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Get a grip on Enterprise Social Media (“The power of colleagues”) #spsbe


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This presentation explains what it takes to become a Social Enterprise with SharePoint and/or Yammer.

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Get a grip on Enterprise Social Media (“The power of colleagues”) #spsbe

  1. 1. Get a grip onEnterprise Social Media(“The power of colleagues”)#spsbeMarc VanderheydenSpikes NV
  2. 2. Thanks to ourSponsorsPlatinumGoldSilver
  3. 3. About me • 25+ years in IT• Projects in various industries and variousbusiness processes• Strong focus on business process modeling,collaboration, information architecture• Business oriented• 100% Microsoft (SharePoint, Yammer, CRM)• Co-founder & co-owner of Spikes
  4. 4. AboutBusiness Value
  5. 5. CommunityRelevance Engagement
  6. 6. How to collaborate?How to share?When to contribute?Anything new?Who knows what?Where to findstuff?
  7. 7. YAFCMYet Another F** Communication Mechanism
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Data &transactions Documents Contact dataConversationsabout …
  10. 10. A Typology
  11. 11. Group-centricUser-centricApplication-centricMarketing-centric
  12. 12. User-centricProcess-centricMarketing-centric
  13. 13. Integrate!
  14. 14. Business Object(Customer,Offer,Project,Product,Equipment,Complaint,…)ConversationaboutBusinessObjectShowconversation inthe BusinessObject contextStart conversationfrom the BusinessObject context (andrefer to it)
  15. 15. Response to the Dynamics CRMactivity show up on the Yammerfeed
  16. 16. What do youneed?
  17. 17. • Post messages• In groups/communities• With photo’s or files attached• React to posts• Like• React with text• Personal overview• Publish my profile
  18. 18. Project ManagerGroupcentricPayroll & Benefits ManagerScenario• Employee got snowed in• Employee interacts with HR employeeabout allowances• Question gets answered• Instead of e-mail (linear) other peoplecan see and find the question andanswer• Question only needs to be answeredonce, for the whole company
  19. 19. • Advantages• Traditional workingGroupcentric
  20. 20. Sales Account ManagerUsercentricScenario• Search for the topics• Show the conversations• Security trimmed
  21. 21. • Advantages• Traditional workingUsercentric
  22. 22. To Yammer or not toYammer?
  23. 23. To Yammer ornot toYammer?To SP2013 ornot toSP2013?
  24. 24.  Personal overview Post messages In groups/communities With photo’s or files attached React to posts Like React with text Publish my profileUsercentric
  25. 25. “This summer well update the Office 365 service and allow customers to replace theSharePoint newsfeed with Yammer.”“As part of the summer update, well also provide guidance for replacing the SharePointnewsfeed on-premises with Yammer.”“This fall well deliver another update to Office 365 and deepen the integration. Customers willstill have the option of choosing between Yammer and the SharePoint newsfeed, but this new,integrated Yammer experience will offer Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless navigation.”“As we move into 2014, well continue updating Office 365 with new social enhancementsroughly every 90 days. Well start by simply deepening the connections between Yammer andOffice 365 services.”“Some organizations dont feel comfortable with multi-tenant cloud services. For thesecustomers, our guidance is to use the SharePoint newsfeed. ”Yammer + SharePoint Roadmap
  26. 26. What you can do today• Start with Yammer,• Integrate with other applications, including SP 2010Next Step• Upgrade to SP 2013Yammer + SharePoint Roadmap
  27. 27. Change“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”(John Robert Wooden)
  28. 28. Social is astrategy: startwith businessoutcomesSocial is aseries of(IT?) projectsAn effective vision is one that is…• Linked to business strategy• Involves the right people• Utilizes the strengths of Enterprise Social
  29. 29. Choose your social type• Department-oriented?• Application oriented?• Process oriented?• Product oriented?• Ideation? But not allat once!
  30. 30. Should EnterpriseSocial Media beself-governing?
  31. 31. “If everyting seems undercontrol, you’re just notgoing fast enough.”Mario Andretti
  32. 32. Elements of Governance / GuidanceGroups (Open / Closed)Active Community Managers((Un)managed) #HashtagsIntegrated LOB ApplicationsPublished GuidelinesToo much? Notenough?
  33. 33. Communicate• Introduction to Management (What’s in it for you?!)• Introduction to all Employees (What’s in it for you?!)• Introduction to impacted Employees• Be transparent about the Objectives of the group• Be transparent about the Code of Conduct in the group• Promote it (Success Story, Yammerfall on public monitor)What is it?What can you do with?Why should you use it?When is it starting?How can you get started?Where/how to ask questions?Does this mean that e-mail is dead?
  34. 34. Help users
  35. 35. Help users
  36. 36. Help usersWhich groups should you follow?Which topics should you follow?Which people should you follow?
  37. 37. Help Community ManagersWhat is your role?When should you react?Why should you reward?Keep it rolling!
  38. 38. Set the example yourselfInitiateParticipateCorrectReward
  39. 39. What is success?
  40. 40. Get work done asa single team withshared goalsWhat is success?
  41. 41. What is success?*Gartner - Published: 14 June 2011 By: Jeffrey MannMaturity Model*for EnterpriseCollaboration andSocial Software
  42. 42. THANK YOU<Name/> Marc Vanderheyden<Email/><Blog/><Twitter/> @mceev11
  43. 43. AAA
  44. 44. BBBYet Another F** Communication Mechanism
  45. 45. CCC
  46. 46. DDD