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Community assessment of Multnomah county, portland,


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Healthy Communities: Multnomah county is one of the 36 counties in the state of Oregon, located with Portland as its county seat. Portland is the second largest city in Oregon and the most populous metropolitan area in the state (U.S. Census Bureau [USCB], 2008, p. 1). As of 2007, Multnomah County's population is 681,454 people (Sperling, 2008). For the purpose of this study, the community focus will be primarily on the sector of Multnomah County in the 97212 area code, which will be called the Rose Sector.

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Community assessment of Multnomah county, portland,

  1. 1. By Tosin Ola, RN
  2. 2. Demographics Age  Educational level  Median Age is 39.5  Race  Largest sector is % of population between ages 25-44. Gender ratio  Men are 43.38% White  Women are 51.66% Black Asian  Women rule! Hispanic Socioeconomic status Other
  3. 3. Health Care Status Indicators Mortality rate  Causes of death Infant mortality rates  Cancer Age specific deaths  Stroke Vaccine preventable  Suicide  Flu/pneumonia  Unintentional causes Tobacco smoking  Drug induced deaths  Suicide  Falls
  4. 4. Environmental Assessment Housing Zoning Parks Recreational areas Industrial Agricultural areas Businesses Hospitals and clinics Public transportation
  5. 5. Environmental Assessment cont. Public assistance Police and fire Courts and legal system Schools Churches
  6. 6. Comparison of PopulationsResidents of MLK Residents of Broadway Lower socioeconomic level  More affluent Predominantly Black  Predominantly White Often dressed haphazardly  Immaculately groomed Take public transport or walk  Ride bicycle or take cars Stores with more variety and  Stores with high end cheaper prices items, vegan, green, health Smoke and drink conscious No health insurance  Smoke and drink Unhealthy lifestyle practices  Have health insurance More active in church  More active in community forums
  7. 7. Assessment using Watson’s Community involvement Meet me at the Lloyd Center Disseminating information Neighborhood watch Maintaining law and order
  8. 8. Nursing Diagnosis Health promotion deficit related to tobacco smoking as evidenced by high mortality rates in Multnomah county related to cancer and tobacco related conditions.
  9. 9. Nursing Outcomes Knowledge - Cancer Threat Reduction: Extent of understanding conveyed about causes, prevention, and early detection of cancer by third visit to clinic Risk Control - Tobacco Use: Personal actions to prevent tobacco use will be stated and demonstrated by community members by next community meeting Health Orientation: Personal commitment to health behaviors as lifestyle priorities within 1 month
  10. 10. Nursing Interventions Community Health Development: Assisting members of a community to identify a community’s health concerns, mobilize resources, and implement solutions Case Management: Coordinating care and advocating for specified individuals and patient populations across settings to reduce cost, reduce resource use, improve quality of health care, and achieve desired outcomes Behavior Modification: Promotion of a behavior change within one month
  11. 11. Evaluation Personal observation Members’ verbal statements and stories of quitting Increase in amount of Nicorette sales and prescriptions Members will ask for referral to local hyno-therapist Members will answer smoking questionnaire at the end of the session and get a score no lower than 70% on cancer reduction, healthy lifestyle and tobacco use.
  12. 12. References Multnomah County Health Department (2006). Top 10 Causes of Death in Multnomah County. Retrieved January 19, 2009, from Causes2006.pdf Multnomah County Health Department (2007). The Health of Multnomah County. Retrieved January 18, 2008, from Sperling, B. (n.d.). Multnomah County [Data file]. Available from Sperling’s Best Places: Tobacco Prevention and Education Program. Multnomah County Tobacco Fact Sheet 2009. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Department of Human Services, Oregon Public Health Division, 2008 U.S. Census Bureau (July 25, 2008). Multnomah County QuickFacts. Retrieved January 17, 2008, from