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Data treasure hunt | Conservation data science


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Advancing best practice animal care and conservation through data science (WAZA Berlin 2017)

Species360 CEO Jim Guenter presented this session on animal data science, highlighting the work that the team is doing to facilitate best practices and conservation through advanced analytics.

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Data treasure hunt | Conservation data science

  1. 1. DATA TREASURE HUNT ZOOS & AQUARIUMS 2017 Jim Guenter CEO, Species360
  2. 2. 01 02 03 quick ZIMS updates ZIMS for Studbooks is live! 100+ Studbook keepers worldwide and growing ZIMS integration =  time savings and data quality for Studbook Keepers ZIMS for Aquatics Group management Water quality tracking and trends Training, enrichment and more New Global Medical Resources module Updated blood test expected results for almost 1000 species Joins Anesthesia Summaries, Drug Usage Extracts, and Morbidity and Mortality Analysis
  3. 3. ANIMAL CARE MONITORING COMING TO ZIMS THANKS TO 21 MEMBERS Birmingham B Bryan Preserve Caldwell Calgary Cali Cameron Park Columbus Dickerson Disney Hai Park Kiryat Motzkin Kaliningrad Kiev Los Angeles Moscow Nikolaev North Carolina Point Defiance Taronga WAZA Woodland Park Wuppertal A community funded project enhancing animal care, tracking and sharing key indicators
  4. 4. IMPORT CLINICAL LAB RESULTS DIRECTLY INTO ZIMS THANKS TO 50 MEMBERS IN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND A community funded project allowing vet staff to focus on medical care, not data entry
  5. 5. E R A O F B I O L O G I C A L A N N I H I L A T I O N I S U N D E R W A Y Habitat loss, exploitation, invasive species and climate change are having acute impacts to biodiversity, making future habitat viability difficult to predict. The expertise and data that zoos and aquariums will be a critical part of developing population viability modeling to inform conservation strategies going forward. Global Information Serving Conservation (NY Times, ZSL Intl Zoobook)
  6. 6. biodiversity matters Of world trade is based on biological products or processes (BBC) Of the needs of the poor are derived from biological resources (Convention on Biological Diversity) Of crops (and 60-90% of wild plants) depend on animal pollinators (WHO/CBD) 40% 80% 35%
  7. 7. When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe. JOHN MUIR
  9. 9. Treasure in dark data 44ZB 90% 37% of data is projected for the digital universe by 2020 (One zettabyte = one billion terabytes). As many digital bits as there are stars in universe. of data is dark or unstructured, contained in notes, emails, images, etc. of the digital universe will contain data valuable for analysis by 2020 (IDC) Source: Tech Trends 2017 - The kinetic enterprise, Deloitte
  10. 10. Thanks to Species360 members and sponsors, ZIMS is a data treasure poised to connect important dots.
  11. 11. global medical resources Advancing animal healthcare today
  12. 12. global medical resources Advancing animal healthcare today What's normal for a fennec fox? Following ASVCP* guidelines, ZIMS aggregates data from healthy individuals to provide statistically relevant data that would otherwise be unavailable at the institutional level. Members typically hold only 2-3 individuals When just 48 Species360 members contributed blood test results to ZIMS in 2013, The records for 180 individual animals became available for analysis This type of reference data is now available in ZIMS for 1000+ Species *American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology recommends 40-120 healthy individuals for calculating reference intervals
  13. 13. connecting the dots Connecting ZIMS + 22 biodiversity databases such as... ZIMS ZIMS increases the known demographic data on wildlife by 10x.
  14. 14. science & research Impacting conservation in the near future Fighting the illegal turtle trade Illegal trade of testudines’ threatening many SE Asian Species “Captive Bred” used to pass import requirements Authorities unable/underequipped to verify ZIMS member’s captive breeding data + partnership with TRAFFIC, CITES, and WRS is saving turtles Thanks to member support  & data!
  15. 15. DISKo Biodiversity conservation ICE HOCKEY Weather/ climate impact on animals Resiliency indicator ZIMS + EQUEST- RIANISM Pollution impact on animals Early indicator JUDO Animal medical informing human medical Disease data Early bioindicator Data connecting the dots in the long term
  16. 16. Tech connecting the dots Mobile  Gamification Crowdfunding Augmented reality Machine learning Internet of Things / Wearables Biomimicry solutions What if ZIMS data fed my project in real time? What about an AI powered "Ask ZIMS" research assistant? Safari Central game GA Tech IBM Watson assistant
  17. 17. Peter Donlon, Director of Membership Development Dalia Conde, PhD Director of Science Jim Guenter, CEO Thank you! We are all here this week How can we help?