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Shoulders That Steve Stood On


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The kudos keep rolling in as the iPhone celebrates its 10th anniversary: The most successful product trillion dollars in iOS revenues....No wonder that many people think Steve Jobs invented the smartphone.

But he didn’t. Its foundations in fact, had been on the market for years. What Jobs did so brilliantly was to wrap them in a stunning package, marry them to a robust business model, and promote them with marketing wizardry. The result was a product with universal appeal.

But what about its foundations? On whose shoulders did Steve Jobs stand? While large corporations AT&T and Motorola get most of the credit and many others played a part, this article highlights several entrepreneurs who first commercialized the innovations that made the iPhone possible.

Published in: Technology
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Shoulders That Steve Stood On

  1. 1. Shoulders That Steve Stood On
  2. 2. “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”
  3. 3. “The first portable cell phone”
  4. 4. “World’s first portable cellular system”
  5. 5. “The intelligent phone has been launched”
  6. 6. First text
  7. 7. 1930s 1981 1982 1983 1986 2007