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Song Choices


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A analysis of the song choices available for my music video

Published in: Technology
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Song Choices

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION • The following slides will display my song choices for my music video project. I will analyse why I chose one song over the others, also looking at details of each of the 4 music videos. Screenshots will be provided for each song to display the performance aspect of it.
  2. 2. Harder To Breathe is a performance based music video with small edit techniques which overall impact the footage greatly. The small jump cuts suit the flow of the song and make it look overall more professional from a production point of view.
  3. 3. Molly's Chambers is also a performance based music video. However this time the editing is focused on the transitions of shots, rather than the clips themselves. This transition theme is supported by multiple colored backgrounds which overall making it a much more visually pleasing production.
  4. 4. The Shut Down cover is a live performance for the BBC, therefore no editing (SFX, transitions) has been added. The only thing here is multiple cuts to the shots of both performers (drummer/guitarist). This is not intended to be a music video, however the simplicity of the cuts of the performance manages to form a video in itself.
  5. 5. Feel Good Inc is completely separate to the previous videos shown. The band 'Gorillaz' focuses on animation to show performance which is a new installment to the music industry. It has now been copied since. Despite it being animated, the same shot types (close up, mid shot, establishing shot etc) have been used. Since the structure has been followed it can be represented physically and would still create a good preoduction.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION • Overall, 3 of these music videos are performance based, whilst the other is animated. Since I will be representing on of the 4 songs for my own piece it would simpler to choose a performance based video. Furthermore, 'Shut Down' is too simplistic for a music video as it's just live shots with no editing, therefore in depth analysis for information on how to construct my own cannot be found. That leaves us with 2 choices, 'Harder To Breathe' or 'Molly's Chambers'. I decided to also speak with the band who would be performing for me and they already knew 'Molly's Chambers' so it was decided that this song would be used. This simplifies contruction further as this song choice will require less practice and time to be recorded correctly for syncing