo- government agencies. Asprone Kamchatka Peninsula in a Subject Matter Expert monosov, and the 144 meter- on energ y, automation,the Far East of Russia. long (472 foot) barge is designed and cybersecurity, Steve has Kamchatka is not far from worked with two presidential to sit offshore and produce 70 administrations, severalJapan, which cabinet level departments,since March as well as numerous congressional staffs and state11 suffered one commissions. Steve has alsoof the greatest served as interim pastor of his church.environmentaldisasters in his-tory when thecooling systemat the Fuku- Scale Model at the receptionshima Daiichi for the launching ceremony.nuclear power17 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  18. 18. ­megawatts of electricity, which Several of these countries will be transferred to the shore have only limited experience in via cables. operating nuclear facilities, and The The generators from the the proposed locations for these reactors plant will be capable of powering floating facilities are in areas that also could a city of 100,000 people and car- are vulnerable to piracy and ter- rying out seawater desalinization rorism. become a projects. The use of these reactors Where land-based nuclear source for would augment Russia’s plan to power plants are protected by terrorists extract oil and gas reserves from defenses such as “guns, gates, andseeking spent the Arctic. Also, these reactors guards,” reactors at sea would be fuel for use could generate up to $550 mil- more vulnerable to attack. in “dirty lion in foreign sales. The reactors also could be- Russia’s state nuclear-energy come a source for terrorists seek- bombs. giant Rosatom has plans to build ing spent nuclear fuel for use in a total of 12 floating plants, “dirty” bombs. The reactors will which it hopes to sell for export. use fuel rods composed of 18.5 More than 20 countries already percent uranium. It would take have expressed interest thus far, little effort to increase that level including Malaysia, Indonesia, to 20 percent, elevating it to the China, South Korea, the Philip- level of highly-enriched uranium.“Academician Lomonosov”floating nuclear power sta- pines, Chile, and Brazil. Igor Kudrik, a think tank analysttion at its launching cer-emony. on the Russian nuclear industry, said: The plants are an envi- ronmental time bomb, and production costs are going to be sky high...Russia’s plans for floating nuclear power plants represent enor- mous environmental18 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  19. 19. and safety hazards and the especially those areas prone to current form will be disas- tsunamis, is “simply crazy,” trously expensive. The risk of said Bulat Nigmatulin, Russia’s serious accidents with severe deputy minister for atomic energy There is an consequences is always present between 1998 and 2002. Nig- additional at nuclear power plants. They matulin is one of the men who are not exactly small when you first authorized the project but concern that set them to sea—and this in now doubts the logic behind it. any nuclear areas of high volcanic activity. Nigmatulin went on to say that waste gener- floating plants have no potential ated by the Another reason for the market and are a waste of state plantsincreased concerns over these funds. simply willnuclear reactors is that the fa- There is an additional con-cilities likely would be located cern that any nuclear waste gener- be dumped atwhere there is not much of an ated by the plants simply will be sea.accompanied infrastructure. dumped at sea. Russia says it willAn emergency situation such as dispose of any nuclear waste pro-what happened at the Fukushima duced by any plant it sells. Butplant would be even more cata- currently there is no way to pro-strophic because it would be cut cess the highly radioactive spentoff from electrical power needed fuel. Under the current plan, theto implement any emergency re- fuel will be frozen and storedsponse measures. Assurances fromthe Baltisky Shipyards,the builders of the reac-tors that “all possibleemergency situationshave been tested” are notwholly reassuring. Placing these reac-tors on the open seaanywhere in the Pacific,19 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  20. 