All Time Low Advert


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All Time Low Advert

  1. 1. All time Low Advert. These adverts’ Colours are chosen because they are bright which is eye catching which attracts some one’s eyes say if they are walking across the road from the advert this is interesting and I know I would cross the road to read it. The camera angles in this advert are just direct which gives a clear shot of the band and how the title is put this gives the effect of the band being behind the title. The product image is the Album in this advert which the band is advertising to sell. It’s situated in the right corner of it, also were its placed makes your go to it because the background is a big picture and is white but the album is a different colour to the background which is eye catching, the name of the album is in quite big letters and a fancy font right at the bottom of the advert which you read, I think they also put the album cover on it because if you were interested in this band and wanted to buy there new album you probably wouldn’t know what it looks like so now you have seen it you can go into the music stores and know what you looking for. The different types of fonts in this are very interesting because the title is very in your face, bold and getting straight to the point of he band but then there’s name of the band at the very bottom which goes with the flow its in capitals but it’s not as big and in your face as the title. The background Is a picture of the band which is very effective because its just makes the whole advert just fit together because you see what kind of band they are before you buy the album but because different people like different music this gives you an idea what kind of music its going to be. I think that the target audience for this advert is teenagers/young people because the band’s quite young and the advert and the advert gives of vibe’s of having fun like with your friends and listening to there music you can have that fun. This advert I think would appear in a young persons magazine i.e. NME Because as I said it seems like a young persons advert.
  2. 2. I think this advert is a success because its bright its very eye catching and there a brilliant band and this advert does everything its supposed to it advertisers there album good and is exciting to look at.