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Managing the mobile takeover


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Let’s face it: The BYOD headache isn’t going away. Fret not, we’re all in IT together to prevent our sensitive business data from walking out the door. Check out these slides from SpicewWorld London to find out:

- The technology to solve the issue head-on
- Game plans when it comes to implementation
- Security compliance solutions specific to Europe

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Managing the mobile takeover

  1. 1. Managing the Mobile Takeover Caroline Tipton IT Marketing Manager, Spiceworks 6.27.13
  2. 2. •  Who gives a flip about mobile? •  How do I craft a plan? •  How do I wrangle these devices? •  How do I convince my users to buy in? What we’ll cover.
  3. 3. Risks (and rewards) are real. •  Corporate data can be at risk. •  More platforms mean more complexity. •  There is a thin line between public and private data. •  One size rarely fits all.
  4. 4. IT Pros anticipate a tidal wave of tablets
  5. 5. IT Pros anticipate a tidal wave of tablets
  6. 6. Smartphones are still in the game
  7. 7. So, what are my options? BYOD     -­‐No  cost  to  company   -­‐People  get  what  phone  they   want−   -­‐  Support  for  all  types  of   phones   -­‐Personal  and  company  info   mixed   -­‐  Users  can  just  say  “no”  to   CYOD/Company   Subsidized   -­‐  Company  has  expectaFons  of   behavior  on  phone   -­‐  You  can  limit  the  phones  you   will  support   -­‐  Part  of  the  cost  is  moved  to   the  organizaFon   -­‐  Personal  and  company  info   mixed   Company   Provided   -­‐  You  have  full  and  total   control   -­‐  You  control  the  device(s)   supported   -­‐  No  mix  of  personal  data   -­‐  Not  ideal  for  your  end  users   -­‐  Planning  phone  deployments   and  budgets  become  your  job   + + + -­‐   -­‐  -­‐  
  8. 8. Create a policy that fits you.
  9. 9. Don’t forget about… WiFi Email VPN Support Acceptable use
  10. 10. What is MDM? Inventory, Monitor, Manage
  11. 11. Rolling out your strategy
  12. 12. Get buy-in from above.
  13. 13. Prepare for the resistance. •  Make it a benefit. •  Be empathetic. •  Be prepared to explain and justify. •  Be transparent.
  14. 14. Get ready for the legwork. You are going to be walking desk to desk… so be prepared for it.
  15. 15. Don’t make empty threats.
  16. 16. Rinse and repeat.
  17. 17. And don’t forget to track it!
  18. 18. Demo Time!