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Materials Report 2012 Vol 1 Preview


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Looking for an easy to use reference on the latest materials in design and more? Our 2012 Materials Report: Volume 1 is now available! With 40+ pages covering a wide variety of materials, this carefully curated report serves as a desktop reference keeping you up to date on new innovations in technology and fabrication. Clear and concise, each material includes a descriptive recap, potential implications/applications, and contact information for ordering samples. Contact use to learn about purchasing the full report!

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Materials Report 2012 Vol 1 Preview

  1. 1. MATERIALS REPORT v o l u m e 1 . 0©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  2. 2. CHARGING FABRIC FABRIC Contact: Mrs. Hanne Troels Jensen Directory of Knowledge, Center for Smart Textiles, TEKO, VIA University college 45 8755 0547 Designers: Hans Christian Thiese, Mads Gydegaard, Morten Ydefeldt, Marius Koppang Product: Powertex Description: Four students from Aalborg University in Denmark have designed a charging fabric which recently won first prize in the Future Textiles International Competition. Electronic devices placed anywhere on the fabric automatically begin charging - creating an innovative way to provide power with mobility and freedom. Application: Upholstery, Table Covers, Mats Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  3. 3. NOURISHING FABRIC FABRIC Contact: Mfr: Two Square Meter Product: Nourishing fabric Description: A knitwear made from milk and seaweed that nourishes the body and offers healing properties as it’s worn. Application: Apparel Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  4. 4. ENGRAVED LEATHER LEATHER Contact: 800.482.7777 Mfr: Spinneybeck Pattern: Starflower Description: Laser-engraved leather adds depth and interest to soft surfaces. The Starflower design conceived by London-based designer Genevieve Bennett highlights the level of detail available with this unique technology. Application: Feature walls, custom artwork, table inserts, upholstered surfaces Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  5. 5. ANTI-BACTERIAL SURFACE FINISH Contact: 720.859.4070 Mfr: Sharklet Technologies, Inc. Product: Antibacterial Surface Technology Description: Scientists wondered what slow moving aquatic animal in Nature doesn’t accumulate algae on its skin? Only one – the shark. Based on the unique pattern of sharkskin, Sharklet creates an antibacterial surface using texture alone without chemicals that can be applied to various products. Application: Healthcare, medical devices, surfaces Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  6. 6. RAKED BARNWOOD WOOD Contact: Mfr: Stone Source Product: Berkshire Pine Barn Siding – Raked and Dry Brushed Description: The popularity of reclaimed barn wood is undeniable, but Stone Source has collaborated with a third generation family owned mill to take it a step further. By treating the rough wood with a raking process, it is transformed with clean, linear textured lines making it a beautiful combination of old and new. Application: Feature walls, furnishings Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  7. 7. LIGHT TRANSMITTING VENEER WOOD Contact: Mfr: Jagorta Product: Light Transmitting Wood Veneer Description: A unique veneer that allows light to filter through creating the opportunity for custom designed illumination. By backlighting the material the natural grain is enhanced and highlighted, and the light can be manipulated to reveal a pattern, logo, or custom design. Application: Wall panels, automotive, furnishings Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  8. 8. ACRYLIC TEXTURES PLASTICS Contact: 800.433.9293 Mfr: Reynold’s Polymer Product: R Cast Textures Description: Available in acrylic and resin format, these unique textures add depth, dimension, and visual intrigue to architectural panels. A hint of color and surface texture allows for an obscured transparency that feels light and open while affording privacy at the same time. Application: Decorative panels, partitions, water features, signage, furniture, displays Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  9. 9. KILN FORMED GLASS GLASS Contact: 888.505.4527 (GLASS) Mfr: Joel Berman Glass Product: Ellisse Description: An oversized, dimensional glass design ideal for large scale architectural projects. The repetition of deep, curved ellipse shapes creates a pleasing texture that can be enhanced with custom coloring and opacity options. Application: Decorative panels, partitions, water features, signage, furniture, displays Materials Report – January 2012©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  10. 10. want your own copy of the materials report?contact our materials maven: emily siwek
  11. 11. thank you! The information contained in this document is provided for demonstration & internal research purposes only, to give dimension and meaning to the trends. Any reproduction of this information is a direct violation of the Federal Copyright Law. This includes,but is not limited to, color copying, color printing, photocopying or faxing, as well as email distribution of all content, photographs & images, or posting on the Internet. Please be careful to not copy the designs, trademarks or intellectual properties of others reported within these pages, as this may result in your being sued or prosecuted by the owner of that content. ©2012 Sphere Trending LLC