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Should You Buy Your SysAdmin a Beer?


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Your SysAdmin (the IT guy or gal at work that fixes your computer) really has their work cut out for them. From retrieving those files you deleted, to fixing your Outlook issues (and everything in between) they sure do deserve a little love every now and then. #SysAdminDay is on July 25 - the perfect opportunity to show them some appreciation. Not too sure if your SysAdmin deserves your praise? Use this flowchart to help you decide! (*Spoiler: You should probably always buy them a beer).

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Should You Buy Your SysAdmin a Beer?

  1. 1. SYSAD SYSADMIN DMIN * Approximately one million of them were on that Windows 98 computer at your parents’ house. ** 'Wasting Time at Work' survey and common sense. *** If your SysAdmin doesn’t like beer, then a gadget, sci-fi, video game, or bacon related gift works too... Sponsored by Buy Your a BEER! Have they ever fixed a computer problem for you? Is it the last Friday of July? Do you like the Internet? Do you like getting computer viruses? Great! Mow my lawn for free this weekend? You’re going to screw up eventually. Guess who might bail you out then? What? Not even cat videos? SysAdmins keep you connected at work and can shut off access too! Liar. 64 percent of employees admit to workplace tomfoolery on the daily. You’re weird. Good thing SysAdmins protect data from billions of malware attacks every year. Are you a time traveler? SysAdmins protect you from the 65% of email that is spam. Do you like money? Mark the date. That’s Systems Administrator Appreciation day! YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YES, Happy SysAdmin Day! throw them a party and... YES, and broken servers mean fewer profits. YES, my SysAdmin can probably see the sites I’ve visited... YES, of course, this isn’t 1993 *** Do you need email to do your job? Have you ever goofed off on the Internet while at work? * ** Should you buy your SysAdmin a beer? SysAdmin START (SysAdmin= the IT guy or gal at work that fixes your computer) $$ $ $ HELP! SysAdmin