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10 Interesting Myelocystocele Facts


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Learn more about Myelocystocele and Spina Bifida at

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10 Interesting Myelocystocele Facts

  1. 1. 10 MyelocystoceleFactsLearn more about Myelocystocele and Spina Bifidaat
  2. 2. Myelocystocele
  3. 3. Myelocystocele• Terminal Myelocystocele consists of– Low lying conus medullaris– Cystic dilatation of cuadal central canal– Menigocele– Spina bifida• Often associated with other genitourinarytrace anomalies: imperforatedanus,ambiguous genitalia
  4. 4. Myelocystocele• Rarely Associated with Chiari II malformation orhydorcephalus• Normal intelligence• Normal or mild or severe deformities of lower extreamities• Epidemiology: extreamly rare
  5. 5. pathogenesis
  6. 6. Surgical repair• After gentiourinary anomaly• Adequate nutrition & free from infection• Within 6 months to minimize neurological loss
  7. 7. outcome• Monitor throught out life
  8. 8. Questions?• Learn more about Myelocystocele and Spina Bifida at