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Irishman’S Guide To Cqb


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For use by Ricochet Airsoft Team. Created by Irishman on


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Irishman’S Guide To Cqb

  1. 1. Irishman’s Guide to CQB<br />Found on<br />
  2. 2. Note from Eric:<br />I found this guide as means of helping our team train for a CQB environment. This is a popular guide found online for CQC airsoft situations that we can use to our advantage. I recommend you all read, I can guarantee it will it LEAST be required reading for my squad.<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />Ah, CQB, nothing but shooting, screaming, and seeing how other people react when put in a room where they engage opponents at close range. Think you can take it? Let&apos;s see.As a former paintball player, CQB takes me back to tournaments and games gone by. Nothing is sweeter than getting that angle on your opponent and drilling him with a stream of BBs.But it isn&apos;t all glory. Learning how to succeed in CQB takes time and a lot of effort on the player&apos;s part. This can take months, maybe years. But lucky for you I&apos;m here to offer advice. ;) This is Part One of a two part series about CQB, written by me, Irishman. Part One will give some good basic tactics for beginners and Part Two will contain tactics for more experienced players.<br />
  4. 4. Now, let’s get started…<br />Let&apos;s start with what you know about CQB, shall we? As we all know CQB stands for CloseQuartersBattle. When someone mentions the word, images of SWAT teams or military Special Forces repelling down buildings and throwing flashbangs come to mind. Movies like Navy SEALs and video games such as Rainbow Six also appear in your head.But airsoft CQB is another thing entirely.For the most part, airsoft players are not professionals and many have never served in the military. Airsoft is a simulation of battle and few players know much about military tactics. Airsoft players who play CQB are out to have a fun time. While having fun is the most important thing, winning is another. Many players are content just playing on weekends to lay off some steam. Both their are other players that play to win. This guide is for the latter.<br />
  5. 5. Common Problems<br />Many airsoft players who decide to play CQB for the first time often make at least one of three mistakes. Mistakes like:Tunnel Vision That is focusing one one single target and allowing opponents to flank you or move when your aren&apos;t looking.Poor Communication.If you don&apos;t work with players on your team you might walk right into another player, make codes to signal when to move and where.And three, Poor Individual CQB Skill.When I say Poor Individual Skill I don&apos;t mean that the player is bad, just that they are inexperienced and making mistakes that should be avoided.I hope that this guide will help you become a better airsoft player and limit your mistakes. This guide will not make you a perfect player, nothing will. We will still make mistakes. Believe it or not, I do to (ie: running into an M203.).But I will help you.<br />
  6. 6. SECTION ONE: Tunnel Vision<br />Now I&apos;ll adress the first mistake new players to CQB make, Tunnel Vision.What is Tunnel Vision you ask? As I explained above, tunnel vision is spending too much time focusing on one particualar player, this would cause you to ignore other players and give them an advantage.A big mistake indeed.<br />
  7. 7. Here&apos;s a scenario.You are sitting in your bunker and see another player in a bunker across the field. You begin shooting at him. While you are focused on this player you don&apos;t notice the other opponent moving on your position. As you move out of cover for another shot you are hit by another player you didn&apos;t notice.How can this be prevented?Pay attention to your surroundings.After shooting at an opponent for the first time, poke outside your bunker and scan the field for other threats you didn&apos;t notice. Now think.Do you need backup on eliminating this player or can you do this yourself? Before you concentrate on taking out the opponent, call for a teammate to watch your blind spots, that is angles and in front of your bunker, places you couldn&apos;t see.<br />
  8. 8. Next comes a series of procedures.Shooting your weapon isn&apos;t the only thing you can do to help eliminate the player. After you shoot, ask your teammate how he is doing. Is he running low on BBs? Is he waiting to move? Is he pinned down? Help him out if he needs it.Always pay attention to the status of your team.If your teammate doesn&apos;t appear to be doing anything at the moment ask him if you are clear to move to a new bunker to get a better view of your opponent.If he says your clear, have him pin down the enemy player so he doesn&apos;t see your movement and sprint to another bunker.<br />
  9. 9. When you run, make sure you are in a low position, keep a low profile to make sure you aren&apos;t hit by another threat you didn&apos;t see before. Think before you move.Another important thing when your run, keep your eyes open and scanning for enemies. You may see some players you didn&apos;t see before when your moving. Don&apos;t be so focused on making it to that bunker that you don&apos;t notice the opponent behind it!Once you arrive at your bunker, signal to your teammate that you made it in okay and are looking for new targets.Now look around the sides of your bunker on that player you were shooting at earlier. In your new position, you have a good shot on the player. Take a deep breath, line up your shot, and nail him.After you&apos;ve taken him out look around for other players. Check your ammunition, still have enough BBs?<br /> Be sure to pay attention to whats going on when you move, don&apos;t run into an ambush!Still alive? Good. This brings me to my next point.<br />
