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Search engine marketing and optimization.

Get a high listing!

Published in: Technology, Design
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  1. 1. Casey Peterson, Liz Angle, Katie Obrien, Neal Schafer, and Jonathan Hernandez
  2. 2. SEO defined  Using marketing and customer terms and words to obtain a high listing naturally  Keyword strategy plays a key role  Maintain site regularly to keep updating keywords (active process)  It is that easy – all companies should be doing this!
  3. 3. Sponsored listings Organic listings
  4. 4. SE0 Goals  Bring new customers to your website.  Use keywords that the customers identify with.  Your goal is not to get everyone to your website, but to attract people that turn from visitors to buyers.
  5. 5. ESPN example of HTML coding  ESPN <meta name=quot;descriptionquot; CONTENT=quot; provides comprehensive sports coverage. Complete sports information including NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, College Basketball scores and news.quot; /> <meta name=quot;keywordsquot; CONTENT=quot;, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPN Classic, ESPNU, Insider, sports scores, sports news, MLB scores, NFL scores, NBA scores, NHL scores, College Football scores, College Basketball scores, sports videos, sports information, Fantasy sports, Fantasy games, Fantasy football, Fantasy baseballquot; /> <meta http-equiv=quot;refreshquot; content=quot;900quot; /> <meta name=quot;robotsquot; content=quot;index, followquot; /> <title>ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports</title>
  6. 6. DELL example of HTML coding
  7. 7. SEM  Paid listings – bid for keywords  Pay per click  Pay-for-placement  Paid Listing or Paid Advertising  SEM Campaign: eg. Google Adwords  Sponsored Listings  Paid inclusions – pay to be in directories!  Nordstrom pays Google $10-20 to be in their directory ensures Nordstrom’s pages will be included in the SE’s database  more quickly & be available to match searches  more sales
  8. 8. Google Adwords  Want to advertise on Google?  No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google and our advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads  Here is how it works!
  9. 9. SEM – Google Example  Google AdWords Demo
  10. 10. SEM – Yahoo Example  Yahoo Demo
  11. 11. Begin with Keywords
  12. 12. Helps with popular keywords
  13. 13. Determine your budget  AdWords shows your ad as often as possible within the budget you set  You're charged a small portion of the budget each time a user clicks your ad, so the higher your budget, the more ad impressions and click thrus you may receive  Impressions- a single instance of an online advertisement being displayed  Click thrus- process of clicking thru an online ad  Click thru rate (CTR)- The avg # of click-thrus per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a %
  14. 14. f E nte he ad he he re 0als e r line 1linere > > < 2 Write your ad  All text ads contain a title, two lines of descriptive text, and a display URL Example of an ad
  15. 15. Analyze results  Analyze results weekly for at least the first 6 to 8 weeks of your program  What to look for?  The keywords that are generating the highest number of clicks as well as the highest conversion rate  80/20 rule  20% of your keywords are likely to generate 80% of your clicks  FOCUS on improving your results for these high-value keywords, and optimize on less-frequently searched terms later
  16. 16. Power of SEO & SEM
  17. 17. Staggering Statistics  Nearly every engine marketer (98%) is advertising with Google AdWords, while the number of campaigns on Yahoo and MSN search engines are declining  $13B of SEM expenditures in 2008 and growing rapidly (North America)  The bulk of spending (88%, or $11.9 billion) will be spent on paid placement  91% of advertisers say they engage in SEO, which will account for approximately 11% of overall spending, or over $1.4 billion