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Spiceworks Voice of IT (Windows 8)


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Spiceworks recently completed a study to get a better grasp on adoption plans of Windows 8 among US SMB IT pros. For this study, we surveyed approximately 1,000 IT pros on two separate occasions. The first survey was conducted in August 2012, prior to the Windows 8 launch in October, and the second survey was conducted in December 2012.

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Spiceworks Voice of IT (Windows 8)

  1. 1. Voice of IT TM February 2013 The future of Windows 8? Only time will tell. A Spiceworks Market Insights ReportSpiceworks recently completed a study to get a better grasp on adoption plans of Windows 8 among USSMB IT pros. For this study, we surveyed approximately 1,000 IT pros on two separate occasions. The firstsurvey was conducted in August 2012, prior to the Windows 8 launch in October, and the second surveywas conducted in December 2012.The main goals: • Understand how IT pros’ perceptions/plans for Windows 8 adoption changed once the product hit the marketplace • Determine how much impact employees will have on Windows 8 adoption • Find out if IT pros plan to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8The first survey also investigated their current environment for computers, smartphones and tabletsto understand if there are any underlying factors that might affect adoption.SMB IT pros are all about simplicity, and the findings suggest that they continue to struggle withthe increasing number of devices end users want either from their companies or through BYOD. Giventhis struggle, employee habits may be a key indicator into how and when Windows 8 will be adoptedamong SMBs.
  2. 2. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Windows 8 adoption in a complex world.SMB IT pros typically have small teams and a ton to manage. They could have anywhere from 20 to 1,000end users at multiple locations and multiple devices per user. Windows 8 is being marketed as havingversatile new features as well as a common ecosystem for computers, tablets and smartphones – which isdefinitely a compelling offer that could make an IT pro’s life a bit easier.Currently, IT pros have their fair share of operating systems (OSs) of SMBs supportto manage. Here’s the breakdown: 62% multiple locations manage remote • 86% support more than one computer OS 78% employees • 82% support more than one smartphone OS support more than one 75% device for the end user • 60% support more than one tablet OS 66% support BYODTwo of the main reasons why? Companies are dealing with legacy appsand end users who want devices that require another OS. Reasons for Supporting Multiple Operating Systems Why does your company support more than one OS for [DEVICE]? (Select all that apply.) Computers Tablets Smartphones Mission-critical app(s) not compatible with all OS 34% 18% 6% End-users wanted to use other OS 33% 71% 79% Legacy from merger acquisition 23% 6% 8% We have specific brands we prefer to use 14% 25% 21% Our departments/divisions/regions are allowed to use 12% 27% 32% what they want Other, please specify 36% 10% 8% Respondents 870 364 636 = Top two responses 2
  3. 3. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8So, given the consumerization of IT and BYOD it seems that the reality of managing multiple OSs ishere to stay, and companies are used to having to evolve their OSs over time. This trend will mostlikely continue since nearly two-thirds of respondents state that they’re either neutral or don’t thinkit’s necessary to have an integrated OS platform like the one advertised for Windows 8. 3
  4. 4. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Windows in SMBs: From XP to 7 or 8.Windows has a stronghold in SMBs with 96% of respondents surveyed currently supporting Windows 7and 83% supporting Windows XP. Knowing that XP will no longer be supported starting April 2014, SMBswill need to determine whether they’ll upgrade to Windows 7 or make the leap to Windows 8. Respondents: 1114 4
  5. 5. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Once you take XP out of the equation, is it going to be the tried-and-true (Win7) or the new-and-improved(Win8)? To find out how SMB IT pros size up the two OSs, we asked respondents to select the top threeimprovements they felt Windows 8 offered over Windows 7.While over a third believe there are no major improvements over Windows 7, the more than 60% whosaw improvements cited enhanced touchscreen capabilities, increased speed, and better integrationwith smartphones and tablets at the top of the list. “ FROM THE COMMUNITY Windows 8 is an excellent successor to Windows 7 in every way. There is a bit of transition using it on a non touch desktop, but after you “ get past the learning stage, it is absolutely incredible. Sosipater Network/Systems Administrator “ FROM THE COMMUNITY We are currently a Windows 7 shop. We are able to do every task our business requires both now and in the forseeable future. Though we have proactively prepared an upgrade plan (that includes several directions), we will not expend the resources unless an unmet business need requires it. Bobby D. IT Manager “ 5
  6. 6. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Windows 8 on computers: Adoption slowing, testing on the rise.What’s the status on Windows 8 adoption and testing? The OS has been in the market since October, anddata shows that adoption plans on desktops and laptops have decreased slightly while testing has increasedsignificantly. Prior to the launch of Windows 8, a quarter of respondents stated they had plans to implement thenew OS at their company within two years of the release. The number, however, dropped to 20% after release. WINDOWS 8 PRODUCT REVIEWS IN SPICEWORKS http://community.spiceworks. com/product/43724-microsoft- windows-8 6
