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11 Common Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing (And What To Do Instead)


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Poorly executed content will fall flat and could damage your brand. But content marketing has the potential to build brand trust, deliver leads and improve customer loyalty.

Find out the most common B2B content mistakes and tips for avoiding them.

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11 Common Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing (And What To Do Instead)

  1. 1. 11 Common Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing (and what to do instead)
  2. 2. Content marketing will build brand trust, deliver high-quality leads and improve customer loyalty …but only if it’s good.
  3. 3. Poorly executed or irrelevant content will fall flat and could even damage your brand.
  4. 4. Here are the eleven most common B2B content mistakes and our tips for avoiding them:
  5. 5. Three posts one week followed by months of radio silence will confuse your audience, especially if you throw a wildly varying tone into the mix. Winging It Mistake 1
  6. 6. Our tip: Write it down. Create a mission statement, style guide and shareable content calendar so that everyone understands what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Always have a plan 
  7. 7. By focusing solely on your products, you’re asking your customers - those people who use ad blockers and skip ad buttons - to voluntarily come and look at an advertisement. Making It All About You  MEME ME ME ME Mistake 2
  8. 8. Our tip: If you’re proud of something, shout it, but your content should mostly focus on what your audience wants to know. It’s a conversation, not a sales pitch 
  9. 9. Surveys and research are useful, but they only answer the questions you know to ask. Selective Listening Mistake 3
  10. 10. Our tip: Use social listening to get great content ideas. Cast the net wide enough on social media to hear what’s important to your audience, as well as what they’re saying about your brand. Be active, not selective 
  11. 11. IBM estimates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily. The internet is not running out of content, so don’t publish for the sake of it and definitely don’t do it if it’s poorly written. Compromising On Quality Mistake 4
  12. 12. Our tip: Try to generate fresh insights that are relevant to your audience instead of rehashing ideas put forward by others. Treat every piece of content with respect 
  13. 13. Save the reclusive writer routine for when you’re writing a novel. Content creation becomes onerous and repetitive when it’s shouldered by one person or department. Doing It All On Your Own Mistake 5
  14. 14. Our tip: Search widely throughout your organisation for people who can contribute fresh and diverse content ideas. You’ll get better content and ease your load. Build a virtual team across the business 
  15. 15. Creating great content is only half the battle. With the entire content of the internet as your competition, you need to win eyeballs as well. Not Marketing Your Content Mistake 6
  16. 16. Our tip: Use paid distribution on social media to build an audience and earn media coverage by pitching your stories to journalists. Always use terms your audience is likely to search for to increase reach. Consider your paid and earned media options 
  17. 17. You may have great content, but if the audience doesn’t know what to do next, they will click away. Letting Them Get Away Mistake 7 ????
  18. 18. Our tip: Invite your audience to read related articles, follow you on social media, join your mailing list or book a consultation. Always include a relevant call to action 
  19. 19. It can be difficult to make B2B content exciting but there are no excuses for failing to be useful. Luckily, helping your audience is much more likely to achieve your goals. Focusing on Viral Content Mistake 8
  20. 20. Our tip: Focus on which people see your content before you ask how many. Quality is more important than overall reach 
  21. 21. Sometimes more is less. The thinner you spread yourself the more likely you’ll have a forgotten YouTube channel with outdated information. Being Everywhere Mistake 9
  22. 22. Our tip: It’s better to do a few proven social channels well than jump on every platform that comes along. Work out where your target audience is, go there 
  23. 23. Normal conversation rules apply to social media - it’s weird if you pop up uninvited without anything useful to say. Content Without Context Mistake 10
  24. 24. Our tip: Get involved with popular topics when you can contribute something meaningful for your audience. Focus on topics that matter to your customers, not trending hashtags 
  25. 25. With today’s smartphone users and their ever-shrinking attention spans, it’s tempting to throw all your energy into “snackable” content. Everything is Bite-Sized Mistake 11
  26. 26. Our tip: Done right, longform content such as how-to guides, webinars, podcasts and videos can educate, entertain and engage the audience that’s most interested in what you have to say. Create content that establishes credibility and shares information 
  27. 27. Great B2B content can sometimes be funny or even awe-inspiring but it’s more important to be useful. That’s the best way to stand out from the crowd.
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