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10 tips for a successful trade show follow up campaign


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In this slideshare, discover 10 proven tips on maximizing your results from tradeshow follow up campaigns.
In this visually engaging presentation, you'll learn:
- why prompt response to tradeshow leads is critical
- how to successfully qualify leads by offering a range of "next steps"
- what you should and shouldn't do in your follow up email
- why ongoing nurture is a necessity after your initial follow up email
...and more.
Research has long suggested that the majority of leads generated by trade shows never receive follow-up by company representatives. Don't let that be you!

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10 tips for a successful trade show follow up campaign

  1. 1. Prompt response to show leads is critical.
  2. 2. Leads have a short shelf life. Have your follow-up campaign designed and ready to launch so that response emails can go out immediately upon leads entering the system. A prompt, professional, tailored response is a great way to make your company stand out from the competition who may take days or weeks to respond. TIP 01
  3. 3. Qualify leads by offering a range of “next steps”.
  4. 4. Most trade show leads are routinely ignored by sales. The best use of a follow-up campaign is to qualify leads by offering a range of options for further engagement. Any response (e.g. a white paper download, a demo request) can help uncover hot leads that might otherwise be missed, or at the very least can help sales prioritize which leads merit being called first. TIP 02
  5. 5. A follow-up email should be targeted and relevant to a specific show.
  6. 6. Using the same follow-up email to every show is the surest way to get your message ignored. Be sure to always identify the specific show, by name, in the subject line, and in the first paragraph, at minimum. TIP 03
  7. 7. Make your call to action specific.
  8. 8. Never say “to learn more” or “for more information.” Instead, provide the prospect specific, tangible options for engaging with your company: “download our free white paper,” “request a personal demo,” “watch our 3-minute overview video.” TIP 04
  9. 9. Remind, but don’t gloat.
  10. 10. Follow-up emails are a great place to remind the prospect of announcements you made at the show. But don’t overdo it. The last thing a prospect wants to read is a re-hashed press release. Make sure that your email is designed to drive action, not just spread the gospel about your new product. TIP 05
  11. 11. Multiple offers are a good thing.
  12. 12. Usually, marketing best practice dictates that an email focus on one offer and one call to action. Trade show follow-up emails are the exception to that rule. For example, if the only option you provide attendees is to request a demo, you’ll only hear from a small subset of leads, albeit those most sales-ready. Provide 2-3 options that appeal to a range of prospects at various stages of the selling cycle, for example: request a demo, download a white paper, subscribe to our newsletter. TIP 06
  13. 13. Facilitate contact with sales.
  14. 14. Personalize each email with the name of the assigned rep (or SDR) for that prospect, and include the rep’s phone number and personal email address at the end of the message. Someone who’s attended a tradeshow may be ready to contact sales directly. Make it easy to do so. TIP 07
  15. 15. Include a photo of your booth.
  16. 16. Including a photo of your booth, crowded with eager, interested prospects, can help remind attendees who your company is amongst the hundreds they talked to at the show. Just keep the photo relatively small so that it doesn’t force more valuable selling copy down the page. TIP 08
  17. 17. Develop one, core email template specifically for trade show campaigns.
  18. 18. One well-designed email template can do double duty and cover both show leads (those prospects who registered at your booth) and also any larger list of show attendees (provided to you as an exhibitor). Design, key message and calls to action can be the same; just change the introduction and any other associated language from “thank for your visiting our booth” to “sorry we missed you.” TIP 09
  19. 19. Have a specific, tailored plan for ongoing nurturing to follow your initial email.
  20. 20. Don’t just dump show leads into your marketing database or sign them up for your monthly newsletter indiscriminately. At the very least, point leads into an email track tailored for their specific product interest or vertical market. Consider a triggered program of 2-3 emails in the days following the show (offering varying types of informational content) so that prospects don’t wait weeks until they next hear from you. TIP 10
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