  10. 10. SECTION TWO: Teamwork and Communication<br />Team Work and Communication might be the two most important skills in airsoft, both in CQB and Woods Play. You simply can&apos;t win without it.Very few players can manage to win games without working with players on their team. Don&apos;t be one of those players. Help your team, don&apos;t play for yourself.Now that I got that out of the way, I&apos;ll bring up an important issue that applies to any team.<br />
  11. 11. Codes<br />Any team that wants to win NEEDS codes. If you are playing and scream out &quot;I&apos;M OUT OF GAS, DOES ANYBODY HAVE SOME?!&quot; this might create problems. In the heat of battle, words are distorted and long sentences may be misinterpreted. Or if your really unlucky a player on another team might hear you and prepare to make his move.Instead of yelling out a long phrase wouldn&apos;t it be a lot easier to just use a code word? It would wouldn&apos;t it?When making codes, be imaginative, use any theme from Disney, Animals, Movies, to Fast Food. Make sure that they aren&apos;t easily recognized, you don&apos;t need them to be identified by the enemy!<br />
  12. 12. Radios<br />You might want to invest in radios.If you do decide to use radios, I would recommend only a few players having them. Although many teams don&apos;t believe in ranks it might be a good idea to designate a few players as radio operators. This would prevent clutter and confusion on the airwaves.After you have established an effective way of communication, move on to team tactics.I don&apos;t have much advice for how to work as a team, this is something that takes time. Only through experience and practice can a team learn to work together. Practice as often as you can.Get to know the people on your team and note how they play. Tell them areas where they can make improvement. Be polite and never disrespect another player.<br />
  13. 13. Move as a team, don&apos;t try and do things by yourself.Another important piece of victory in CQB fields is good individual skill. <br />
  14. 14. SECTION THREE: Tips to improve your CQB game<br />To be a good player on a small field, you need to spend a lot of time on the field. It takes time to learn tactics that work for you but I&apos;ll tell you some tactics that work for me.In paintball, one of the most important skills was the ability to snap shoot. That is quickly exposing yourself from your bunker and taking a few quick shots. This technique can allow you to keep the guy shooting at you down and give you an advantage.For example, if you are being pinned down by an AEG you don&apos;t have to sit there and pray he finds a new target, do something about it.<br />
  15. 15. Make a mental picture of where this player is.Listen to where his shots are coming from, if you can, lay prone on your stomach and peer out the bottom corner of your cover. See him?Once you get a good idea where the guy is roll out and fire, this should take less than a second. It will catch your opponent off guard and give you an advantage.An important thing in snap shooting is to never establish a routine, meaning don&apos;t pop out of the right side of the bunker every time. After shooting out of the right side with your right hand, switch to your left hand and shoot out of the left side.<br />
  16. 16. Learning how to shoot with both hands is a critical skill for individual success.Different people have different methods of snap shooting. One of my favorite techniques while pinned down is to sit on my knees and make as small of a target I can. To snap shoot, I use my upper body to quickly come out of cover and fire, then move back in before they have a chance to fire back.<br />
  17. 17. Make sure you have a snapshooting technique that works for you.Remember, always be unpredictable!<br />
  18. 18. Be sure to always shoot around the sides of your bunker, don&apos;t show more of yourself than needed.A mistake I often see and cringe at is when a new player shoots over the top of his bunker and is taken out easily.Most of the time, shooting over the top of your cover isn&apos;t a good idea as you expose more of yourself than you need. While shooting, you want to keep as small of a profile as possible.Be sure to always shoot around the SIDES, of your bunker, don&apos;t give the other player an open shot when you come over the top!<br />
  19. 19. Above all, be smart when you play.If you practice the techniques I give you, you will find success in the CQB arena. Don&apos;t limit yourself to reading one article on tactics.Use Google whenever you can, it&apos;s your friend. Check out other forums for articles about airsoft tactics and write some if you have the time.Remember, the most important part of CQB and airsoft in general is having fun. If the game ever loses that important aspect winning will no longer become important. Don&apos;t burn yourself out, play to win, but more importantly, play to have fun.I hope this helps,Irishman. <br />
  20. 20. END<br />