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2012 CES Trend Report PREVIEW


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We track the trends at CES in an entirely different way!! Not only do we follow the hottest introductions in technology, but we track the colors, finishes, materials and details with an eagle eye for design. To learn more about purchasing our entire report visit

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2012 CES Trend Report PREVIEW

  2. 2. CES - 1/2012 SHOW Description: The 2012 International CES was the largest in the events 44 year history, with a record number of more than 3,100 exhibitors across the largest show floor in CES history – 1.861 million net square feet of exhibit space – and drawing a record of more than 153,000 attendees, including more than 34,000 international attendees. More than 20,000 new products were launched at the 2012 CES, which also featured top executives participating in keynote sessions, including those from Qualcomm, Mercedes, Wal-Mart, Intel, Ford, Verizon, Unilver, Ford, eBay, GE, Google and Facebook. Overview: The show floor was crowded, yet inspired, with primary key introductions in OLED television, connected home technologies and creative peripherials.SAMSUNG ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  3. 3. TRUE RED COLOR As some of the neons and pastels are seeming to fade away, primary hues on on the return in a big way. Clean, clear red was pivotal as a bright spot in the show.MONSTER SAMSUNG SCP MONCARBONE POLAROID ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  4. 4. BLUE RASPBERRY COLOR Tart and techy, this brilliant blue hue was seen on everything at the show – from laptops to headphones to cases – this is a must have blue for all things gadget-y. HAIERPOLAROID HOUSE OF MARLEY NOKIA ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  5. 5. SUBTLY REFLECTIVE FINISH Like an anodized finish with a mirrored glaze effect these new finishes add a bit of reflective quality, while keeping a little underlying texture. LGCANON CANON ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  6. 6. WRIST WEAR DETAIL Headphones were, and still are, a major technology style statement to wear on your person, but watches and bracelets got into the game this year with bluetooth connectivity and USB cable connectivity worn on your wrist.MOHZY SONY I’M WATCH ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  7. 7. WIFI APPLIANCES TECH Samsung’s smarthome WiFi washer and dryer can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet from inside or outside your home via an app and provides you with notifications on the status of your laundry. LG’s Smart ThinQ appliances communicateSAMSUNG wirelessly with each other and with you. The refrigerator keeps track of inventory through grocery receipts scanned with a smartphone, can recommend recipes based on it’s contents and can even start the oven in advance for you. Once you’re using the oven, it will talk to your smartphone giving you temperature alerts and reminders when your food is done.SAMSUNG LG ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  8. 8. need more than “tech” news from CES? did you know...? our 2012 Consumer Electronics Show report is ready to ship! what’s included? 40+ pages of color direction, unique finishes, creative materials and details and a rundown of the hottest tech introductions from the show. how will I use it? create innovative color and finish stories for product design, find tech trends to use for your business & more! to learn more contact our team of tech-trend specialists! mandi mankvitz mmankvitzl@spheretrending.c ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  9. 9. thank you! The information contained in this document is provided for demonstration & internal research purposes only, to give dimension and meaning to the trends. Any reproduction of this information is a direct violation of the Federal Copyright Law. This includes,but is not limited to, color copying, color printing, photocopying or faxing, as well as email distribution of all content, photographs & images, or posting on the Internet. Please be careful to not copy the designs, trademarks or intellectual properties of others reported within these pages, as this may result in your being sued or prosecuted by the owner of that content. ©2012 Sphere Trending LLC