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Speedflow Products and Services Overview


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Speedflow Communications offers high quality VoIP products and services. You are welcome to download brochure and get information regarding our solutions for VoIP companies.

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Speedflow Products and Services Overview

  1. 1. Income Calls ACD ASRSpeed ow Communications successfully operates on VoIP market since2004. The company provides its customers with high-quality telecomservices and VoIP software solutions. Speed ow cooperates with morethan 700 reliable customers worldwide varying from Tier-1 national andglobal carriers to ISPs, corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers. Speed ow presents exceptional range of software solutions Single Point of Control solutions from Speed ow include:Class 4 Softswitch Class 5 Softswitch Processing system VoIP ERP-systemEach of these products makes your management much more e cientand your business becomes more pro table by less e orts.We are con dent that fair play is required not only in sport. We considerimpeccable reputation as our company’s great value. 1
  2. 2. Telecom ServicesSpeed ow provides customers with: Quality Wholesale Premium A-Z termination Corporate servicesOur bene ts: Competitive A-Z price list Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing POPs located around the world Professional Account Managers 24/7 SupportFor VoIP transit providers: Direct routes Competitive prices Flexible routing toolsFor corporate subscribers: Field proven quality Per second billing Installation servicesSpeed ow cooperates with wide range of clients, such as: Tier-1,2,3 carriers Corporate carriers Call centers Banks Call shop networks, etc.
  3. 3. Telecom ServicesWe provide reliable, high-quality terminations at competitive rates dueto our numerous interconnections with direct carriers worldwide.Since we are a successful VoIP provider, we have long-establishedrelationships with many international telecommunication companies.Our partners are leading operators of VoIP business, such as: Ibasis, USA Verizon, USA Tata Communications, Great Britain Telecom Italy, San Marino Bics a Belgacom Company, Belgium NTT, Japan Pacnet, Singapore and many others.We continuously seek to establish business relationships with new localproviders capable of supplying stable routes and attractive prices. es ani mp m co ! New teleco o me a re w e l c
  4. 4. Class 4 Softswitch MediaCore is a class 4 softswitch which is designed for VoIP wholesale providers and supports clustering & geographically distributed deploy- ments. The softswitch proves to be a high performance, stable and scalable platform. The switch includes dynamic proactive routing mecha- nism, integrated billing, revenue assurance system (Guardian), and trans-coding. Due to its structure MediaCore can be purchased either as a full-featured VoIP software product or as separate modules. That is why it is a good choice not only for big companies, but for developing companies too since they can easily buy up modules when it is necessary. MediaCore is available for purchase and rent. Free demo and trial period are available. Speed ow provides all the clients with 24/7 NOC support. Up to 30,000 concurrent calls Up to 1500 CPS per system SIP/H323//SS7 TDM LCR, quality, Protocol convertion priority-based routing class 4 softswitchG729, G723, G711, GSM User-friendly Codec convertion Web-interface web-interface Billing RADIUS RTP 1 RTP 2 RTP N mediaserver mediaserver mediaserver Guaranteed stability and no loss of calls Routing: Load balancer 0,0002 Second VoIP transit PBX Callcenter Gateway VoIP provider company
  5. 5. Class 4 SoftswitchTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Protocols: SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566) H.323 v.6 (H.245 v.13, H.225 v.6) T.38 Fax Relay Protocol Any means conversion Codecs: g729(a,b,ab) g723(5.3,6.3) g711(u-law,a-law) GSM FR Any means transcoding Proxy: Full proxy mode (topology hiding) No proxy mode (signaling only) Authorization: By Static Public IP and pre x; By login and password (dynamic IP) Routing: Routing time 0,0002 second Flexibility: any – to – any, one – to – one, one – to – any, any – to – one; Routing groups Routing based on: LCR, Priorities, Quality Day/time based routing Routing tables visual displaying with full information Load Balancing Lines Limits for originator and terminators Maximum call time limitation Automatic routing control System capability: Unlimited number of concurrent calls (depends on hardware) Call rate per second on one server: 500 +
  6. 6. Class 4 Softswitch Billing: Balancing and limits for companies Integrated invoicing system (auto generation and sending, customi- zation) Di erent nancial analysis options Real time CDR’s monitoring (ASR, ACD, Pro t) Reports generation system with di erent ltering options Con guration & administration: WEB-based interface Multi-level permissions for users access to the system depending on users pro le. Web billing update without call interruption. Media servers update with interruption less then 30 seconds.10 Reasons to choose MediaCore 1 Uni ed Point of Control System 2 System scalable on-demand 3 Revenue Assurance system (Guardian) for tra c quality estimation 4 No data losses due to our innovative CDR system 5 Native protocol & codec converter without productivity slowdown 6 Our own collocations help to get complete solution in a few days 7 24/7 NOC technical support, on-line trainings and consultations 8 Regular free updates for all customers 9 Any changes in the system are done immediately 10 Convenient provisioning tools TEST MEDIACORE SOFTSWITCH FOR FREE & MAKE YOUR CHOICE!
