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Spirent 400G Ethernet Test Solution - A Technical Overview


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Spirent offers a complete testing solution for early design and development of 400G Ethernet systems, with a one-slot blade form factor compatible with Spirent’s existing chassis and its other Ethernet products. Testing 400GbE network devices is the fundamental building block to delivering reliable, high performing systems, and starts with validating the link’s ability to pass up to line rate traffic as well as testing the functionality, performance, scalability and QoE of the upper-layer engines that deliver services.

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Spirent 400G Ethernet Test Solution - A Technical Overview

  1. 1. Test Solution
  2. 2. Introduction  Partnership Between Spirent, Huawei and Xilinx  Two 400GbE Ports in Spirent N4U Chassis  Part of Spirent Hardware Family  True 400G Ethernet Solution  Test Module Ready to Help Leaders Bring 400GbE to Fruition
  3. 3. Timeline March 2013 Sept 2013 October 2013 March 2014 May 2014 June 2014 Spirent first to Market CFP2 100GbE Test Module Spirent, Huawei & EANTC demo 6.3Tb/ 400Gbps line card on NE 5000E Core Router Spirent, Huawei and Xilinx 400GbE Integration Test Spirent, Huawei and Xilinx Start Joint 400GbE Work Spirent first to Market CFP4 100GbE Test Port Spirent, Huawei & Xilinx 400GbE Public Demonstration
  4. 4. Single Port 400GbE  400G MAC • 1 stream at up to 400Gbps or • Multiple streams aggregated up to 400Gbps  400G PCS • Based on 16 lane PCS • 25Gb/s per PCS lane • 64B/66B encoding • Periodic insertion of alignment markers  Physical Layer • 4 CFP2 modules provide 16x25G optical lanes • For single port 400G PMD MAC/RS 400GBASE-R PCS (64b/66b) PMA (16:16) PMD (16:16) Medium
  5. 5. 400GbE Testing – This And More!  Tx and Rx Ethernet Frames from 64 to 16K bytes  Generating and Analyzing 400G Traffic • A single stream at 400Gbps • Multiple streams that aggregate to 400Gbps  Clock Adjustment (PPM Adjustment)  Per Port and Per Stream Statistics • Latency • Frames Out of Sequence • Frame counts and rates  Layer 1 Statistics to Help Debug Link Problems  User-created Frame Contents  Wire Rate Capture of Received Traffic
  6. 6. Demo Preview – Control Panel and Port Statistics
  7. 7. Demo Preview – Real Time Statistics
  8. 8. World’s First 400GbE Single Port Interface… For more information visit