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Speed Marketing 2 - Ning for Social Networking


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Social Networks and the power they can wield can be developed on this site for business purposes - learn about Ning for Marketing!

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Speed Marketing 2 - Ning for Social Networking

  1. 1. NING NING NING FOR MARKETING “Top 10 Things You Should Know About Ning” Kate Athmer MariKyle Buechter Jen Collins Allyson Holsinger Anthony Quitar
  2. 2. HOW ABOUT THE BASICS  One big website full of social networking groups Dayton Marketing Community Dayton Dining  FREE with an option to upgrade  Easy to join and use!  Great for organizing groups of people  Chats, groups, discussion boards, video, photo slideshows, events
  3. 3. EVERYONE’S DOING IT!  There are 900,000 social networks on Ning. And more than 4,000 are being added everyday.  Ning had 4.7 million unique visitors in 2009 according to comScore  By New Year’s Eve 2010, 4 million users will have registered with Ning.
  4. 4. RECOMMENDED SOCIAL NETWORKS  Ning recommends other social networks to users Recommendation engines are a form of viral marketing Ex – people who liked this book also liked…  Based on momentum, relevancy, and popularity  Represents an additional source of prospective members
  5. 5. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  Ning provides SEO beginning with your social network's information: Tagline, description, and keywords.  Allows anyone to find your site easily  Ning search results regularly appear near the top of the page
  6. 6. MARKET YOURSELF FOR FREE  Potential customers What product features can you market that will keep customers coming back to your Ning?  Apple’s New Macs market 8 hour battery life and that they are “green”  Future employees Can your current employees help convince potential recruits to work for you?
  7. 7. SAVE MONEY ON TRAVEL  Great for geographically dispersed locations Employees from both coasts can collaborate online in real time through chat features  Utilize these features: Real Time Chats Discussion Forums Organize Events Track Member Information Form Groups Upload Videos
  8. 8. CUSTOMIZE YOUR AD SPACE • Premium Ning Services • Nix Ning advertising • Make $$$ with advertising
  9. 9. MANAGE YOUR MEMBERS  Invite people to join  Ban members  Export member data to Excel  Promote to administrators Give members title and ability to moderate one feature or multiple features Appearance, Blog, Events, Forum, Groups, Members, Music, Notes, Pages, Photos, Videos
  10. 10. PRIVACY IS IN YOUR CONTROL  Moderate: Who joins your network What content people can contribute Who can see your profile
  11. 11. THERE IS HELP  All the help and support you need is provided by the Ning support team: Step-by-step instructions FAQ’s Contact Ning support directly via web form