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The challenges of protecting a diverse environment


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Let’s face it: Environments can be a bit of a smorgasbord. Physical, virtual and cloud environments, multiple operating systems, different client types, desktops, and NASs. Protecting your multi-environment architecture can end up costing an arm and a leg. Check out these slides from SpiceWorld London on how to handle (and protect) your varied infrastructure... and not break the bank in the process.

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The challenges of protecting a diverse environment

  1. 1. The Challenges of Protecting a Diverse Environment Anthony Campbell IT Manager, Ben Sherman Group LTD Huw Davies Network & Operations Manager, The Wilson Organisation Katie Drucker Social Media & Community Manager, Unitrends
  2. 2. Panel Introductions • Anthony Campbell aka Keg • IT Manager at Ben Sherman Group LTD • Huw Davies aka Huw D • Network & Operations Manager at the Wilson Organisation • Katie Drucker aka Katie (Unitrends) • Social Media & Community Manager at Unitrends
  3. 3. Product and Services Overview On-Premise - What We Protect •  Heterogeneous: 100+ Versions •  Applications, virtual, physical, SAN, NAS, DAS On-Premise - Physical & Virtual Appliances •  Physical Backup Appliances •  Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ - Hyper-V •  Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ - VMware Off-Premise – Disaster Recovery •  Public/Private  Storage  Cloud  (Archiving)   •  Public/Private  Compute  Cloud   (Replica;on)   On-Premise - Archiving •  Disk, Tape, NAS, and SAN Enterprise-class appliances, software, and cloud Standard Key Features •  Protect 100+ versions of operating systems and applications •  Physical and virtual server protection •  Point-in-Time Protection •  Adaptive Deduplication™ •  Instant Recovery (Windows) •  Instant Recovery (VMware) •  Archive SAN, NAS, tape and USB •  Web 2.0 Console •  Hot/Cold Bare Metal •  Dissimilar Bare Metal •  AES-256 Bit Encryption •  Incremental Forever   Typical Unitrends Implementation  
  4. 4. Contact Information Find the panel in the Spiceworks Community: •  Keg •  Huw D •  Katie (Unitrends) Test out Unitrends: Unitrends Toll Free Support Line: UK 0808 101 7687 France 0805 080 429 Germany 0800 723 8445