20. along with the reactor cores. into the atmosphere. TEPCO NOTES FOR STUDY Hundreds of those spent fuel rods is installing the first cover at the are scattered across the Russian No. 1 reactor, the reactor experi-htt p : / /e n g l i s h . p rav- Arctic today—a remnant of the encing the worst damage. companies/22- Soviet submarine program. This solution probably 12-2010/116304-rus- Nuclear accidents are, by means that TEPCO examined sia_egypt-0/http://thesantosrepublic. their very nature, extremely the concrete shell option and com/2011/06/russia- dangerous—we’ve witnessed realized it would not work. builds-first-floating- nuclear-plant/ Chernobyl and now Fukushima The problem is that by now thehttp://www.theatlantic. Daiichi. melted core material probably is com/technology/ar- chive/2010/09/rus- Even four months after the seeping into the soil rather than sians-building-floating- nuclear-plants-to-aid- March 11 accident in Japan, a in the complex. arctic-drilling/63469/ satisfactory solution to the acci- Analysts say with all thehttp://www.geekosystem. com/russia-to-build- dent has not been found. problems still facing the Fuku- floating-nuclear-pow- A Dow Jones report states shima Daiichi power plant, the er-plants/http://www.cleanearth- that, as a temporary measure, idea of a nuclear disaster out at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. a remote corner of the sea with russia-launches-float- ing-nuclear-power- (TEPCO) plans to cover Fuku- no access to emergency services is plant-fnpp/ shima with a giant tent. Polyester unthinkable.♦h t t p : / / w w w. t i m e . com/time/health/ covers soon will be placed around article/0,8599, the damaged reactor buildings at Steve Elwart, P.E. is a se- 2031143,00.html the complex to help contain the nior analyst with the Koinonia articles/articles_2011/ release of radioactive substances Institute and a Subject Matter fnpp_report Expert for the Department of Homeland Security. He can be contacted at steve.elwart@ This article originally ap- peared in World Net Daily’s “G2 Bulletin” and is reprinted by per- mission. For more information see / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  21. 21. VI KOINONIA INSTITUTE PRESENTS THE RESORT, COEUR D’ALENE, ID ACT Y NOVEMBER 4-5, 2011 A TODEATING! DS LIMITE strategic perspectives c o n f e r e n c e i n t e l , i n s i g h t & i n s p i r at i o n Plan On Attending Today! Join These Great Speakers As They Explore Our Rapidly Changing World Through The Lens James J. Puplava FINANCIAL SENSE Of God’s Word.Koinonia Institute is dedicated to training and equippingthe serious Christian to sojourn in today’s world. For several Joseph Farah WORLDNETDAILYdecades the ministry of Koinonia House has been to create,develop, and distribute educational materials for thosewho take the Bible seriously as the inerrant Word of God. Jerome CorsiAs an affiliated ministry, the Koinonia Institute is AUTHOR/REPORTERcommitted to a program of lifelong learning—exploiting the Internet—and the creationand development of an intelligence Walid Shoebat EX-TERRORIST/AUTHORnetwork among its members. MORE INFO John Loeffler STEEL-ON-STEEL RADIO For more information & to purchase tickets William Welty, Ph.D. ISV BIBLE CALL:Dr. Chuck Missler Steve Elwart SENIOR ANALYST, KI 1-800-546-8731CEO, KOINONIA INSTITUTE
  22. 22. >>>ISRAEL THE PIECEPROCESS God’s judgment is beginning to seep through the cracks in the dam here in America and we do not have enough fingers to plug the holes. I am not sure if we are in the last days; I believe every generation that has been on the face of the earth could make that claim, but I am certain that Judgment is coming our way! Why? For behold, in those days and was introduced in our cultureby Dan Stolebarger, at that time, When I bring and was soon accepted as an al-Executive Director of back the captives of Judah and ternative lifestyle. In the ’90s ourEducation, KI Jerusalem, I will also gather all highest elected official, PresidentDan was born and raisedin San Diego, California. nations, And bring them down Bill Clinton, broke his marriageDuring his Senior year of to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; vows by having an affair with anhigh school, Dan came toknow Jesus Christ as his And I will enter into judgment intern.  Lord and Savior. Early on, with them there On account And now, in this century theDan had a deep thirst forthe Word of God, as well as of My people, My heritage Is- decline is picking up speed!  