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The Online Specifiers Journey by Darren Lester


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A look at how the web has changed the research-shortlist-specify process for architects and other specifiers within the construction industry.

Published in: Business, Technology
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The Online Specifiers Journey by Darren Lester

  1. 1. The Online Specifiers Journey (by Darren Lester) @SpecifiedBy Slides available at
  2. 2. @Daz_Lester Architecture Technology graduate From N.Ireland, living in Edinburgh / Newcastle Founder @SpecifiedBy currently part of @ignite100
  3. 3. The New Journey (Research – Shortlist – Specify) @SpecifiedBy
  4. 4. @SpecifiedBy A Logical Process 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. @SpecifiedBy 1 5 2 4 3 Customers are rarely logical!
  6. 6. Who is the Online Specifier? (It’s all of them! Well, 85% of them!) @SpecifiedBy
  7. 7. Google (Other search engines are available!) @SpecifiedBy SEARCH
  8. 8. Shortlist #1 (Could they find you?) @SpecifiedBy SEARCH Shortlist
  9. 9. Long-tail SEO for Building Product Manufacturers ( @SpecifiedBy
  10. 10. Research (From Your Website & Others) @SpecifiedBy SEARCH RESEARCH Shortlist
  11. 11. @SpecifiedBy SEARCH ShortlistShortlist RESEARCH Shortlist #2 (Could they get the information?)
  12. 12. @SpecifiedBy SEARCH RESEARCH CONTACT ShortlistShortlist Contact (Follow ups & Questions)
  13. 13. @SpecifiedBy SEARCH ShortlistShortlist RESEARCH CONTACT Shortlist Shortlist #3 (How did you respond?)
  14. 14. @SpecifiedBy SEARCH RESEARCH SOCIAL PROOF ShortlistShortlist Shortlist CONTACT Social Proof (Referrals & Recommendations)
  15. 15. #SocialSpec (Follow us @SocialSpec) @SpecifiedBy
  16. 16. Specify!(You’ve made it!) @SpecifiedBy SPECIFYSEARCH RESEARCH CONTACT SOCIAL PROOF ShortlistShortlist Shortlist
  17. 17. Touch Points(The Importance of Presence) @SpecifiedBy
  18. 18. @SpecifiedBy SPECIFYSEARCH RESEARCH CONTACT SOCIAL PROOF ShortlistShortlist Shortlist
  19. 19. To Do List(5 Simple Things To Do Today) @SpecifiedBy
  20. 20. @SpecifiedBy
  21. 21. The Future? (Act now, it’s already here!) @SpecifiedBy
  22. 22. Ultimate Guide to Modern Construction Marketing ( @SpecifiedBy
  23. 23. Thank You (Any Questions?) @SpecifiedBy Slides available at