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Top 3 causes and symptoms of spina bifida


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Top 3 causes and symptoms of spina bifida

  1. 1. Top 3 Causes andSymptoms of SpinaBifidaFor more educational resourcesabout Spina Bifida please visit
  2. 2. How it is transmitted or caused….• Spina Bifida, also known as Neural tube defects, canbe genetic.• Environmental factors such as nutrition and exposureto harmful substances contribute to spina bifida.• High temperatures in early pregnancy, use of certainanti-seizure medication, and medically diagnosedobesity are causes.
  3. 3. Symptoms and area of Nervous Systemaffected….• Spinal cord deformity, various degrees of legparalysis, spine curvature, hip, foot, and legdeformities, and problems with bowel and bladdercontrol.• Spinal column, spinal cord, and the vertebrae are allaffected.
  4. 4. Who is affected and what is theprognosis…• 65 million women ofchildbearing age are all atrisk of having a pregnancyaffected by Spina Bifida.• Prognosis is poorest forthose with completeparalysis, hydrocephalus,and other congenitaldefects. With proper care,most children with SB livewell into adulthood.
  5. 5. Treatments available…• There is no cure for SB because the nerve tissue cannotbe replaced or repaired.• Surgery to close the newborns spinal opening isperformed within 24 hours after birth to minimize therisk of infection and to preserve existing function in thespinal cord.• Treatments may include surgery, medication, andphysiotherapy.
  6. 6. Interesting Facts…• Over 73 % of people withspina bifida develop anallergy to latex.• Approximately 1 in 2,000babies are born withspina bifida.• It occurs more frequentlyin white people ofEuropean descent.
  7. 7. Questions?•– This website provides extensive information aboutSB