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Communication E-mail Best Practices


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This workshop covers basic best practices while communicating over e-mail learned at Sperasoft.

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Communication E-mail Best Practices

  1. 1. Communication & E-Mail Best Practices
  2. 2. General Politeness !   Always be polite !   Keep emotions under control !   Think twice prior to communication !   Use words “please” and “would”
  3. 3. Acknowledge & Respond •  Acknowledge all e-mails you receive •  Need time? - use “I will get back to you ASAP!”
  4. 4. Keep Paragraphs Short •  Keep paragraphs short within 5 lines •  Get straight to the point. No long intros! •  Use text blocks - keep ideas focused
  5. 5. Keep It Clean •  Avoid fonts smaller than 10 or larger than 12 points •  Small fonts are difficult to read •  Large fonts require extensive scrolling •  Use spaces & breaks to separate blocks of text
  6. 6. ü Use as few words as possible ü Pay attention to sentence structure ü Your point must be clear and direct ü Use only formal language, no slang ü Always use Spell Checker Concise. No Jargon. Check Spelling.
  7. 7. Use Formatting to Emphasize !   Use bold & underline to emphasize !   Use bullets and tables to attract attention !   Organize text using lists and tables !   Always use corporate message templates
  8. 8. Create an Effective Subject Line Remember to include: •  "Action Requested“ or "Response Requested" •  "FYI" or "Read Only" •  Project name •  Required action •  The due date
  9. 9. ü Ask only one question per your e-mail main subject ü Avoid mixing several questions in one e-mail ü Use separate e-mails for separate issues Ask One Question Only!
  10. 10. Don’t Forget! •  Always include a signature line •  Use mailing lists •  Use the CC & BCC lines •  Add attachments •  Re-read one more time
  11. 11. Always Follow Up No reply? – FOLLOW UP! No action? – FOLLOW UP! Need update? – FOLLOW UP!