Aa desire to be a sold-out man rael, Whom they have scattered recent Gallup poll found that,of God. Dan met ChuckMissler and traveled with among the nations; They have for the first time, Americans whohim to the Mediterranean also divided up My land. They favor the rights of gay and lesbiancountries and Israel. Danleft San Diego and moved have cast lots for My people... couples to marry outnumberto Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Joel 3:1-3                            those who oppose it.serve as the Executive Direc-tor of Koinonia Institute.   When asked the question Take a look around and if same-sex marriage should be assess the morality of a country recognized by law, 53 percent that was once referred to as one of respondents said yes while 45 nation “under God.” The United percent said no. The late David States of America is in a steady Wilkerson wrote: moral decline.  In the ’60s we took prayer out of our schools. God is going to judge America In the ’70s we legalized murder for its violence, its crimes, its and called it abortion. In the ’80s backsliding, its murdering of HIV/AIDS and homosexuality millions of babies, its flaunting22 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  23. 23. of homosexuality and sado- verse- ly, have been arguably masochism, its corruption, the most blessed its drunkenness and drug nation on the abuse, its form of godliness planet?  The As I see the without power, its luke- answer is found proverbial warmness toward Christ, in the first book “hand- its rampant divorce and of the Torah. adultery, its lewd por- writing on nography, its child I will bless the wall” and molestations, its those who see the dams cheatings, its bless thee and of judgment dirty movies, I will curse breaking, I and its occult those who am not sure practices. curse thee and how much in you all the nations of the longer we will world shall be be the blessed blessed.  nation. And Genesisit was Billy 12:3Grahamwho quipped: Although one could argue concern- If God doesn’t ing America’s whole- judge America, hearted allegiance to He is going to Israel, it is true that we have to apologize have been the one nation to Sodom and Go- in the world today who morrah! has supported the Jewish state, and for this reason I So, if all this is true believe that not only have wethen why have we not been blessed but that God hasbeen judged but, con- withheld a much-deserved judg-23 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  24. 24. ment.  But as I see the “the mountains of Judea and proverbial “handwriting on Samaria” and, before we carve the wall” and see the dams of things up and do our best to force We are judgment breaking, I am not sure Israel back to their 1967 borders forcing the how much longer we will be the (which creates an indefensible hand of blessed nation. state), let’s reflect Biblically.  Israel, in Why?  Let me refer you back Did you know that Bethel, the most to the opening passage of this Shechem, and Shiloh would be aggressive article taken from the book of cut out and given away?  Theway to date, Joel.  We are forcing the hand of heartland of the Patriarchs, names to divide Israel, in the most aggressive way like Abraham, Jacob and Joseph the Land in to date, to divide the Land in are all attached to these places. what is being what is being called a Two-State And if we go back to the called a solution.  1967 borders, that would in-“Two-State” clude:  the Golan Heights, solution. Dividing The Land Gamla, the Jordan Valley all the I am fearful that what this way down and including Qum- administration is calling the ran.  And in 1967, the borders Peace Process is nothing more of the Old City kept Jews on the than a PIECE process and that other side of the Old Walls, in the words other words, no Jewish Quarter, of Joel will Southern Steps, Temple Mount, come to City of David … have you a clue pass and in what we are asking Israel to we will simply give up for the prospect inherit a of peace?  By the way, how has whirlwind all that swapping Land for Peace and tsu- worked in the past?  Just ask the nami of folks in Sderot! judgment. The Land belongs to God Re- and He gave it to Israel.  One member can even see the engraving of the phrase the name of God (HVHY), just24 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  25. 25. above Bethel (see photo, left),where Jacob laid his head andsaw that vision of a stairway toheaven in the region we now callthe West Bank.  This very area Iam talking about is what we arenow in the process of cutting upand giving away.  