  7. 7. Processing SystemPay-n-Get is a Transaction Processing System for instant delivery of re ll-ing codes for IP telephony services and any other code-related productsand services (like prepaid Internet services, Mobile networks top-up re llcodes etc.). It is designed for companies which provide their customerswith pre-paid services.Pay-n-Get advantages: The con rmation of successful transaction delivered immediately after the transaction is initialized Codes are sold directly from the main server storage instantly and safely From a single terminal you can realize or sell services by unlimited number of providers System allows creating and managing extended multi-level dealers networks User friendly web-interface and well-developed reporting engine High security level is provided by implementing advanced technologies 24/7 NOC technical supportPay-n-Get solution replaces scratch-cards production, transportation andproviding their safety at the point-of-sale. All variety of the services regis-tered in Pay-n-Get is available for sale at any time. You pay only for the equipment and software! We don’t require any transaction fee! TURNKEY SOLUTION FOR PREPAID SERVICES
  8. 8. Class 5 SoftswitchProprietary Linux-based Class 5 Softswitch designed for VoIPcompanies to deliver services to end-users. It is a multifunc-tional, scalable and reliable platform. Functionality SIP options: * Local calls * Transfer * Forward * Call Waiting * Voicemail * Conference ANI PIN SIP IP SIP SIP PSTN / Mobile Gateway CallBack (DID/access IVR numbers) SIP + SIP Gateway (DID/access VoIP numbers) Suppliers PSTN / Mobile
  9. 9. Class 5 SoftswitchTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Minimal required hardware servers: One server: Xeon X3220+ (4x2.4 GHz), 4GB RAM, 2x250+ GB HDD SAS, SATA3 Required operation system: Linux Ubuntu v.10.04; Database: PostgreSQL Supported VoIP protocols & codecs: SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566) Media codecs: G.729, G.723.1, G711a-Law, G.711mU-Law Call routing options: Dial Plan and SIP Trunks based routing Unlimited number of users Priority based routing modi cation DID numbers support Gateways support IP Centrex functions (PBX): Auto answer attendant (IVR system) Free/not free calls between users Conference calls Hold Forward Transfer Voicemail Calling card functions: Greeting IVR system for each user Call back Bulk users generation system Re ll codes generation system Smart pit support PayPal support Network security and access control: Network topology hiding Full proxy
  10. 10. CallMax is available for purchase and rent. Free DEMO & TRIAL are available. PBX Local calls SIP options International calls Forward SIP user 3 Voicemail SIP user 2 SIP user 4 Transfer Call Waiting Conference SIP user 1 SIP user N DID numbers Gateway IVR Calling Groups PSTN / Mobile SIP VoIP Suppliers NAT support Authorization by IP and pre x by A-number by PIN code by SIP Login and PasswordBilling capabilities: Postpaid and Prepaid options for each user Support of customer and vendor price lists (one-time, regular, permanent) Day/time based price lists Total billing reports for each client for a certain time period Financial analysis of any selected client and any selected destination Invoice generation system Noti cations system CDR (call detailed report) generationCon guration and administration: Web-based interface Multi-level permissions for users access to the system depending on users pro le Test CallMax and make your choice!
  11. 11. VoIP ERP-systemAccuCore is a complex accounting and nancial analysis software solu-tion for all VoIP business processes. It is designed for VoIP providers inorder to set them free from routine work, make their work easier andsave time.Main features: Price-lists processing management Advanced invoice system Cash ow, xed assets, goods & services subsystems Targets & o ers analyzer Balances accounting CDR comparison tool Reports generation LCR & price generation AccuCore registers all the changes in carriers’ and clients’ rates. It automatically imports rates into billing systems & delivers current price-lists to clients.View current information on your business: Complete and clear reports on tra c ow Reports are generated at servers minimal load time (time is cus- tomizable) Generated reports can be received via e-mail or saved in a folder IAS & GAAP standards support System generates more than 50 report types MAKE MONEY WHILE ACCUCORE MAKES THE JOB!
  12. 12. Products testimonials TULIP R Mediacore in itself is a complete package and is an intelligent system which is helping us a lot in making it possible business expansion... The support we got were superb... We would assess Speed ow as our o cial partners... I am most impressed with the carrier grade CallMaxKawuLeza Softswitch connect If you are looking for quality hardcore carrier-grade switches then I highly recommend Speed ow. We studied di erent softswitches and favorable to the reliability & performance of Mediacore. Speed ow engineering team is very knowledge- able, and o ers prompt response with regards to the VOIP Technology. Speed ow team is very very professional and has good business ethicsSpeed ow Communications Tel. +44 20 30 265 7651 Lumley Street Mayfair www.speed ow.comLondon W1K 6TT, UK E-mail: info@speed