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Supporting your back


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Supporting your back

  1. 1. Make sure yourchild’s back is being taken care of Supporting your back
  2. 2. As a parent, you are alwayslooking out for your child’s healthand making sure they get the bestthey possibly can. You make sureyou choose the right day care, theright school, and keep an eye onthe friends they choose to playwith to keep them out of trouble.While you are ensuring your childhas the happiest childhoodpossible, don’t forget the littlethings that may hinder their healthalong the way.
  3. 3. It has been discussed in a New YorkTimes article that children are carrying ahigher weight amount in their backpacksthan they should be. Children that arecarrying more than 15% of their bodyweight in their backpack are settingthemselves up to acquire a back problemeasier than others. If a child weighsaround 85 pounds, they shouldn’t becarrying more than 12 pounds in theirbackpack, and when you addtextbooks, extra clothes, and items forafter school activities, those 12 poundsgets filled quickly
  4. 4. There are alternatives to look into to help withthis issue that may be easily overlooked. Youcould purchase a roller backpack for your childthat allows for more room and easier timetransporting items around. You could also lookinto renting or purchasing copies of their currenttextbooks your child does not have to physicallycarry so many books home. With technologytoday, many schools are choosing books thatare available on other devices such aselectronic reading devices, or that can beshared online. This is also to help bring downthe cost schools have to pay every year for newedition textbooks.
  5. 5. A way to make sure that your child is properly taken care of, you need to havethem examined by a doctor regularly and often. Most schools have arequirement of how many physicals a child must have within a year in order tokeep them eligible to attend school. By having your child examined, you canmake sure they don’t have any back problems that could lead to spinedegeneration or bone spurs in the future. Spine degeneration is caused when aperson’s day to day activities cause wear and tear on your spine’s invertebraldiscs and eventually break them down. In order to correct this issue, thetreatment options are physical therapy, bed rest, or epidural steroid injections tohelp control the pain.
  6. 6. Bone spurs are caused by a growth formed onthe bone and even though it’s usually asmooth growth, it does cause pain if it beginsto touch ligaments, nerves, or tendons.These can usually be found in areas such asthe shoulders, spine, hands, hips, knees, andfeet. Most bone spurs don’t require treatmentif they don’t hurt you, and a solution for themmay be as simple as losingweight, massaging the bone spur areafrequently, or simply resting. By keeping upon your child’s health, you can help reducethe risk of these problems along with more toensure your child has a full and happychildhood.
  7. 7. THANK YOU
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