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Generational Trend Brief 2013


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New Aspirations by Generation - The 2013 Generational Trend Brief by Sphere Trending features attitude shifts and macro trends shaping the aspirations of Gen Now, Gen X, Zoomers and Prime Timers. For more on our generational research and trend forecasts contact

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Generational Trend Brief 2013

  1. 1. new aspirations by generation © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC GENERATIONAL TREND BRIEF 2013
  2. 2. Sphere Trending is known for its Generational Expertise <18 18-36 37-46 48-67 68+ 74 84 43 80 47 million million million million million by the numbers © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC ages: pop:
  3. 3. fearless culture maker culture curated culture independence culture prime timersgen xgen now zoomers goal design mantra needs identity ages 18-36 ages 37-46 ages 68+ages 47-67 mash-up be brave connect to technology be practical fluid connect to family be indulged selective connect to friends be rejuvenated comfort connect to community new aspirations by generation © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC
  4. 4. 32% of Gen Now adults have already achieved home ownership and the majority of the rest of the generation consider it a future goal. ERA Real Estate Be Brave Post-Recession – we have a whole new generation of homeowners and they love color, design and texture; home is a personal style statement of themselves. gen now, they are the…. newest homeowners © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC ages 25-36 23% of total households 21% of after tax spending
  5. 5. • age compression • dream differently • ethnically diverse • raised with technology • first creative class • smartest generation • “do-it-my-way” consumer gen now, just the facts…. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC DESIGN RULZ © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC BUMBLE CAFE
  6. 6. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC gen x, they are …. key family homeowners In key family formation/raising stage Looking for a home where rooms can multi-task as needed Gen X are entering their peak earning years yet stymied on upward home mobility due to the disastrous effect of the recession on their current home equity and earnings. ages 37-46 18% of total households 21% of after tax spending © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC
  7. 7. • two-thirds of Gen X are married • 71% have minor kids at home • design savvy • practical; authentic • entrepreneurial • creating haven & hive • trading down to trade up • “do-it-yourself” consumer gen x, just the facts…. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC TWIN CITY CLOSET DESIGNING SOLUTIONS © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC STYLE ESTATE
  8. 8. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC zoomers, they are the…. affluent homeowners ages 47-67 38% of total households 41% of after tax spending Younger boomers have 31 years more of expected life than their counterparts in the last century – new lifestage called “Adulthood II” Currently, staying put in the workforce and staying put in their homes - about 74 percent expect to work in retirement Bloomberg © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC
  9. 9. • physically and mentally 20 years younger than prior generations at their age • redefining luxury & discretionary income • 4 generation caregivers • “do-it-for-me” consumer • close connection to grandchildren & family • buying experiences & lifestyle zoomers, just the facts…. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC TERRAIN AD © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC ALDO BERNARDI
  10. 10. © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC TERRAIN risk adverse generic event mainstream style good enough selling (push) brave & bold an adventure signature style something special inspiring (pull) new conversations for new generations © 2013 Sphere Trending, LLC
  11. 11. ©2013 Sphere Trending LLC The information contained in this document is provided for demonstration & internal research purposes only, to give dimension and meaning to the trends. Any reproduction of this information is a direct violation of the Federal Copyright Law. This includes, but is not limited to, color copying, color printing, photocopying or faxing, as well as email distribution of all content, photographs & images, or posting on the Internet. Please be careful to not copy the designs, trademarks or intellectual properties of others reported within these pages, as this may result in your being sued or prosecuted by the owner of that content. To learn more about our deep dive generational trend forecasts and customized macro trend reports, contact us today: email: ph: 248-681-3945