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Integrating iPads into the special ed classroom


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Integrating iPads into the special ed classroom

  1. 1. iTunes App storeiBooks iTunes UApple Ecosystem
  2. 2. iPad Basics
  3. 3. iPad
  4. 4. Vision/hearing*Speak selectionPhysical and Motor*Guided accessAccessibility
  5. 5. Restrictions
  6. 6. Five finger pinch to closeFour finger swipe up to multi-taskingdockFour finger swipes left and rightbetween appsTurn OFF in SETTINGS-General8Gestures
  7. 7. Tips and tricks
  8. 8. •Hold and jiggle•Put into folders•Rename folders•Delete apps•Lock onto bottom dock10Organising apps
  9. 9. •Apps like: DropBox•Email•Sharing options within apps•iTunes: App panel- file sharing11File sharing
  10. 10. and Access
  11. 11. Accessories and Access
  12. 12. Accessories and Access
  13. 13. SWITCH ACCESSHow do you set up aswitch interface with theiPad?Accessories and Access
  14. 14. FREE orLITE versionsCustomisation PhotosIntuitiveSupportPublishing featuresSaving & ReportingVoicesAccessibilityMultipurposeDecision making –What makes a good app?
  15. 15. Originally created by Harry Walker: Edited, with permission, by Kathy Schrock: Updated by Greg AlchinDOMAIN 4 3 2 1CurriculumConnectionSkill(s) reinforced arestrongly connected to thetargeted skill or conceptSkill(s) reinforced are relatedto the targeted skill or conceptSkill(s) reinforced areprerequisite or foundationskills for the targeted skill orconceptSkill(s) reinforced in the appare not clearly connected tothe targeted skill or conceptAuthenticityTargeted skills are practicedin an authentic format/problem-based learningenvironmentSome aspects of the app arepresented in an authenticlearning environmentSkills are practiced in acontrived game/simulationformatSkills are practiced in a rote orisolated fashion (e.g.flashcards)FeedbackFeedback is specific andresults in improved studentperformanceFeedback is specific andresults in improved studentperformance (may includetutorial aids)Feedback is limited to thecorrectness of studentresponses and may allowstudents to try againFeedback is limited to thecorrectness of studentresponsesDifferentiationApp offers completeflexibility to alter settings tomeet student needsApp offers more than onedegree of flexibility to adjustsettings to meet studentneedsApp offers limited flexibility toadjust settings to meetstudent needs (e.g., few levelssuch as easy, medium, hard)App offers no flexibility toadjust settings to meetstudent needs (settingscannot be altered)UserFriendlinessStudents can launch andnavigate within the appindependentlyStudents can launch andnavigate within the appindependently afterdemonstration by teacher.Students can launch andnavigate within the appindependently afterdemonstration by teacher.Students require intermittentsupport.Students need constantteacher support in order touse the appStudentMotivationStudents are highlymotivated to use the appand select it as their firstchoice from a selection ofrelated choices of appsStudents use the app asdirected by the teacherStudents view the app as“more schoolwork” and maybe off-task when directed bythe teacher to use the appStudents avoid the use of theapp or complain when use ofthe app is assignedPublishingStudents work can bepublished in multipleformats and/or social mediasitesStudents work can bepublished in multiple formatsand/or social media sites afterbeing transferred to acomputer.Students work can be only bepublished to a computer.Students work cannot bepublished.ReportingData is availableelectronically to the studentand teacher as a part of theapp.Data is available electronicallyto student on a summary pageand may be screenshot toshare with teacherData is available electronicallyto the student, but is notpresented on a singlesummary page.The app does not contain asummary page.ConnectivityApp connects seamlessly toWi-Fi networkApp connects to Wi-Finetwork with manualconfigurationApp requires port change toconnect to Wi-Fi networkApp unable to connect to Wi-Fi networkAPPNameCurriculum focusGrade /StageCost
  16. 16. sandpitsandpit
  17. 17.