I am also reminded of Jeru-salem, where the city itself is laidout in the form of the Hebrewletter SHIN, with the Kidron,Tyropoeon, and Hinnom Val-leys, with both Mount Zion and refer to as the end times, Israel isMount of Olives in the middle standing ALONE!  NOTESand in the eastern side (see map, FOR STUDY Even the U.S. will walk awayright).  and no longer stand or support D efe n s i b l e B o rd e rs ? h t t p : / / w w w. y o u - The SHIN is the letter Israel.  I fear we are seeing the is found on the mezuzahs beginnings of that. shaharclips#p/a/u/0/ k2hZ6SlSqq0and phylacteries, which stand My response is to call thosefor SHADDAI, translated the who have ears to hear to take a“Guardian of the Gates.”  The stand and say Lord, if at all pos- com/watch?v=k2hZ6 SlSqq0&feature=youtSHIN, like the YHWH, is sible, “Not on my watch!”  I will ube_gdata_playeretched in the land itself!  I just not be silent.  I will stand in the                                                                                                                                                       One State Solution -wonder what God’s views are gap.  I will scale the walls and giving all of this away? See com/watch?v=uIEeiDj sound the shofar because of what dUuU                                 Joel 3!   I see on the horizon.  I will pray Now I know that in the end SHIN - for the peace of Jerusalem!   http://www.returnto-these events are inevitable.  My When the books are opened I friends who are Believ- valleys.htm want my name listed among thoseers have pointed out to me very who took a stand for Israel … Howclearly that when we enter into about you? ♦the time which we generally
  26. 26. ISRAEL 2011 UT! THE ISSACHAR STUDY TOUR LD O November 9-18 SO Due To Demand: NEWLY ADDED DATE Nov. 23rd - Dec. 2nd Hurry Space Is Limited! s For azing J oin U sion To Am r 2 an Exten , eJo8-d2 tional An Op MORE INFO P etra r 1 Novem b For More Information Contact: (Seating is limited) Join Chuck Missler and Dan Stolebarger for the 2011 Issachar Tour.The Issachar Tour explores not only the sites that all Believers want to see but we will alsogive you an Insiders look at what is really happening in Israel today. We will visit militarybases as well as our annual visit to the Knesset.You will be briefed by Israelis who come fromthe Mossad, Shin Bet, Knesset or IDF. This isNOT your typical Pilgrims Tour to Israel—thisis our 2011 Strategic Perspectives Tour, seekingto inform you of the threats to Israel’s survival.For security issues we will be unable to revealthe names of our speakers or bases we will visit.26 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  27. 27. >>>BIBLE THE SECRETSPIRITUAL GROWTH Over the many decades that I have enjoyed my love affair with theBible, I have had the marvelous benefit of many great teachers. I’ve alsohad the incredible experience of fellowshipping in one of the most famouschurches emphasizing expositional teaching from the Word of God. But Iwould like to let you in on a precious secret. Unquestionably, the great- sulting questions were respondedest personal spiritual growth I’ve to in small groups in homes and by C h u c k Mi s s l e rever witnessed occurs in the on hillsides. Pr e s i d e n t / Fo u n d e r of Koinonia Institutehome Bible study. Groups meeting in houses After a distinguished mili- From those early years on were the original recipients of the tary career and more thanHarbor Island Road in Newport Gospel.1 Even the famed giving 30 very successful years in the corporate businessBeach, to those precious times of the Spirit at Pentecost was in a environment, Chuck wason Mountain Home Road in house.2 Clearly, the early Chris- led to pursue a life-long en- deavor of teaching the BibleSilicon Valley, the fellowship of tians met in homes. (Check out on a full-time basis. Hethose intimate home groups, Acts 2:46; 5:42; 8:3; 9:11; 12:12; founded Koinonia House, an organization devoted towhere people can interact, ask 16:40; 18:7; 20:20; 21:8; Rom encouraging people to studyquestions, and hold one another 16:5; 1 Cor 16:19; Col 4:15; 1 the Bible. He also founded Koinonia Institute to enableaccountable, was the place of Tim 5:13-14; and Phile 1:2).3 people to have a Kingdomgrowth for all of us—teacher and (When effect on the world today.student. you visit the This was, of course, the way remains ofit all started. A group of only a Peter’s homedozen—fishermen and others— in Caper-along a seaside in Galilee. naum, you Even later as Paul traveled can traceand planted, it was the intimacy the gradualof home fellowships that pro- additionsvided the earliest forums for the in its tran-Gospel. The declarations in the sitionssynagogues and on Mars Hill from awere but an initiation. Their re- modest MORE INFO27 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  28. 