Quick Tips from the IT Trenches


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Speaker: Nicole Tanzillo, Director of IT Marketing, Spiceworks

Location: Boardroom | 13:45 - 14:45
Lightning round anyone? Have you just been through a major operating system upgrade? Did you recently migrate your network from virtualized servers to the cloud? And do you have a few bits & bobs you’d like to share with SpiceHeads who are in your same situation? Attend this session to get four snippets of IT know-how from those who have gone before you.

SpiceSpeakers & Topics
Anthony Sutcliffe - Virtualization
Tino Todino - VoIP
Ben Snape - Wireless Display
Peter Craine - BYOD

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Quick Tips from the IT Trenches

  1. 1. Quick Tips from the IT TrenchesA lightning round of tech topics from your fellow IT pros.Nicole Tanzillo, Director of IT Product Marketing
  2. 2. The details.• 13 minutes per speaker.• Questions if we have time.• And our speakers are…
  3. 3. AnthonySutcliffeBottmanTinoTodinoTino TodinoBenSnapeHubba BubbaPeterCrainepeterVirtualisation VoIP Wireless Display BYOD
  4. 4. AnthonySutcliffeBottmanVirtualisation to providea multi-languagesupport environmentA P Sutcliffe P G Dip CCI, MBCS
  5. 5. • A privately owned SME in the manufacturing &service sector• 3 sites in the UK, 1 in France, 3 in Germany, 1 inHungary• Dealer partners in other countries• Increased reliance upon IT in all areas of thebusinessBackground - The nature of the business
  6. 6. European Coverage
  7. 7. • Manufacturing – process driven, scheduled• Service – customer driven, flexibility is keyTwo main streams of business
  8. 8. Workshop supplies
  9. 9. Vehicle fitting
  10. 10. • 5 people, 3 on systems, 2 on web development• Web development support for sites in all countrieswithin the group• Provided full support to users for all ICT systems withinUK & France• Growing support for ERP systems for Germany &HungaryUK IT Team
  11. 11. • Sites located a considerable distance apart with UKIT staff based at the UK H.Q.• An increase in operational staff in the UK, increasingsupport needs; for both IT use and business processchanges driven by ERP• The UK IT team had limited foreign language skills• End users were not fully IT literateSupport Issues
  12. 12. • Server virtualisation started in 2009• Cut server estate in half in first 6 months• UK IT staff continued to work on other projects at thesame time• In most cases, used P2V process to migrate servers –end users did not realise the work had taken place• A large proportion of work done remotely out of hoursVirtualisation
  13. 13. Virtual landscapeEquallogic PS6010 Dell R710 serverPowerConnect 6224
  14. 14. The project to virtualise servers proved that it works well• It saved money – reducing physical servers in firstphase of project cutting utility bill by 15%• It saved time – admin time cut by about 40%• Increased server up time to 99.97% per annum• It saved effort – easier & faster to deploy and scaleservers to meet user needs• It was easy to operate and manage!Virtualisation Works!
  15. 15. To create a virtual platform to provideimproved multi language support facilitiesThe Proposal
  16. 16. • HP Proliant DL380 G4 (re-used)• 2 x Dual core processors• 16 GB DRAM• 400 GB HDD (in RAID 5)The Hardware
  17. 17. • Windows Server 2003 (Standard)• VMware Workstation• Windows XP – En, Fr, De, Hu• Windows 7 – En, Fr, De, Hu• Office 2003 – En, Fr, De, Hu• Office 2007 – En, Fr, De, Hu• Office 2010 – En, Fr, DeThe software
  18. 18. • Windows XP & Office 2003• Windows XP & Office 2007• Windows XP & Office 2010• Windows 7 & Office 2003• Windows 7 & Office 2007• Windows 7 & Office 2010Configuration of VMs
  19. 19. • 1 image, cloned then the relevant Office packageadded• Virtual machines left offline until needed – average30 seconds to start up and boot OS• Select the appropriate VM for OS & Officecombination• Could run several VMs at a time for multiple supportneedsVirtual Machines
  20. 20. En Français
  21. 21. Die Deutch
  22. 22. Screenshots of processes - in the specific language toprovide training material for the end userImproved support – IT staff became familiar with thedifferent terms in each languageIncreased end user confidence in support staff –making the support process easierVDI for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery – this wasa practical demonstration of how VDI might workBenefits
  23. 23. TinoTodinoTino TodinoVoIPBabblevoiceA fully-fledged phone system in <15 mins.
  24. 24. • Babblevoice is a HOSTED VoIP TELEPHONE SYSTEM based upon theFreeSwitch Open Source product hosted in 3 fully redundant UKbased datacentres.That• …uses the SIP protocol and supports a variety of VoIP handsets, softphones and Smartphones as SIP clients.• …is designed to be managed by resellers or end-users.• …is „contract free‟ and can be used as an internal telephone systemfree of charge.What is Babblevoice?
  25. 25. • Comprehensive Voicemail facility• Unified messaging (voicemail to email)• Conference calling (unlimited parties)• Call grouping/hunting (ringing severalhandsets at once)• Call routing (what happens if the originaldestination is busy)• Call recording• Interactive voice response (IVR)• External and internal call rules• Assign geographical and 0845 numbers toyour account• Natural language GUI to enablecomplex rules to be set up easily.• Calendar integration – Works withGoogle calendars and anything thatcan create/publish iCAL files (Mac OSX,Outlook, etc)• Babblevoice API: The API is intended fordevelopers who wish to develop clientapplications to extend the corefunctionality of Babblevoice.• Open Source projects including apower dialler app which can be usedwith CRM systems.• iGoogle/Netvibes gadgets integrationthat give various information about yourBabblevoice domain.Babblevoice - Features
  26. 26. • Each line you have (a line is defined as an external geographical number) ischarged on a monthly basis.• 1 to 4 lines = £3.00 per month per line• 5 to 9 lines = £2.00 per month per line• 10 to 29 lines = £1.50 per month per line• Over 30 lines = £Negotiable rental per month per line.• Each line can support a theoretically unlimited number of devices (tested toaround 1000 devices)• Link to Box.com (for IVR) £2.50 per month• Phone call recording £1 per GB per month• Number porting to Babblevoice (£20 + VAT - discount for quantity)Babblevoice - Costs
  27. 27. Babblevoice - Typical Call Costs
  28. 28. Demo
  29. 29. BenSnapeHubba BubbaWireless DisplayNFC Tags andWireless Display
  30. 30. Near Field CommunicationNFC
  31. 31. • Choose your chip• NTAG203 137 bytes of data• Max size 4kNFC Tags
  32. 32. Android ApplicationProgram the tag
  33. 33. • Technical Specs• Case Studies• Trade show “Follow us”Delivering Content
  34. 34. Fun with NFC@benpsnape
  35. 35. Apple TVWireless DisplayMiracast WiDi
  36. 36. Netgear PTV3000
  37. 37. Agile Working
  38. 38. PeterCrainepeterBYODBring Your Own Device(you’re not using mine)
  39. 39. Reasonable GPS locator (better if you install the app)Can stop end users from uninstalling itRemotely install apps from store and enterpriseCan lock and wipe phonesSet up range of email notifications to be triggeredFree version – good enough for a lot of small company needs to start withRecommended and found through SpiceworksIf you do install the app you get push messaging as wellMain Pluses why I chose Meraki
  40. 40. Good GPS Locating
  41. 41. That’s all, folks!Let‟s head to the Great Hallsfor the wrap-up… and raffles.