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PPT-3 Final


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PPT-3 Final

  1. 1. Spectacular Advertising & Events Pvt. Ltd.Spectacular Advertising & Events Pvt. Ltd. (SADVEL) is a major player in Indian(SADVEL) is a major player in Indian exhibitions & events industry. Currentlyexhibitions & events industry. Currently SADVEL is the largest or perhaps theSADVEL is the largest or perhaps the oldest organization in Indian event market.oldest organization in Indian event market.
  2. 2. Since 1987, the company has reached a level where it has been providing its client with access to global distribution networks through well organized and widely marketed events. The company has a singular motto from Spectulization to Implementation and we believe in delivering end to end marketing solution keeping our clients in fore front of marketing trend giving them an edge over other in their respecting industry verticals.
  3. 3. Features:  Organized in the best possible manner.  Executed by the experts.  Delivered in timely manner.
  4. 4. We believe that “It takes a good idea to make a great event and it takes experience and innovation to make a great event spectacular”. We first plan, design, create and than execute the event. We ensure that you are free of worries and concerns while hosting your events. It is important for us to make sure that you savor an important movement of your life with everything designed and executed just the way you desired by us !
  5. 5.   We are pleased to announce a new event called CHEF OF INDRAPRASTHA fnYYkh dk [kkulkek which will be held all over Delhi & New Delhi.
  6. 6.   we will be dividing Delhi into 85 zones & each zone will have one event, out of Which three winners (1st , 2nd and 3rd winners) will be followed to next competition with other teams. After that quarter final, Semifinal and finals “DILLI KA KHANSAMA” will be elected.
  7. 7. Publicity: A wide publicity of this event will be done through :- Press Conferences Newspapers TV Add Metro’s Radio Jingles Holdings Banners Leaflets
  8. 8. Event Concept: A contest open to women above 18 years. Home made food preparations to be through by participants to the venue and displayed. Recipe to be provided to the judges. Judges: Qualified chefs from Indian Institute of Hotel Management / Chefs from Star Hotels. Judged on originality, tasteful decoration and quality of the preparation Three Winners (in Veg/ Non-Veg & Dessert Category) and 5 consolation prizes would be selected per venue.
  9. 9. Promotion Plan: Delhi :- Event promotion advt., in The Times of India & major newspapers which has great impact in Delhi. Pre and Post event coverage planned through TV & Radio partners, print advt., and press coverage in all leading newspapers.
  10. 10. Deliverables for Associate Sponsor: Credited as Associate Sponsor in all our Communications. Sponsors Logo's will be carried in the Stage back drop. Pre and post event editorial coverage’s will be given. Logo presence in all the collaterals & advertisements. We would be carrying advertisements in all leading newspapers.
  11. 11. Main Sponsors: One Crore Associate Sponsors: 75 Lakhs Second Associate Sponsors: 50 Lakhs
  12. 12. Thank You Event Organizer :- Manjeet Singh Company :- Spectacular Advertising & Events Private Limited Contact Details :- H-301, New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060 Mobile :- +91-9958546661, +91-9811046211 Email-ID :-