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A Step by Step Workbook to Validate to Your Mobile App Idea


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Have you ever imagined you launched a very innovative mobile app but no one is ready to install it? Your huge hard earned money, precious time may go into vain. Download the presentation to learn how you can validate your idea as per users demand and it can disrupt current ecosystem.

Published in: Technology
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A Step by Step Workbook to Validate to Your Mobile App Idea

  1. 1. IDEA Name How The Best I Can Explain in One Line
  2. 2. HELLO! We are “Startup Name” In short explain “The Pain Areas of user your solution is solving”
  3. 3. 1. What is “your Idea”? Let’s start with the concept
  4. 4. IDEA NAME Define the Solution in one line
  5. 5. “Quotations help us build a good trust to the idea. Find some good online quotes.
  6. 6. INTRODUCE YOUR IDEA ▸ Below there is an example describing how to highlight USP of IDEA. E.g. ▸ Search for schools, colleges, coachings based on various parameters. ▸ An Inclusive platform to connect students, teachers and parents. ▸ Allows to read books, discuss with friends, prepare assignments and lots more ▸ Track your child progress, skills, interect with teachers and colleges.
  7. 7. WHAT IS THE NEED OF SOLUTION Challenges ▸Don’t have trusted source to find best schools/colleges ▸Any system which collaborates teacher, students and schools all together ▸Track your child progress ▸Not a system where your kid can read books on smartphone, prepare assignment get important exam info etc Solution ▸A platform for finding best school/colleges ▸Interect with teachers/schools in private/or in group ▸How your child is doing in class, where s/he need attention ▸Students and parents can remain well connected with schools ▸To find necessary and important educational stuffs all together AN EXAMPLE
  8. 8. Proposed Solution An Online Platform based out of Web, iOS and Android for students/parents and teachers/schools. This solution will serve to improve willingness to learn among students and to identify potential/skills and attention on them by parents
  9. 9. TYPE OF USERS Students ▸Search colleges/schools ▸Read Books, prepare assignments, access question banks, talk with their classmates, track syllabus ▸Remain well connected, even they are not in class Parents ▸Decide better schools, colleges ▸Track marks, syllabus, leave, homework and overall performance of their ward ▸Interect with teachers/schools and can pay fee online Teachers/Schools ▸Prepare marksheets, assignments ▸Publish Results & announcements ▸Interact with parents/teachers ▸Request & receive fees
  10. 10. Disrupt current Education Ecosystem Know How?
  11. 11. Users would work hand in hand!!! Students Teachers/Schoo ls Parents Admin
  12. 12. xx,xxx,xxx So Many Future Social Likes!!! Whoa! Isn’t something which makes you exited? Note down an approximate number of Social Media Likes/Followers and Subscribers
  13. 13. 99,895,786$That’s the money – your expectations 100%Isn’t this success! 185,244 usersAnd a lot of app users – your expectations
  14. 14. Global Our Start
  15. 15. Simple Process To Make Education EASY Search Use it in your daily life Track your progress
  16. 16. LET’S REVIEW Why your idea will Work? Example of Education idea below Trusted source of Info Search good school, colleges and coaching centers based on various criteria Mobile Device as Book Millennial are using smartphone more than anything, let’s help them to use it as book Track your Ward’s Progress Parents are too busy in their jobs, its hard to track what their kids are doing. Let’s solve this All Inclusive System Collaborate parents, teachers and students all together, let them help to interact with each other. Use it daily From interacting with classmates to sharing and preparing assignments and sending leave application all you need daily. Virtual Gurukul Environment System aiming to handle students/kids nicely, identify their weakness, strengths and providing useful insight.
  17. 17. Users Involved for Online Spa and Beauty Service Products Students Education app Parents Teachers
  18. 18. Place your screenshot here ANDROID/IOS/ WINDOWS SEARCH Search by ▸Boards/affliations ▸Fee ▸Locality ▸Seats vacant/Intake ▸Specialization- Med/Engg/Finance/technical/Co mpetetive exams ▸Name
  19. 19. Place your screenshot here Sorting and Filtering ▸ Sort ▹ Popularity(Ratings and Reviews) ▹ Affiliations/Boards ▹ Budget and price ▸ Filter ▹ By Location ▹ By Availability ▹ By Category ▹ By Specialization ▹ By Name & Brand
  20. 20. Place your screenshot here Education Provider Listing ▸ Grid/List/Map View ▸ Service Provider List ▸ Images ▸ Location/Address ▸ Avaibility of seats ▸ Reviews and Ratings
  21. 21. Place your screenshot here Appointment Booking/Inquiry ▸ Select Date ▸ Select Time ▸ Choose Course ▸ See Availability ▸ See Review & Rating ▸ Confirm Branch & Location
  22. 22. Ratings and Reviews ▸ Rate (1-5 star parameter) ▸ Comment/Review ▸ Share on Social Media ▹ Via Fb/Google+/Twitter ▹ Click an Image and Post on the Reviews for schools and teachers ▹ Only by students and parents
  23. 23. Reward Points ▸ Consistent Performance ▸ Extra Circular Activities ▸ Board Toppers ▸ Competitive exams toppers ▸ Outstanding Performance ▸ Ebook buying
  24. 24. Schools/colleges/c oachings/Teachers Application Feature 1 ▸ Seats Availability ▸ Noticeboard ▸ Notifications to parents/students ▸ Fee Intimation ▸ Share exam marks/assignments ▸ Message 1-1 parents
  25. 25. Teachers Application : Feature 2 ▸ Award badges to students ▸ Prepare & Share Assignments with class ▸ Announcements to class/parents ▸ Interact with parents
  26. 26. Parents Application ▸ Check leaves and marks ▸ See Homework/assignment s ▸ Interact with schools/teachers
  27. 27. Students Application ▸ Read eBooks/ Wikepedia/ Ref books ▸ Interact with classmates/Teachers ▸ Prepare Assignments (Pref on Tablets) ▸ Send leave applications ▸ Access Question banks
  28. 28. Place your screenshot here Revenue Generation Model Our Revenue Generation Model ▸Ebook sale ▸Advertisement ▸Featured Listing
  29. 29. Place your screenshot here Competitors in Market Existing Competitors if any ▸Some school centric ERP’S ▸ m/store/apps/details? id=com.powerschool.po rtal ▸ os-apps/best-apps- college-search
  30. 30. Place your screenshot here Customer Acquistion Why Would customers Join you? ▸Searching schools/colleges ▸Ebooks read ▸Collaborating with teachers ▸For child tracking
  31. 31. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at @Skype: cbil360akhileshc &
  32. 32. CREDITS Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ▸Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ▸References : MeganKelly Photographs, Wahanda Photographs, ▸Applications references:,