5 Reasons We're Not Just Another Online Product Directory


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SpecifiedBy provides building product manufacturers with an online platform to promote products directly to architects and other specifiers within the construction industry.

People sometimes get the impression that we are 'just another product directory' a 'necessary evil'.

Here's a look at why we are a bit different.

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5 Reasons We're Not Just Another Online Product Directory

  1. 1. SpecifiedBy for Building Product ManufacturersReasons We’re Not Just AnotherOnline Product Directory
  2. 2. “Simple, Measurable Online Marketing & ActionableLead Generation for Building Product Manufacturers.” www.SpecifiedBy.com
  3. 3. Why we don’t want to be…We help building product manufacturers promote their productsdirectly to architects and other specifiers online.We sometimes get labelled ‘Just another product directory’ whichsome people see as ‘a necessary evil’ rather than a really useful,valuable marketing tool.We don’t want clients to use SpecifiedBy because ‘they feel theyshould’ or for ‘fear of being left out’, we want them to use us becausewe really help and improve their business. SpecifiedBy
  4. 4. #1. Quality Sales LeadsWe actively generate quality sales leads for building productmanufacturer.Rather than aimlessly send visitors, who still don’t know much aboutyour products, to your website, we provide you with the usernamesof any specifier who has downloaded your product information.These specifiers can then be contacted via our built-in messagingsystem to start the conversations that lead on successful, lasting &profitable relationships. SpecifiedBy
  5. 5. #2. Easy to Measure ROIIt is vital to monitor the performance of your online marketing, whichisn’t always easy. You need to know that your time and money isbeing well spent.We track all the downloads of your product information, everytime aspecifier saves your information and traffic we send to your website.We provide you with a real-time analytics dashboard which allowsyou to visualise and monitor this data and extract sales leads. SpecifiedBy
  6. 6. #3. Actual Product InformationMost online directories only provide you with a company listing withyour contact details. There’s very little actual product information!This can drive traffic to your website, but those visitors still don’tknow much, if anything, about your products. This leads to youdealing with dead-end leads and specifiers dropping out becausethey can’t easily find the information they need.SpecifiedBy allows you to create pages for each of your products,complete with all the information a specifier needs. SpecifiedBy
  7. 7. #4. Instant Engagement with SpecifiersAs we touched on previously, there is a built-in messaging system onSpecifiedBy. We think this is important for starting conversations withpotential clients.Not only does this allow you to quickly engage with specifiers, butthey can also use it to quickly request more information from youabout a product.You will get an email notification every time you have a new enquiryso you can respond quickly. SpecifiedBy
  8. 8. #5. File DownloadsSpecifiers want your content! Share it! But they don’t all want thesame formats, so you need to provide a good variety.They want case studies, technical details, CAD drawings, maybe evenBIM components. All of these can be added to the relevant productpages for specifiers to download.Making it easy for specifiers to find and download these files, makesit easier for them to make a decision to specify your product. SpecifiedBy
  9. 9. *Bonus* We actually care!It’s easy to say, but we really do. We want to help you to improveyour online marketing efforts.We provide our manufacturers with useful, free guides to help themwith measuring our performance and with a range of other onlinemarketing topics.Obviously, we are a business and need to make money; a bankruptcompany can’t help anyone. But this is a by-product of providing anamazing service. SpecifiedBy
  10. 10. SpecifiedBy for Building Product Manufacturers Please feel free to get in touch…www.SpecifiedBy.com Darren LesterFollow us @SpecifiedBy darren@specifiedby.com
  11. 11. Just for fun…Here’s a little diagram of how we see ourselves compared to thecompetition. User Friendly Functionality SpecifiedBy