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Spiider Digital Hub credentials


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Spiider Digital Hub is a strong network of digitally inclined, creative innovators. We are a one-stop shop for those interested in building brands and businesses in the online space as well as those keen on building, maintaining and managing reputations online.

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Spiider Digital Hub credentials

  1. 1. We are aFull Service Digital Media Agency
  2. 2. Our Legacy
  3. 3. Group Concept Concept Communication Concept Concept Concept Capital Markets Group Public Relations Investor Relations Concept Concept Concept ‘Spiider’ BIU OOH Brand Concept Digital Scarecrow Zzebra Eleven Brand Works Communications Public Relations Old School Films Akshara Advertising International International association association AMIN IPREXSubsidiariesAffiliations
  4. 4. Our Network Chandigarh New Delhi JaipurAhmedabad Kolkata • Pune • Mumbai Hyderabad Bengaluru Chennai 9 Concept PR Offices Kochi 12 Concept OfficesThiruvanantapuram 36 Representatives
  5. 5. Services Online Online Social Mobile SearchCreative Media Media Marketing Websites Message SMS/ Short code Planning Seeding Strategy Advertisement SEM Advergames /Games BuyingViral Films (Flash Social Media Marketing Downloadables & Video) Optimization Flash Banners Creation & Blue-casting Maintenance of Rich Media brand profiles WAP sites & Banners Tracking Applications Mailers Applications WAP AdvertisingWidgets/Apps Lead Capture SEO Peer to peer SMS advertising Lead Online Training/ E- Management Reputation Sales Linked learning System Management Promos
  6. 6. So,whichroutes willguaranteeoptimuminvestment?
  7. 7. A PerfectAmalgamation of all the Routes
  8. 8. Our Work
  9. 9. Search EngineOptimization
  10. 10. Client name : Tata mutual fundBrief: To make its presence felt in widely accessed forms of mass mediato generate maximum impact and increase no. of hits on the website
  11. 11. Result1200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 January April No . Of visitors for increased by 300% in just 3 months
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing
  13. 13. Website Designing
  14. 14. Case Studies
  15. 15. Case Study
  16. 16. Bhajji Ka TeesraBrand Name: ReebokProject:Promotion of Viral Video – BhajjiKaTeesraMedia Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RediffiShare, OrkutObjective:• To make its presence felt in widely accessed forms of mass media to generate maximum impact.• `Earn’ media attention and build the credibility of the brand.Our approach:• Used The Viral Video: BhajjiTeesra Video to get the attention of the audience interested in tournament.
  17. 17. Result:• Brand Reebok was viewed 1,69,942 times across the web, in few weeks since the campaign launch.• The video gained the attention of the media and the brand earned an exhaustive promotion on popular television news channels• The news of Harbhajan mastering a weapon for the quarterfinals was covered in Economic Times
  18. 18. Case Study
  19. 19. FacebookCustomizedlanding tabTwitter feed ona FacebooktabYoutubevideosIncrease inthe number offans andparticipationon the page
  20. 20. Facebook Updates on Music Category
  21. 21. Facebook Updates on Fashion Category
  22. 22. Facebook Updates on Digital Category
  23. 23. Facebook Updates on Entertainment Category
  24. 24. Increase in the number of fans
  25. 25. TwitterTwitter profile with customized background
  26. 26. Twitter Updates
  27. 27. Twitter Conversations
  28. 28. Twitter Conversations
  29. 29. Twitter Conversations
  30. 30. Tweets Promoting AMD’s Campaign
  31. 31. AMD’s Official YouTube Channel
  32. 32. Uploaded photo sets of the events.
  33. 33. Flickr
  34. 34. Our Clients
  35. 35. Why Spiider?
  36. 36. Because we areDigital Specialists backed by anIntegrated Communications Powerhouse!
  37. 37. Thank You 022-40558888