  7. 7. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Could the adoption tide be turning?Even though adoption timing may have pushed out for some, there are significantly more SMBscurrently testing Windows 8, which jumped from 48% testing prior to launch all the way up to 69%testing post launch. “ FROM THE COMMUNITY Overall, I’ll continue to test and play with the OS, but it’s hard to envision deploying this OS to desktops in our network at this point. Ryan8481 Help Desk Tech “ 7
  8. 8. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Reasons for adopting or not adopting Windows 8.Respondents planning to adopt Windows 8 within 90 days of release were asked the top reasons foradopting. Increased speed and security were at the top of the list followed by improved manageability,enhanced touchscreen capabilities, and better integration with smartphones and tablets. “ FROM THE COMMUNITY The new UI takes some getting used to but the OS seems pretty quick and for someone who’s new to Hyper V, it offers a great way to get up to speed. Paul2860 “ 14 years’ IT experience 8
  9. 9. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8The top reason companies are not planning to adopt until 90 days after release (or have no plans to adoptat all) is because they feel there’s no real advantage over their current OS. And given the large penetrationof XP and the success of Windows 7, Microsoft will need to prove advantages of Windows 8 in a businessenvironment if they want to see a large conversion to this OS vs. Windows 7 by 2014. “ FROM THE COMMUNITY Will likely not allow this on my corporate network for quite some time, because I just don’t want to put everyone through the “ learning curve and support issues to make it useful. B2BYTE IT Manager 9
  10. 10. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Windows 8 on mobile: Smartphones & tabletsWhat’s the verdict on adopting Windows 8 for mobile? Turns out, the majority of IT pros have no plans toadopt the OS on their company’s smartphones and tablets. However, 79% of IT pros managing smartphonesand 71% of IT pros managing tablets state that the top reason for managing multiple mobile OSs is due toemployee requests.So it’s likely that Windows 8 could gain higher adoption if it’s successful in the consumer market andemployees request it more often. 10
  11. 11. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8For those planning to adopt, the top reasons for moving employees to Windows 8 are better integration withother devices, better user interface, and enhanced touchscreen capabilities. 11
  12. 12. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8The jury’s still out on Windows 8 adoption...As the title of this report suggests – only time will tell when it comes to the success of Windows 8. Whilemany IT pros believe that the new user interface is an advantage of Windows 8, they also recognize thattheir end-users will need to be trained.In addition, critical applications will need to be supported and hardware must meet certain specs to ensureproper functionality. Given this, the transition to Windows 8 will take some time. Based on our research, webelieve there are two factors that will impact the success of Windows 8 in SMBs: 1. Employees requesting and/or bringing Windows 8 devices into the office 2. IT pros considering Windows 8 the better upgrade path than Windows 7 for their XP devicesWith multiple factors in play, we’ll be keeping a close eye to see if and when Windows 8 adoption hits its stride. 12
  13. 13. THE FUTURE OF WINDOWS 8Respondent ProfileFor each study, we spoke to companies with less than 1000 employees. The breakout by company size wasconsistent across each study with approximately 60% of respondents coming from companies with lessthan 100 employees. About Spiceworks Voice of IT® The Spiceworks Voice of IT® Market Insights program publishes stats, trends and opinions collected from small and medium business technology professionals that are among the more than 2.4M users of Spiceworks. Survey panelists opt-in to answer questions on technology trends important to them. To find out more about our research capabilities, email About Spiceworks™ Spiceworks™ is the world’s largest vertical network for IT that connects 2.4 million IT professionals with more than , 1300 technology brands. By combining a community of IT pros with free IT management software, Spiceworks helps businesses discover, buy and manage more than $425 billion technology products and services each year. To learn more, visit: Be first to hear about Spiceworks Voice of IT® insights, email: marketresearch@spiceworks.comThe contents in this report are a result of primary research performed by Spiceworks. Unless otherwise noted, the entire contentsdistributed as part of this report are copyrighted by Spiceworks. As such any information made available by any means in this report maynot be copied, reproduced, duplicated, published, displayed, transmitted, distributed, given, sold, traded, resold, marketed, offered for sale,modified to create derivative works or otherwise exploited for valuable consideration without prior written consent by Spiceworks. Formore information visit report contains information of fact relating to parties other than Spiceworks. Although the information have been obtained from, andare based on sources that Spiceworks believes to be reliable, Spiceworks does not guarantee the accuracy, and any such information mightbe incomplete or condensed. Any estimates included in this report constitute Spiceworks’ judgment as of the date of compilation, and aresubject to change without notice. This report is for information purposes only. All responsibility for any interpretations or actions based onthe information or commentary contained within this report lie solely with the recipient.All rights reserved. 2012-2013. 13