Social media powerpoint 1


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The basics of social media.

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Social media powerpoint 1

  1. 1. Social Media
  2. 2. • Any web-based and mobile technology that turns communication into interactive dialogue.• User generated content*• “2012 is the year of content!” -Director of Social Media for Adobe Maria PoveromoSocial Media Defined
  3. 3. • Kietzmann et al. (2011) present a honeycomb framework that defines how social media services focus on some or all of seven functional building blocks • Identity • Conversations* • Sharing • Presence • Relationships • Reputation • GroupsGeneral Info
  4. 4. • Speak With a Human Voice• Personalize It• Keep It Professional• Mind Your Manners• Listen And Respond• Know Your Audience• Offer Real Value• Act Impeccably• Don’t React Emotionally• Be PreemptiveSocial Media Etiquette
  5. 5. • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S• As of June 2011 Facebook has 750 Million users.• YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.• In four minutes and 26 seconds 100+ hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube.• Video Stats
  6. 6. • You can reach customers that traditional marketing misses. (Traditional media makes assumptions about targets) • You can learn more about your target audience, not only by their comments but also by studying visitor analytics. • Build brand awareness and loyalty. • Build relationships. • You can get insights by reading posts and comments. It can help with market research. • Social media marketing is cost-efficient in comparison with other marketing methods, even if you hire a dedicated team or outsource your social media content needs.Pros
  7. 7. • Time consuming. Content must be created, edited, approved and published; comments must be responded to and sites and pages must be maintained.• You lose some control of your marketing efforts. Anything you publish is up for grabs, and others can easily criticize you. “Bashtag”• Your return on investment is delayed.• No room for errorCons
  8. 8. Slip-ups
  9. 9. Use social media in similar ways• B2B prominently use blogs and LinkedIn• B2C prominently uses Facebook• Both used for lead generation• B2B offer resources and knowledge and try and build relationships• B2C offers more knowledge, engagement and entertainment• B2B doesn’t advertise on social media sites the way B2C companies doB2B and B2C
  10. 10. • Ignoring the Social Media Reach of Your Business• Not Trying To Generate Leads• Thinking Social Media Will Replace Offline Marketing• Not Taking the Time to Measure B2B Social Media ROI• Blabbering About Boring Products• Hiring the Same Old Marketer• Failing to Understand the Nuances Between Social Networks• Not Budgeting Enough Time to Be Successful• Forgetting That Search Is the Glue That Holds B2B Social Media Strategies TogetherCommon B2B Failures
  11. 11. American Express OpenSince 2007, AMEX OPEN has relied on its OPEN Forum toprovide business advice and insight. The social site includes ablog with frequently updated content, and a large collection ofvideos that users can rate and share via other social networkingchannels. In the site’s “Idea Hub,” forum members can networkwith one another and with industry experts, as well as customizetopics to their specific interests.The social site has been extremely successful, increasing uniquevisitors 525% over the past year – from 160,000 in December2008 to nearly 1 million in December 2009. Good B2B examples
  12. 12. CreeLED Manufacturer Cree is embracing social media to build awarenessand promote the benefits of LED technology, rather than directly sellproducts.At the center of its latest campaign, “LED Revolution,” is aninteractive social website. On the site, visitors can submit their badlighting photos to win LED recessed downlights. The site’s blog isposted to almost daily, and humorous videos encourage visitors to,“Break Your Fluorescent Shackles!”Cree also leverages Facebook and Twitter in a push/pull approach forthe website.
  13. 13. • Failing to Monitor• Expecting Instant Results• Failing to Invest Sufficient Resources• Focusing Internally• Not Building Networks or Using Syndication• Ignoring Synergy Between Different Media CampaignsCommon B2C Failures
  14. 14. Ford• Ford takes the social sharing component to the next level by not only asking their customers for their Ford stories, but also asking their community to share ideas• Introducing your blog and your readers’ comments to new viewers sets a welcoming and friendly first impression for any company.• Photos are always a great way to attract new viewers and draw in existing audiences. In the image below Ford has added a Flickr widget to show off some of their latest photos, making their site more interactive and fun. Good examples of B2C
  15. 15. ZapposOne of the best engagement strategies I’ve seen onFacebook is Zappos’ “Fan of the Week” contest. Theyencourage fans to send in their photos with the Zappos boxand other fans get to vote on the best photo of the week.What’s great is that Zappos highlights the fan of the weekby putting him or her in their wall image photo for all tosee. As seen below, this is definitely about putting yourcustomers first!Their catchy saying, “Let’s be in a Like-Likerelationship,” shows they treat their potentialfans as equals, solidifying their relationshipseven more.Zappos is proving they care about buildingrelationships with their fans first.
  16. 16. Maintained company-related profiles on social networks: Manage a community dedicated to customers orB2B: 81% prospects:B2C: 67% B2B: 49%Participate in Twitter: B2C: 51%B2B: 75% Monitor/support user ratings and reviews:B2C: 49% B2B: 49%Host blog/s: B2C: 51%B2B: 74% Produce Webinars or podcasts:B2C: 55% B2B: 46%Monitor brand mentions: B2C: 22%B2B: 73% Advertise on social networks:B2C: 55% B2B: 42%Engage in discussions: B2C: 54%B2B: 66% Utilize social bookmarking sites such as delicious andB2C: 43% digg:Participate in Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn, B2B: 38%forums: B2C: 21%B2B: 59%B2C: 44%Upload content (social objects) to Social Networks:B2B: 50%B2C: 32%Employee recruiting:B2B: 36%B2C: 27% B2B Better than B2C? /
  17. 17. • Social Media is growing every day. There are new sites coming out almost daily.• SXSW suggests these are the top 9 new social media sites to keep an eye on • Path • Highlight • Sonar • Banjo • Glancee • Localmind • Fancy • Forecast • gogobot