28. home to a larger meeting place. church. (I use the term here in There now exists a modern struc- the vernacular sense: actually, the ture suspended over the original “churches” are meeting in the ruins so as to not disturb the ar- homes! An elder once reported chaeological site.) to his pastor, “They are chewing As I travel, both in the gum in the sanctuary!” The pas- Groups meeting inhouses were the originalrecipients of United States and especially tor corrected him, “No, the sanc- the Gospel. abroad, I sense that the emer- tuaries are chewing gum!”) Even the gence of home fellowship groups In other cases, the gather-famed giving are, again, among the most ings are a response to a lack of of the Spirit exciting—and spiritually produc- teaching, or other opportunities at Pentecost tive—phenomena on the planet to participate. was in a Earth. They can be a symptom of a shortfall in opportunities of vari- house. Controversial ous kinds. In many cases they And these groups take are, tragically, a form of rebellion many forms and styles. Some are or rejection of traditional styles of healthy, intimate fellowships to “church.” be encouraged. Some are spon- Cozy sored and supervised by a local There are, obviously, many28 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  29. 29. that find the excitement of a materials. We generally fail to ful-“Mega-Church” environment ly appreciate the role Gutenberg’sirresistible. The quality of the movable type played in printing If youmusic and other accoutrements technology and its role in reliev- are not pres-can be very uplifting, and the ex- ing the darkness of the medievalposure to a nationally recognized period! ently in aleadership can be truly inspiring. The combination of infor- small, weekly There are others, however, mation appliances and the avail- Bible studywho find the mere size of such ability of the Internet is also ush- group, Ian organization intimidating and ering in a comparable revolution strongly en-seek a more personal opportu- in our times. Today I travel with courage younity to participate and grow in. more volumes in my laptop than to find oneMany of the larger organizations populate many seminary librar-also foster and nurture small ies—and they are in a machine- and give it agroups (often called “cells”) dur- readable form that I can search in the week to respond to just seconds.such needs. (In fact, I carry eight dif- Some pastors tend to dis- ferent Bibles, as well as Hebrewcourage the formation of home and Greek concordances, severalstudy groups for a variety of dictionaries, and commentaries inreasons—some valid and some my phone! )questionable. But like it or not, With the Internet, onethis is unquestionably the tide of can find out practically anythingthe times. It was the principal about anything, if they knowphenomenon of the 1st century how. The resources now availableand it appears to be one in the are truly astonishing, and are im-21st century as well! proving daily. One of the many implica-Contrast of Resources tions of our current environ- Of course, the early church ment—in contrast to that ofwas constrained geographically the past—is that technology hasby the limitations of foot travel, favored the decentralization ofand also by the lack of printed information and resources, and29 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  30. 30. that has remarkably improved the come over for some refreshments NOTES FOR STUDY opportunities for “equipping the and discussion. Play it and solicit saints!” reactions. More often than not,1. Cf. Matthew 10:14; But that still leaves the this will initiate a continuing Luke 10:5, 7; Acts 10:22, 30; 16:15, 32. discoveries, the personal develop- series.2. Acts 2:2. ment, and the accountability in Or pick out a manageable3. The caution in 2 John 1:10, against hospital- face-to-face interactions in small group of studies to explore and ity to false teachers, groups, whatever the labels or discuss together: Prophecy 101 is specific to the ad- dressee of this letter: contexts. consists of four one-hour seg- Mary, the mother of ments that could lend itself to our Lord. A Challenge