Birds of a Feather: MSPs


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Moderator: Nicole Tanzillo
15:45 - 16:15
Being the lone IT pro in your company can feel like being on an island - that’s why at SpiceWorld, we maximize the opportunities to bounce your most troubling IT topics, projects or questions off of fellow IT pros who are in your same shoes. This “birds of a feather” session moderated by a SpiceStaff will give you a chance to chit-chat 1:1 and hear from IT pros who have gone before you. Exact topics will be announced closer to the SpiceWorld… stay tuned!

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  • Yep, that means I’m your moderator. ;)I’ll facilitate our chat…Going to be up to you to drive our conversation.I’ll keep track & do a follow-up after our session.Who’s in the room? Was in the MSP session last year?Spiceworks AgeMSP Size
  • What do you want to talk about?Spend 5 minutes developing an agendaTop Business ChallengesMarketing TipsSpiceworks Features for MSPsThe Directory (R&R, Search Benefit, In-App/Comm Recs)TrainingBusiness ManagementA few things from SpiceworksThe New Profile & DirectoryBest Of Content (Livestream & Webinar this week)Spiceworks 7.0 – Help Desk & Collaboration SEED QUESTIONS:What is your #1 challenge right now?How did you go about setting your service catalog & pricing?How do you find new employees? How do you train & retain them?What’s the least effective marketing tactic you’ve used?What do you use to manage your website? Do you do it? Do you outsource it?Are you using Google adwords? Are they working for you? What do you wish Spiceworks (the app) did better for you?What do you wish Spiceworks (the community) did better for you? 
  • So why does marketing even matter. Why can’t you just do good work and people will just show up at your doorstep. “If you build it they will come” right?Well not quite… these days, it is so difficult to rise above the noise. You can feel like a Where’s Waldo. How do people find you in the masses of other MSPs who may not even be the right fit for the client based on location and expertise.Then once they find you, what impression do you want to give? You want to make sure that when they find you, they are confident you are the right fit. Not just a look alike.And then how do you build your network out from there. Find friends that you can count on when you may need help with an issue or create a reputation among the masses as the expert in an area.This is all marketing. And this is what we want to help you with today.
  • Read quoteHe contacted Nic in the community to try and find an MSP that would fit his needs. His requirement, pepper level. So being a part of the community is more than just being present, it is being active and engaged.So how do you engage?
  • Get involved in person. Meet face to face with potential clients through Spicecorp meetings. At Spicecorp, you can discuss issues, learn new tips and tricks for spiceworks, or just hang out with guys like you. Hand out your business card and hopefully the phone starts rigning.
  • Birds of a Feather: MSPs

    1. 1. Services & SpiceHeadsThis ain’t your momma’s breakout session…Nicole Tanzillo, Director of IT Product Marketing
    2. 2. What shall we talk about?• Topic 1• Topic 2• Etc.