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Shape up in time for Summer...


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If you are looking for weight management support this year, why not check out our range of daily shape-up shakes? These include specialist vegan diet foods, nutritious light meal shakes, dairy-free and gluten-free meal replacements, protein powders and organic superfood blends!

You won't find these products on the high street. Target weight management and other health goals with these nutritious and tasty shakes!

Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, plant protein and other beneficial phyto-nutrients, we have shake mixes that are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly, organic and contain no added nasties!

For extra support, why not also consider our weight management supplements, such as THERMOthin KETOburner - a herbal fat-burner with raspberry ketones, African mango, green tea, acai berry and other well-publicised shape-up ingredients. See our website for more details!

Visit us today at:

We are based in the UK and have been supplying health clinics, detox spas, colonic hydrotherapists, surgeries, health stores and the public with high potency, GMP-manufactured health products and organic foods since 1995.

Our product ranges include meal replacement and daily shakes, protein powders, antioxidants and superfoods, organic products, weight management support supplements, sports and muscle mass products, vegetarian and vegan supplements. We also supply digestive aids, colon cleansers, probiotics and cleanse and detox supplements.

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Shape up in time for Summer...

  1. 1. Shape up in time for Summer... A unique approach Long-term success!
  2. 2. You know the basics But sometimesA well-balanced diet you need a little extra help, right?! Regular exercise Plenty of water
  3. 3. Shape-up support!Specialist Dairy-freevegan proteindiet foods powdersNutritious Organiclight meal superfoodshakes blends
  4. 4. You won’t find theseproducts on the high street
  5. 5. Target weight management AND other health goalswith these nutritious shakes!
  6. 6. PACKED with vitamins, minerals, fibre, plant protein and other beneficial phyto-nutrients!
  7. 7. Dairy FREE - Gluten FREEVegan friendly - Organic NO added nasties!
  8. 8. make a healthy change Add these tasty nutritious daily shakes into your calorie-controlled diet...
  9. 9. make a healthy change...and you’ll be on the road to shape-up success!
  10. 10. make a healthy change...and you’ll be on the road to shape-up success! Aim for optimum nutrition
  11. 11. FOR EXTRA SUPPORT Also consider THERMOthin KETOburner- a herbal fat-burner
  12. 12. FOR EXTRA SUPPORT Containing the well-publicised active ingredients raspberry ketones,African mango extract, green tea and more!
  13. 13. Get started today!