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Splice Today Media Kit


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Splice Today: The Next Generation in Alternative Press!

Splice Today is an edgy, intelligent web magazine covering everything from music, films and books to politics, sports and the nuances of popular culture.

Splice Today publishes daily, original content, written by emerging journalists, specifically for the Millennials – the first “information age” generation.

Comprised of educated, creative adults ranging in age from their late teens to their early thirties, this demographic is more plugged-in, advertising savvy and budget conscious than any other:
• Millennials spend 37 hours a week online - more than with TV AND radio.
• 71% read user-generated content online weekly, like that on Splice Today.
• They log into their MySpace and FaceBook accounts 3-4 times every day.
• 62% say they usually learn about, or research brands, via online advertising.
• 72% say they’ve downloaded/printed an online coupon and used it.

Millenials are estimated to be worth over $200 billion annually in the US. This highly desirable, though somewhat elusive demographic, are consuming and/or purchasing products that their parents have never heard of…and are doing it with a higher disposable income than any previous generation of people their age.

In addition, they are often the offspring of the Boomer population, whose worth is estimated $2 trillion a year.

It’s estimated that a hefty $40 million of this wealth will be spent on goods and services for their children whose spending influence will be felt in the following areas:
• 81% of clothing and apparel purchases
• 77% of groceries purchases
• 76% of movie, video, DVD purchases
• 69% of computers and video game/systems purchases
• 66% of cell phone and computer software purchases

One of the best ways to reach these busy, hard-to-reach consumers is via online advertising on sites whose content they truly value. Each month, Splice Today receives over 125,000 UNIQUE VISITORS, delivers over 2 million advertising impressions and has experienced a 900% growth in monthly visitors from July to November of 2008.

This ensures that our advertisers’ marketing dollars work more efficiently by reaching a qualified audience numerous times, increasing both branding and the probability for immediate consumer action.

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach these powerhouse consumers! Contact us today to learn about special incentives and unique sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored to meet your specific marketing needs.

To find out more, call Kelly Crew, Advertising Sales Manager, at 410.889.3550, or email your questions to

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Splice Today Media Kit

  1. 1. Lower Rates No Availa w ble 01
  2. 2. 02
  3. 3. Alternative Press 03
  4. 4. Millennial Audience 04 They spend more time online than with TV or radio •  71% read user-generated content online weekly •  62% learn about brands through online advertising •  72% have downloaded/printed an online coupon • 
  5. 5. 05 Millennials & Current Events “Just as all generations are programmed from the moment of birth, the Millennials began a series of programming experiences when they were infants. These experiences created the filters through which they see the world.” 05 Claire Raines, Connecting Generations: The Sourcebook 1982: AIDS identified 1994: Rwandan genocide 1983: Beirut bombing of US Marines 1996: Oklahoma City Bombing “Tragic world events such 1985: Ozone layer discovered 1999: Columbine shooting as 9/11, coupled with 1986: Chernobyl meltdown 2000: Florida election controversy recent natural disasters Shuttle Challenger explosion have motivated the 2001: September 11th Iran Contra Affair Millennial Generation to 2003: Iraq War 1988: Clinton impeachment develop a strong social Gay marriage legalized in MA Terrorism on Pan Am Flight 103 conscience.” 2004: Asian Tsunami 1989: Fall of Communism - Berlin Wall The Millennial Cause Study, Tiananmen Square Massacre 2005: Hurricane Katrina Cone, Inc. & AMP Insights 1990: Persian Gulf War 2007: Virginia Tech shooting Nelson Mandela’s prison release 2008: 1st non-white President elected 1991: Rodney King & the LA Riots
  6. 6. 06 Millennials & Technology quot;Millennials have been marinated in digital technology almost since birth.” Rob Salkowitz, author of Generation Blend 06 1977: Personal Computers 1994: Digital Cameras Atari Console 1995: eBay 1981: Computer Mouse Amazon “When they were babies, compact discs were phasing out audio cassettes. 1983: Microsoft Windows 1996: DVD Players Cellular Phones When they hit pre-school, the Internet Flash Animation Compact Discs MapQuest came into widespread use. In elementary school, they learned how to 1985: CD –ROMs 1997: Instant Messaging surf that ‘Net while vying for the high 1987: Laptop Computers 1998: Google scores in video games and watching 1989: America Online Disney on DVD.” 1999: Napster Game Boy handheld Athima Chansanchai, Millennials Lead 2000: PayPal the Wired Life 1992: Internet for Public 2001: iPod Bluetooth 1994: Yahoo
  7. 7. Emerging Journalists 07 Content is organized into 10 departments •  Categories – The Feed, Multimedia & Splice Original •  Site contains over 400 pages, not counting archives •  Reader contribution encouraged in “Discussion Board” • 
  8. 8. Diverse Content 08
  9. 9. Visitor Demographics 09
  10. 10. Extreme Growth July to November 10 March to July Site launched in Feb. 2008
  11. 11. Advertising Rates •  Pay for every 1,000 times 11 your ad is viewed •  50,000 impressions per month guaranteed •  Pay a flat monthly rate for your ad, regardless of the number of times it’s seen
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  17. 17. 17 Rates Only Page Top Leaderboard: $10 CPM – or – $1,000 per month Top Right Corner Ad: $8 CPM – or – $800 per month Left Wide Skyscraper: A - $6 CPM ($600/mo) B - $5 CPM ($500/mo) C - $4 CPM ($400/mo) D - $3 CPM ($300/mo) Bottom Leaderboard: $6 CPM – or – $900 per month Horizontal Banner: $4 CPM – or – $600 per month  100,000 average monthly impressions January – February 2009
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