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Windows Server 2003 Lifecycle


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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was once the go-to server OS for IT,but the world has moved on. Don't get caught up in nostalgia... it's time to level up, get secure and retire WS2003!

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Windows Server 2003 Lifecycle

  1. 1. Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows Server 2003 was once the go-to server OS for IT, but the world has moved on. Don't get caught up in nostalgia... it's Mar 13, 2007 SP2 brings nearly 800 enhancements to keep WS2003 going strong 2003 2007 Feb 27, 2008 2009 Oct 22, 2009 WS2003 Birth Certificate No: 12345678971 DOB: 04-24-2003 Sex: Male Father: Bill Gates Mother: Microsoft Peak of popularity! More than 90% of all IT departments used Windows Server 2003* No new The Time to Migrate is NOW time to level up, get secure and retire WS2003! In beta, the new OS is affectionately called “Whistler Server” Apr 24, 2003 Windows Server 2003 is released Microsoft says WS2003 runs up to 50% faster than Win2K “Windows Server 2003 is a kickass Windows Server 2000 upgrade." -Cliff Reeves, MS VP of Product Management, WS2003 2005 WS2003 turns Jul 13, 2010 z meh. WS2003 Sept 4, 2012 WS2003 Now with 2012 Oct 18, 2013 WS2003 2013 July 14, 2015 SUP! (Decision makers) Top three reasons for still running WS2003** Lack of time 54% Budget constraints Compatibility with current software/apps 80% Early migration Using WS2003 past CHOOSE A PATH $ WS2003 grudgingly retires. IT gets a tech update after migrating services and apps to new OSes, hardware, VMs or the Cloud. Now clearly outclassed, WS2003 starts yelling at kids to get off of its lawn 50% 41% the EOL date Security risks Compliance issues Software incompatibility with future applications Reliability concerns There’s still hope! You can still migrate after EOL… 2003 YOU WIN! Want to learn more? For lively discussions, how-to's, a migration guide and more... check out the Windows Server 2003 EOL group in the Spiceworks Community! 2 WS2003 Service Pack 1 released SP1 updates make WS2003 stronger and more secure Mar 30, 2005 WS2003 Service Pack 2 released Windows Server 2008 R2 released The new OS boasts 64- bit-only architecture and a new Hyper-V Windows Server 2008 released WS2003 End of Mainstream Support The new, stronger sibling upstages WS2003 with features like virtualization WS2008 R2 virtualization features like live migration make WS2003 look “2000 and late” z z z z development work on WS2003 - after this point, the rest of its life is just trying to maintain PARKING LOT Windows Server 2012 released multiple generations of younger siblings, WS2003 is officially over the hill Windows Server 2012 R2 released WS2003 / WS2003 R2 End of Support While WS2003 still works, it poses a big security risk. However, some companies choose to ignore the problem... of IT pros surveyed are concerned about security with an EOLed OS** Challenges you’ll face after WS2003 End of Life No new security updates leaves WS2003’s front door open to hackers. Do you feel safe allowing the OS to live this way? You’ve put WS2003 on life support so it can keep working until the bitter end, despite the huge risks * Data pulled from Spiceworks anonymized aggregate network. ** Spiceworks survey of over 200 IT pros in the United States, September 2014. 2008 2008 2015 2010 TIME’S UP! grrrr! STOP (WS2008)