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Mobile 5.21.12

  1. 1. MobileMay 21, 2012
  2. 2. STATS
  3. 3. Smartphone Users – Highlight Video
  4. 4. Stats - Smartphones % Smartphone PenetrationTotal U.S.1 50% (36% YAG)White/Black/Hispanic/Asian (index vs.. total U.S.)3 87/106/145/14518-242 62%25-342 66%35-442 58%45-542 45%55-642 33%65+2 22%Operating System Share - Android/iPhone/Blackberry/Other1 48%/32%/12%/8% 1NielsenWire Mar 29, 2012 (Feb ‘12 data). 2NielsenWire Feb 20, 2012 (Jan ’12 data). 3NielsenWire Feb 1, 2011 (Dec ’10 data).
  5. 5. Income Plays a Major Role in Smartphone Ownership
  6. 6. Time Spent vs.. Other Media
  7. 7. Stats – Shopping/e-Commerce• Over 1/3rd of smartphone owners have used their phone to make some kind of purchase (comScore, Dec. 2011)• 49% of mobile users comparison shopped via mobile while in retail stores in Q1 2012 (JiWire) – 15% compared prices to the stores own web site – 13% searched for mobile coupons – Tablet owners were 2x (10% vs. 5%) as likely to comparison shop in-store and purchase on a mobile device instead
  8. 8. Stats - 2011 Holiday ShoppingGoogle/Ipsos Post Holiday Shopping Study – Jan 2012• 12% of visits to a retailer’s website were from a mobile devices (+5% YOY)• 9% of online sales were conducted by mobile phones• 82% of smartphone shoppers used their phone at home to research• 75% of smartphone shoppers used their phone in-store• 46% researched on smartphone, went to store to purchase• 37% researched on smartphone, then purchased online on computer• 41% researched on smartphone, purchased on smartphone• 69% of smartphone shoppers while shopping on their device used apps and websites
  9. 9. Stats - Tablets• 28.1MM tablet owners at end of 2011 (source: iGR)• eMarketer predicts there will be 55MM tablet users in US by end of 2012 and 89MM by 2014• According to a Viacom study: – Tablet owners use the devise 75% of time at home – 96% use them in living room, 94% in bedroom, 75% in home office, 70% on porch, 68% in kitchen, nearly half in bathroom• According to Freewheel’s video viewing report: – 27% of all non-PC video viewing is on a tablet• Tablets accounted for 10% of total mobile app downloads in 2011• Larger screens equals more views (comScore): – 10” tablets = average 125 views per device in Feb. • 39% higher consumption than 7” tablets and 58% higher than 5” models• According to Adobe Systems Digital Index: – Tablets account for 4.3% of web site visits compared to smartphones at 6.1% in Q1 2012 – Estimates tablet web site visits will reach 10% by 2014
  10. 10. PROS/CONS
  11. 11. Pros/Cons Mobile Advertising Pros Cons• Less advertising pressure • Limited space for messaging• Available 24/7 with some opportunities (i.e. banners)• Direct and immediate • Smaller scale audience than e-commerce opportunities computer-based web access (such as click-to- • Potential for consumers to call, directions, coupons, etc have a negative experience .) with a brand’s site if not set• Local (down to zip codes) or up as a Mobile Web Site or national geo-targeting App• Ability to develop an App
  13. 13. Ad CapabilitiesStatic and Multi-Panel Banners• What are they? – Image banners and animated banners are available across all mobile devices, including smartphones and feature phones, from high-end devices such as iPhones and Androids to simple WAP phones• Why youd use them – You can use banners to cost- effectively increase awareness of your brand and mobile properties
  14. 14. Ad CapabilitiesText (SMS) Ads• What is it? – SMS advertising uses text messages, which are limited to 160 characters or less• Why youd use it – Can reach mass audience down to niche audience – Increase engagement with consumer through different tactics such as voting, offering coupons, etc. – Recommended to only send SMS message to consumers that have opted-in
  15. 15. Ad CapabilitiesInteractive Video Ads• What is it? – Interactive video ads engage the users as they launch apps or click on banners• Why youd use it – You can mix video and audio with touch screen interactivity to attract your mobile audience• Details – You can add buttons that users can click to find out more without leaving the video experience or exiting the app
  16. 16. Ad CapabilitiesInteractive Interstitial Ads• What are they? – Interstitials are interactive ads that appear within an app• Why youd use them – Rich media ads engage more users than basic text or image ads – Interstitials offer mobile websites great interactivity in eye-catching placements
  17. 17. Ad CapabilitiesCanvas and Expandable Ads• What are they? – Expandable ads are started by the user and can expand to cover the entire phone screen• Why youd use them – Rich media ads like click-to- interactive video, animated banners and expandables are more engaging than basic ads like text banners
  18. 18. Ad CapabilitiesClick-to-download App Ads• What is it? – Text or banner ads linking to the app store promote your app to targeted mobile users• Why youd use it – The most cost-effective way to drive downloads of your app and attract new users is a click- to-download campaign that links directly to the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store
  19. 19. Ad CapabilitiesMobile Roadblock (YouTube)• What is it? – Roadblocks let you see how many people viewed your ad on YouTube Mobile for a full day. YouTube Mobile Roadblocks appear on the home, browse and search pages of• Why youd use it – In the past year, YouTube’s percentage of video views from mobile has doubled, and video viewing activity on YouTube Mobile has tripled – With an ad on YouTube Mobile’s homepage you reach a truly significant audience - 13MM monthly users in the US alone
  20. 20. Ad CapabilitiesInStream Video Ads (YouTube)• What is it? – InStream video ads run when Android YouTube app users play a video from a premium inventory partner• Why youd use it – Video ads increase brand engagement within mobile videos• Details – YouTube InStream appears within the Android YouTube app and
  21. 21. Ad CapabilitiesBrand Channels (YouTube)• What is it? – YouTube Mobile Brand Channels increase video views and brand engagement with iOS and Android users• Why youd use it – A mobile YouTube brand channel thats up to date and “always on” keeps your brand fresh and relevant to potential customers on mobile devices
  22. 22. You Might be a Mobile Power User if…• You routinely use your phone to find places and things around you• Attending a conference, you live Tweet from your smartphone, although your laptop is in your bag• You have both the SoundHound and the Shazam apps to be sure you can identify any song you hear anytime• You figured out how to do the workaround to get Google Wallet loaded and functioning on your Android with Ice Cream Sandwich (and, of course, you know what Ice Cream Sandwich is)• Your utilities include a speedometer app such as Ulysse Speedometer or Speed-o-Meter and a flashlight such as TeslaLED (Android) or Flashlight (iPhone)• Your 2D barcode readers include Scanlife and SnapTag Reader -- and you use them• You routinely price-check in stores using ShopSavvy, Red Laser or Amazon’s Price Check without giving it a second thought• You use your phone for navigation• Your primary weather checking device is your phone• You have at least three airline apps and three hotel apps, and are registered at all• If you travel, you regularly use travel apps such as OnTheFly, Kayak, AutoPilot or Flight sites while in transit• You regularly use check-in apps, such as Foursquare for location and Shopkick for rewards• You are self-equipped to use mobile payments such as via Square, MoneySend, Google Wallet or Serve, and are just waiting for the market to catch up• You have your phone synced to your computer and/or your other mobile phone and are comfortable with syncing apps such as SugarSync or Dropbox• Your reward card numbers all are in your phone in Key Ring or CardStar• You program your DVR remotely from your phone