  18. 18. It CantTeach
  19. 19. for Special Education
  20. 20. Cause & Effect
  21. 21. Theres an app for that!Real FireworksReactickles MagicSomanticsCause and Effect Sensory Light BoxFinger Paint with Sounds•
  22. 22. Sensory App HouseiMebaElectraMagmaCineFxJustTouchFotoFrez
  23. 23. Help Kidz Learn AppsHidden GridHurdle ChampionSpace ShooterBumper CarsSmarty PantsAunty Maggies RecipePeeping MusiciansTrain TrackerBig Bang Pictures/Patterns
  24. 24. Early Learning
  25. 25. Theres an app for that!Sound TouchMonkey Preschool LunchboxBugs & ButtonsSwitch Accessible PuzzlesSimple SortAlien BuddiesPlayschool Art MakerToddler TeasersPepi Bath
  26. 26. Speaking & Listening
  27. 27. Clicky StickyWhizzy KidsCookie DoodleMy PlayhomeCreate a carSplingo!Speech with MiloSpecial WordsTheres an app for that!
  28. 28. Reading & Writing
  29. 29. The Four Blocks
  30. 30. The Cat in the Hat – Dr SeussJust Me and My Mom – LittleCritter LITEWhen you grow upLazy Larry LizardHairy Maclary from Donaldson’sDairyCollins BIG CAT booksAdapted Play Book – EIEIO!There’s an app for that!Guided reading
  31. 31. There’s an app for that!Self selected reading
  32. 32. Theres an app for that!WritingClicker SentencesClicker Docs
  33. 33. There’s an app for that!Working with wordsWord Wall HDABC Magnetic Alphabet LiteFirst Words AnimalsWord wizardOz phonicsSimplex spelling*
  34. 34. Mathematics1 + 1 = 22 + 2 =
  35. 35. Theres an app for that!Early MathsFive Little AliensFive Sharks SwimmingMonkey MathFriends of TenBugs & Numbers
  36. 36. Theres an app for that!Number and CoinsJungle CoinsiCAN count money AustraliaTalking CalculatorMy Script CalculatorPanther CalculatorPanther Math PaperMath BoardSplash MathsAdditionTop it!
  37. 37. Apps for
  38. 38. Features to consider
  39. 39. Apps for AAC
  40. 40. Apps for Visual
  41. 41. EVERYONE!
  42. 42. RoutinesTransitionsExpectationsClear stepsOn taskConsistent languageBenefits
  43. 43. Positive Behaviour Support
  44. 44. Schedules & CalendarsFirst Then Visual ScheduleSymbol SupportVisual Schedule PlannerVisual routineChoiceworksKids calendar
  45. 45. Rewards & TimersiEarnedThat LiteToken BoardTime TimerSharing Timer
  46. 46. EmotionsEmotionarylite5 point autism scaleCalm CounterChoiceworks
  47. 47. The 4 Reasons WhyAccess or AvoidAttentionAccess or Avoidan ItemAvoid a Task orDemandAccess or AvoidSensory Input
  48. 48. Social
  49. 49. There’s an app for that!Story Buddy 2iMovie/iBooksMovenotePixnTell30 handsBook CreatorPuppet PalsPictello
  50. 50. Prepare someone for newevents and experiences
  51. 51. Teach a required social skill
  52. 52. Teach a new skill
  53. 53. Teach a positive behaviour
  54. 54. Sourcing info on appsSocial MediaVimeoYouTubeApp listsBlogslistervesSandpitApp that find apps
  55. 55. WebsitesSpectronics Blog and app Mallwww.appymall.comEducation app
  56. 56. Apps that find appsKindertown Appstar picksAutism AppsDiscovr Apps AppStart i.AM Search
  57. 57. App Store - Education
  58. 58.
  59. 59. In theApp Store
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Facebook Pages• Spectronics• A4CWSN• Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs• iTeach Special Education
  62. 62. Twitter @ people to follow
  63. 63. Twitter # topics to follow
  64. 64.
  65. 65. So What?So What?So What?So What?What?What?What?What? What next?What next?What next?What next?What?What?What?What? What have IWhat have Ilearnt?learnt?
  66. 66. So What?So What?So What?So What?What?What?What?What? What next?What next?What next?What next?So What?So What?So What?So What?What does thisWhat does thismean for mymean for myschool/program/hoschool/program/home?me?