such an initial group. If you are not presently in a Many are using our Learn small, weekly Bible study group, the Bible in 24 Hours for a more I strongly encourage you to find ambitious series of gatherings. An one and give it a try. You may hour of presentation can easily be in for a truly life-changing be followed by some discussion. surprise. There are probably Workbooks are available, with sug- many different styles within your gested discussion questions, study current orbit and one of them is questions, and research projects. likely to “fit.” Or simply take a book of the (Some may be geographi- Bible and explore it together, a cally within your neighborhood. chapter a week, and watch what Some may be groups of your happens! God always rewards the professional peers at a greater diligent. Again, presentation ma- distance. “Different strokes for terials and comprehensive study different folks.”) workbooks are available—see the If you can’t find one, start special prices available for our one! It’s easier—and more re- small group packages on the next warding—than you can imagine. page. And we are here to help you. Pray about it. But pray care- One way to begin is to sim- fully: it is likely to be more life ply pick out a DVD and invite changing than you can possibly a few friends and neighbors to imagine. ♦30 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011
  31. 31. Do you need small group study materials also? NEW TH! N O THIS M It’s Our FALL SMALL GROUP CURRICULUM SPECIAL! Pick any of these great DVD titles with six of its workbooks and get up to 30% OFFProphecy 101 regular prices.*Learn the Bible in 24 HoursGenesis Commentary MORE INFONumbers CommentaryProverbs CommentaryDaniel CommentaryMatthew CommentaryRevelation Commentary MORE INFOProphets to the Southern Kingdom CommProphets to the Northern Kingdom CommProphets to the Gentiles Comm(*Additional workbooks available at discounted prices)(For more information and pricing see page 45.)
  32. 32. MORE INFO
  33. 33. >>>KING’S HWY THE TENVIRGINSPART 3 This is our third article on the Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew25. It’s part of an ongoing survey of our book The Kingdom, Power andGlory. As we said in our last issue, this parable is very controversial andmany see it quite differently than we do, so be sure to use Acts 17:11 asyou read: These were more noble than Be open to receive, but always by Nancy Missler those in Thessalonica, in that check it out. Director/Founder of they received the Word with Fear and Condemnation King’s High Way all readiness of mind, and Before we go any further on Nancy Missler has published [then] searched the Scriptures the subject of the “ten virgins,” four studies: The Way of Agape, Be Ye Transformed, daily, [to see] whether those we want you to be aware of some- Faith in the Night Seasons, things were so. thing very important. and her latest, The Kingdom, Power & Glory. Acts 17:11 The enemy hates this mes- In addition to these popular sage of “overcoming.” He hates it studies she also has published six Plain and Simple Series Notice here that the Bere- more than any other subject be- books, as well as two In Hisans were “more noble than those cause it reveals his total inability Likeness Series books. These materials are the result ofin Thessalonica.” Why? Be- to defeat Christ. Therefore, he is over 30 years of researchcause, first of all, “they received going to try everything he can to and are being taught all across the United States andthe Word with all readiness of put fear and condemnation upon Canada, as well as Europe, us as we read and study this ma- Australia, New Zealand,mind.” In other words, they Africa, and the Far East.were “open” to new ideas. But terial. His goal is the destruction Nancy has been marriedthen, they “searched the Scrip- of all doctrine surrounding the for over 50 years to Chuck future Kingdom of Heaven. Missler. They are the parentstures daily, to see whether those of four grown children, onenew things were so.” They If fear is something you of whom has gone to be struggle with, first recognize with the Lord, and sevenalways checked everything out grandchildren.with the Word. where the negative feelings are This is exactly what we are coming from and realize they areto do with new concepts and not from God. There’s a big dif-ideas about the Word of God. ference between conviction, which is from the Lord’s Love and will33 / UPDATE / AUGUST 2011