Score Points with Management while Saving Them £s


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Speaker: Tabrez Syed, VP of Products, Spiceworks

Location: Gallery | 13:45 - 14:45
This session walks you through using Spiceworks as your one-stop-shop for IT purchasing. Learn everything from maintaining a purchase list to creating a purchase workflow. Topics will include:

Researching pricing, ratings and reviews for products and vendors
Using multi-vendor RFQs to score the best price
Tracking purchase history to know where your budget is going

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • This presentation was Inspired by a presentation I saw at SpiceWorld Austin in Oct. How many of you here know of Justin Davison? Well he presented a topic: “A journey through the community: turning involvement into knowledge, cost savings, and more”. To give you a flavor about the kind of person Justin is I’ll tell you a story he’s shared. At one of his jobs he found himself constantly under a deluge of tickets and work. So he started to report and plan and noticed that if he could be a little proactive he could solve the issues that caused a lot of the tickets. He worked hard got the network and printer issues fixed and found that the ticket volume had dropped. Then his boss asked to see him and said that he didn’t think Justin was doing much work since his ticket volume was lower. Justin decided to leave that job.
  • Score Points with Management while Saving Them £s

    1. 1. Score Points with Managementwhile Saving Them £sTabrez Syed
    2. 2. Quick Survey
    3. 3. Justin DavisonJustin Davison’s SpiceWorld Presentation
    4. 4. Justin Davison’s SpiceWorld Presentation
    5. 5. Not a unique storyDo you have stories to share?
    6. 6. Interest Research Purchase• Is there an easierway to do this?• How do others dothis?• What solutionsare out there?• What features doI need?• What do currentcustomers say?• How much does itcost?Purchasing Process
    7. 7. An Alternate View
    8. 8. An Alternate View
    9. 9. Interest• Learn from someone else’s experience• See what others are doing• Keep up with the latest ideas• Ask how others solve the problemKeep Up With IT Trends
    10. 10. How to get ideas?
    11. 11. How to get ideas?
    12. 12. How to get ideas?
    13. 13. How
    14. 14. Automate your
    15. 15. Learn
    16. 16. InterestAdvisors in the workflow
    17. 17. Livestreams &
    18. 18. Spiceworks Calendar• Webinars• SpiceCorps Meetings• IT Conferences•
    19. 19. Spiceworks TV• Tech Talks• SpiceU Webinars• Vendor Webinars• Spiceworks Tutorials• Fun IT Videos
    20. 20. Voice of• Surveys• Research Reports• Infographics• State of SMB
    21. 21. Spotlight Articles
    22. 22. Where have yougotten ideas?
    23. 23. • See what options are available• Determine features you need• Ask why to choose a particular solutionResearch Research
    24. 24. GuidesSee Categories
    25. 25. What’s on your network?• 3 users• Background Info• Buying Story• Lessons Learned
    26. 26. Best Of X• Summary of threads• Options• Single launch point
    27. 27. Dedicated Research Sections
    28. 28. Product Selectors
    29. 29. Vendor Page
    30. 30. Vendor Pages
    31. 31. • Learn more about the product & vendor• Demos & trials• What happens post-sale?Purchase Purchase
    32. 32. Product
    33. 33. Product
    34. 34. Product
    35. 35. DiscussionsKB Articles WhitepapersVendor PagesMSP Profilesfuture
    36. 36. Evaluating a vendor
    37. 37. Whitepapers, Free
    38. 38. Business Case Generators• For the non-tech boss• Customizable
    39. 39. Partners
    40. 40. How to get help
    41. 41. How to get help: Vendor
    42. 42. Request For Quote
    43. 43. Questions?