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Speed Marketing 2 - eMail Best Practices


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Learn how to optimize eMail to connect with customers and build relationships and sales.

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Speed Marketing 2 - eMail Best Practices

  1. 1. Direct Email Marketing Anthony Coffman Liam Keohane Lindsay Patrick Greg Rodenfels Dan Schaffer Terry Stewart “Top 10 Things You Should Know About Email”
  2. 2. AIDA Strategy • Attention-the first part of your write-up grabs the readers' attention. • Information-the second part gives them information. • Desire-the third part makes them desire your product. • Action-the fourth part spurs them to action making them reach for their credit card and buy your product.
  3. 3. Email Capabilities • Interactivity-two-way, rather then one way communication • Rapidity-a message can travel swiftly from marketer to consumer, providing quick feedback • Reach –provides good reach since a large proportion has an email address
  4. 4. Permission Marketing • Types -Opt-out -Opt-In -Double or confirmed Opt-In • Benefits -Message Relevance -Monetary Benefit
  5. 5. How To Utilize Email
  6. 6. Subject line • Make the subject line the headline • If the subject line is strong, crisp, and compelling, they'll open your email • Good keywords to put in a subject line: -Free -Sale -% 0ff • Be creative
  7. 7. Professional Email Signature • Every time you send a business email, you should include a professional signature at the bottom • Signature should include: - your name - business name - full web address • Free advertising for you • Provides instant access to your contact information
  8. 8. Signature Examples Irene J. Dickey Lecturer Director P&G Marketing Challenge Marketing Club Faculty Advisor Zeta Tau Alpha Faculty Advisor Miriam Hall 609 Dept. of Management & Marketing School of Business Administration University of Dayton (937) 229-2025 (937) 229-3744 Gregory J. Rodenfels University of Dayton (440) 382-1649
  9. 9. Find an Affiliate • Aka signature buddy • Allows you to reach more customers • Have someone to include your web address below their own signature every time they send an email • In return, do the same for them • Benefit = Both get free advertising
  10. 10. Create a News Letter • Time consuming but worth the effort • Used to promote products and services • Can hire a free lancer
  11. 11. Send Coupons • Who doesn’t like saving money? • Send coupons on a regular basis • Promotional tool to increase business and sales • Good Examples –Eddie Bauer –J Crew –Barnes & Noble
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. Send Thank You Notes • Send thank you notes to your customer through email after a sale • Polite gesture • Internet marketing at its finest • Shows sincere appreciation
  14. 14. Homework • Joel Book • Went to MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit • “Email marketers are being challenged to do more with less.” • Webinar on Gordman’s (Retailer) -April 1 -Have to register on Exact Target’s website