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Appetiser Connecting You to a Smorgasbord of Apps


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Appetiser Connecting You to a Smorgasbord of Apps

  1. 1. AppetiserConnecting you to a smorgasbord of apps
  2. 2. Blogpost for this
  3. 3. Decision Making ProcessWhat makes a good app?FREE orLITE versionsCustomisation PhotosIntuitiveSupportPublishing featuresSaving & ReportingVoicesAccessibilityMultipurpose
  4. 4. Originally created by Harry Walker: Edited, with permission, by Kathy Schrock: Updated by Greg AlchinDOMAIN 4 3 2 1CurriculumConnectionSkill(s) reinforced arestrongly connected to thetargeted skill or conceptSkill(s) reinforced are relatedto the targeted skill or conceptSkill(s) reinforced areprerequisite or foundationskills for the targeted skill orconceptSkill(s) reinforced in the appare not clearly connected tothe targeted skill or conceptAuthenticityTargeted skills are practicedin an authentic format/problem-based learningenvironmentSome aspects of the app arepresented in an authenticlearning environmentSkills are practiced in acontrived game/simulationformatSkills are practiced in a rote orisolated fashion (e.g.flashcards)FeedbackFeedback is specific andresults in improved studentperformanceFeedback is specific andresults in improved studentperformance (may includetutorial aids)Feedback is limited to thecorrectness of studentresponses and may allowstudents to try againFeedback is limited to thecorrectness of studentresponsesDifferentiationApp offers completeflexibility to alter settings tomeet student needsApp offers more than onedegree of flexibility to adjustsettings to meet studentneedsApp offers limited flexibility toadjust settings to meetstudent needs (e.g., few levelssuch as easy, medium, hard)App offers no flexibility toadjust settings to meetstudent needs (settingscannot be altered)UserFriendlinessStudents can launch andnavigate within the appindependentlyStudents can launch andnavigate within the appindependently afterdemonstration by teacher.Students can launch andnavigate within the appindependently afterdemonstration by teacher.Students require intermittentsupport.Students need constantteacher support in order touse the appStudentMotivationStudents are highlymotivated to use the appand select it as their firstchoice from a selection ofrelated choices of appsStudents use the app asdirected by the teacherStudents view the app as“more schoolwork” and maybe off-task when directed bythe teacher to use the appStudents avoid the use of theapp or complain when use ofthe app is assignedPublishingStudents work can bepublished in multipleformats and/or social mediasitesStudents work can bepublished in multiple formatsand/or social media sites afterbeing transferred to acomputer.Students work can be only bepublished to a computer.Students work cannot bepublished.ReportingData is availableelectronically to the studentand teacher as a part of theapp.Data is available electronicallyto student on a summary pageand may be screenshot toshare with teacherData is available electronicallyto the student, but is notpresented on a singlesummary page.The app does not contain asummary page.ConnectivityApp connects seamlessly toWi-Fi networkApp connects to Wi-Finetwork with manualconfigurationApp requires port change toconnect to Wi-Fi networkApp unable to connect to Wi-Fi networkAPPNameCurriculum focusGrade /StageCost
  5. 5. Apps for Special Education List
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Accessibility• Speak Selection• Simple Wikipedia• Create PDF
  8. 8. Clicker Sentences• Early writing tool• Build sentences with whole words• Different levels of support• Easily add picture supports• Share writing• Ready-made sentence sets onLearning Grids• Works with Clicker 6
  9. 9. Book Creator• Create your own books• Read them in iBooks and share easily• Add photos, video, text and soundrecordings• Simple and easy to use• Create the layout however you like• Create: personal histories, socialstories, chat books, recounts, recipes,schedules, etc. etc.......
  10. 10. Accessibility• Guided Access– Lock an app to encourage focus on task andconvert iPad to a dedicated device• Assistive Touch– Alternative to accessing the physical buttons andusing multi gestures required for operating iPadwith stylus or headpointer
  11. 11. Accessories• Mounts for wheelchairs, beds, tables etc• Cases and stands• Styli, key guards, keyboards and gloves
  12. 12. Scene & Heard• Create scenes with audio, video, ownimages and Widgit symbols• Use it to make social stories, visual hotspots, communication passports,communication grids, schedules, chat cardsetc.• Switch Accessible• Publishing: email, print ready, file sharing• Lite version to try it out
  13. 13. PixnTell• Add voice to pictures and then create apersonalised video• Share via DropBox, Facebook, YouTube orEmail• Simple and easy to use• Create personal stories, recipes, schedules,social stories and more!
  14. 14. Sourcing info on appsSocial MediaVimeoYouTubeApp listsBlogslistervesSandpitApp that find apps
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  16. 16. Feast on thisClick on the app for further information